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Biographical register. R.W. Home, Thomas A. Darragh, A.M. Lucas, Sara Maroske, D.M. Sinkora, J.H. Voigt and Monika Wells (eds), Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller, <>, accessed April 24, 2024

Biographical register
Last updated 20 June 2023
The biographical register provides short accounts of the lives of individuals mentioned in this edition of Ferdinand von Mueller’s correspondence. It comprises newly written entries merged with an amalgamation of the entries included in the appendices to the three volumes of Home et al. (1998-2006). These earlier entries are being revised and corrected as biographical information has become more readily available since they were prepared. The head words in the new and revised entries are set out as in this example:
ABBAY, Richard (1844-1924). Clergyman.
Entries from Home et al. follow the styles used in those volumes, for example:
FORSTER, Johann Reinhold, 1729-98, German polymath.
Names of correspondents are being added in tranches as they are completed; they are sorted into alphabetical order within the whole file. Priority is being given to entries for Mueller's correspondents. The date of the most recent update is given in the note.
In the revised entries hypertext links, if available, are provided where a major source is used. For newspapers, especially, the link may be to a section of a page that contains other material as well as the item concerned. Neither the editors nor the Royal Botanic Gardens are responsible for the stability of such links. Preference has been given to sites using persistent links, such as doi , permalink , or handle URLs, and to links not behind a paywall, although if access is not available elsewhere links to sites commonly available through institutional or personal subscription are provided, for example to JSTOR and ProQuest . Links to the HathiTrust Digital Library are provided only if at the time of linking the item is available without geographical restriction. In a small number of cases, links have been provided to publicly available versions placed by authors in depositories; such links are provided on the understanding that authors have deposited items within the copyright or contractual arrangements they have with their publishers. If evidence of inappropriate deposit is found, these links will be removed.
In the revised text recipients of letters from Mueller or authors of those to him for whom basic biographical information has not been found are included, with a note to the period when they were known to be active. Entries are not provided, however, for other individuals mentioned in fewer than three letters for whom no further information could be found. These are mostly persons known only from lists of donors of living material or herbarium specimens, or recipients of such exchanges, that are published in Mueller’s reports to Government. Letters where people mentioned have not been identified normally have a note ‘not further identified’. Individuals mentioned in three or more letters for whom incomplete data are available are entered in the directory, with an indication of when they were active.
Where Mueller named plants after a person mentioned in the letters, the names originally given are in italics following the entry. If the current name is different synonyms are not provided but can be found in APNI under the entry for the name Mueller gave.
Abbreviations in revised entries:
Abbreviations for source publications are included in the Editors’ citations file, as abbreviation and as expansion, for example: AMPI cross referred to Australian Medical Pioneers Index.
ADC: Aide-de-Camp.
ALS: Associate of the Linnean Society of London.
BA: Bachelor of Arts.
Blue Books: lists of public servants, issued under a variety of titles. For Victoria see New Parliamentary Papers Database .
CB: Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.
ChB: Bachelor of Surgery.
ChM: Master of Surgery.
CIE: Companion of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire.
CMG: Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George.
CMZSL: Corresponding Member Zoological Society of London.
DCL: Doctor of Civil Law.
DD: Doctor of Divinity.
DrMed: Doctor of Medicine.
DrPhil: Doctor of Philosophy.
DSc: Doctor of Science.
FGS: Fellow of the Geological Society of London.
FLS: Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.
FRCP: Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.
FRCS: Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.
FRGS: Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.
FRS: Fellow of the Royal Society of London.
FRSE: Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
FZSL: Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.
GCB: Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.
GCMG: Knight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George.
JP: Justice of the Peace.
K: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England.
KBE: Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.
KCB: Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.
KCIE: Knight Commander of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire.
KCMG: Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George.
KH: Knight of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order.
LLB: Bachelor of Laws.
LRCP: Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians.
LRCSE: Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh).
LSA: Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries.
M: Ferdinand von Mueller, used in references to letters in the collected correspondence.
MA: Master of Arts.
MB: Bachelor of Medicine.
MD: Doctor of Medicine.
MEL: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
MLA: Member of the Legislative Assembly.
MLC: Member of the Legislative Council.
MRCP: Member of the Royal College of Physicians.
MRCS: Member of the Royal College of Surgeons
MRCSE: Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.
NSW: New South Wales.
NT: Northern Territory [of South Australia]
NZ: New Zealand.
Qld: Queensland.
RHS: Royal Horticultural Society.
SA: South Australia.
Tas: Tasmania.
UK: United Kingdom.
USA: United states of America.
WA: Western Australia
A’BECKETT, Edward Fitzhayley (1836-1922). University administrator. Born London, England; to NSW as infant; to Melbourne, 1846. Admitted to Bar, Lincoln’s Inn, London, 1859. Registrar, University of Melbourne, 1864-1902. Cousin of Thomas Turner A’Beckett. [Gibbney & Smith]
A’BECKETT, Thomas Turner (1808-1892). Lawyer and politician. Born London; studied law at Lincoln’s Inn; to Victoria 1850. Practised as solicitor. Non-official nominee Legislative Council, 1852-6; elected member, 1858-78, active in law reform; Minister without portfolio, 1860-1; Commissioner for Trade and Customs, 1870-1. Active in Horticultural Society. Registrar of Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, 1854-87. Cousin of Edward Fitzhayley A’Beckett. [ ADB ]
ABBAY, Richard (1844-1924). Clergyman. Born Yorkshire, England. Rector Earl Soham, Suffolk, 1890-1912; visited Australia 1876. [ Abbay (1877); Desmond]
ABBOT, Samuel Leonard (1818-1904). Physician, editor. Born Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America; MD Harvard, connected to Massachusetts General Hospital. Ornithological interests, secretary Boston Society of Natural History. Long-term associate editor, Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. [ Lane (1925)]
ABBOTT, Francis (1834-1903). Gardener. Born in Manchester, England; to Tasmania 1850 with mother and siblings to join transported convict father. Gardener, Hobart Botanic Garden, 1851-9; superintendent, 1859-1903 [ ADB , in entry for Francis Abbott (1799-1883)]. Abbottia.
ABBOTT, Gertrude [Mary Jane O’BRIEN] (1846-1934). Founder of hospital for women. Born NSW; to SA in 1848. Entered Order of St Joseph 1868, as Sister Ignatius, but left Order four months after taking final vows and returned to Sydney. Became known as Mrs Gertrude ‘Mother’ Abbott; inherited estate of Julian Tenison-Woods; founded St Margaret’s Maternity Home, 1893, and ran it until c.1926. [ ADB ]
ABEL, August Theodor (1802-1882). Mineralogist and analytic chemist. Born Mecklenburg, Germany; apprenticed and worked as assistant pharmacist, Ludwigslust; studied but did not qualify in Berlin; trader in minerals and mineral drugs, Hamburg. To Australia 1857, settled in Ballarat as mineral dealer and analyst. Uncle of Frederick Augustus Abel. [ McMullen (1998)]
ABEL, Frederick Augustus (1827-1902). Chemist. Born Woolwich, England; studied at Royal College of Chemistry. Lecturer in Chemistry, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, from 1852; explosives expert, co-inventor of cordite. FRS 1860, Royal Medallist 1887; created Baronet 1893. Nephew of August Theodore Abel. [ ODNB ]
ABERDARE, first Baron. See Henry Austin BRUCE.
ACHARIUS, Erik (1757-1819). Lichenologist, physician. Born at Gävle, Sweden. DrPhil, 1776; DrMed, 1782; member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, Stockholm (Kongliga svenska vetenskaps Akademien) from 1796; honorary professor, 1803. [ TL2 ].
ACHESON, Frederick (f.1854-1864). Civil engineer. In Victoria from at least 1854, when filed first patent granted in the Colony; active member of Philosophical Institute of Victoria and the later Royal Society of Victoria. Departed Victoria 1864; thought to have later lived in Ireland, in Dublin area. [Australian newspapers, various issues]
ACTON, Guglielmo (1825-1896). Naval officer and politician. Born near Naples, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (now Italy), entered navy 1841. After Italian unification, Secretary General of the Italian Naval Ministry 1866-7, Rear Admiral 1868; Vice-Admiral 1879, Chief of the Naval Staff; retired 1888. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ]
ADAMS, Dudley (fl. 1879). Described as ‘Dr.’, ‘of Sydney’, but ‘Dudley Adams’ has not been found in the NSW medical register for 1879 (NSW Government Gazette, 11 December 1879, pp. 5473-84) and has not been further identified.
ADAMS, John Crouch (1819-1892). Astronomer. Born Laneast, Cornwall, England; educated St John’s College Cambridge, BA 1843. Lowndean Professor of Astronomy, Cambridge, 1858; Director Cambridge Observatory, 1861. FRS 1849; Copley Medal 1848. [ Royal Society record of Fellows ]
ADAMSON, Frederick Maitland (c.1816-1860). Merchant. Born Glasgow, studied botany with William Hooker; friend of Joseph Hooker. To Victoria c.1852, in business as partner in general commission business 1853, dissolved 1856; apparently destitute by 1858 (M to J. Hooker, 15 January 1858). Collected for William Hooker. [Desmond, Vic death certificate 668/1860]
ADAMSON, William (1822-1875). Nurseryman, seedsman. Born Scotland; to Victoria 1852. Partner in Smith, Adamson & Co., 1852-5; ran nursery at South Yarra from 1856; objected to distribution of plants from the Botanic Garden, 1862 (see notes to M to J. O’Shanassy, 14 May 1862). [Aitken & Looker (2002)]
ADANSON, Michel (1727-1806). Botanist and explorer. Born Aix-en-Provence, France; educated at Collège Royal and Jardin du Roi, Paris. Scientific expedition to Senegal, 1749-53; elected to Académie Royale des Sciences, Paris, 1759; early advocate of a natural system of classification (Adanson (1763-64). [DSB]
ADCOCK, Thomas (1819-1900). Nurseryman. Born England. To Victoria 1849, established Kardinia Nursery near Geelong. [Aitken & Looker (2002)]
ADELSKÖLD, Claes Adolf (1824-1907). Civil engineer, politician. Born Nolhaga, Sweden; educated at Gothenburg. Military officer in Civil Engineering Corps; involved in canal and early railway projects in Sweden; member of Parliament, 1875-93. Elected to Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 1870; President from 1891. [ Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ; Nordisk familjebok ]
AGARDH, Carl Adolf (1785-1859). Botanist and theologian. Born Båstad, Sweden; DrPhil Lund, 1805; docent in mathematics 1807, demonstrator in botany 1810, adjunct in applied economy 1811, professor of botany and applied economy 1812. Specialist on algae. Ordained 1816, Bishop of Karlstads, 1837; DrTheol, 1845. Father of Jacob Georg Agardh. [ Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ]
AGARDH, Jacob Georg (1813-1901). Botanist. Born Lund, Sweden; DrPhil Lund, 1832; lecturer and later professor of botany, Lund University, 1834-79; specialist on algae. Elected to Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 1849; FLS 1867; elected to Institut de France, 1885. Son of Carl Adolf Agardh. [ Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ]
AGASSIZ, Alexander Emmanuel Rodolphe (1835-1910). Ichthyologist, mining engineer. Born Neuchâtel, Switzerland. To USA, 1849; graduated Harvard, 1857; United States Coastal Survey. Investor in, and sometime engineer at, Calumet copper mine. Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1862; Foreign Member, Royal Society of London, 1891. Son of Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz. [ Walcott (1912)]
AGASSIZ, Jean Louis Rodolphe (1807-1873). Biologist and geologist. Born Môtier, Switzerland; PhD Erlangen, MD Munich; professor of natural history, Neuchâtel, 1832. Professor of zoology and geology, Harvard University, USA, 1847; founded Museum of Comparative Zoology, 1859; Foreign Member, Royal Society of London, 1838; Copley Medal 1861. Father of Alexander Emmanuel Rodolphe Agassiz. [ Oxford Companion to the Earth ]
AGG, Edward James (c.1832-1916). Civil service clerk, publican. Born Ireland. To Victoria 1851; joined Public Service 1852; Accountant, Lands and Survey Department, 1859; promoted 1867; dismissed 1881 on being arrested for forging and uttering a payment warrant; sentenced 2½ years imprisonment; publican. Brother of Thomas Mosely Agg. [various issues, Australian newspapers and Victoria Government Gazette].
AGG, Thomas Mosely (c.1825-1873). Clerk. Born Evesham, England; to Victoria c.1854; Clerk, Lands Office. Brother of Edward James Agg. [Victorian death certificate, 3515/1873]
AGNEW, James Wilson (1815-1901). Medical practitioner, politician. Born Ballyclare, Ireland; studied medicine at London (MRC, 1838), Paris and Glasgow (MD, 1839). Arrived in Sydney 1840, went into practice; to Tasmania, assistant surgeon, later colonial surgeon, 1841-53; private practice, 1853-77. Secretary, Royal Society of Tasmania, 1861-81, 1884-94; Member Legislative Council, 1877-81, 1884-7; Premier, 1886-7. KCMG, 1895. [ ADB ]
AHERN, John (1838-1893). Policeman. Born Donoughmore, Ireland. Arrived Qld 1864 as assisted migrant; joined Qld police force, 1864; spent many years posted in Blackall district, promoted to Inspector; at Charleville, and finally Colony-wide responsibilities. [ Morning bulletin (Rockhampton), 29 September 1893, p. 6]
AILLAND, Joseph (c.1850-); f.1890s. Merchant sailor. Purser on vessels of Messageries Maritimes line on the Australian route, 1890s; took care of collections that Mueller sent to France. [‘The M. M. Australien’, Age (Melbourne), 5 August 1895, p. 4; crew details in NSW Unassisted immigrant passenger lists]
AIRY, George Biddell ((1801-1892). Born Alnwick, England; educated Trinity College Cambridge, BA 1823. Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, Cambridge, 1826; Plumian Professor of Astronomy and director of Cambridge Observatory, 1828; Astronomer Royal, 1835-81. FRS 1836, President 1872-3. [ ODNB ]
AITCHISON, James Edward Tierney (1836-1898). Physician and botanist. Of Scottish parentage, born Nimach, India. MD, LRCP, Edinburgh, 1856. Assistant surgeon, Bengal Medical Service, 1858, later brigade surgeon until 1888; collected plants in India, 1861-72, in Ireland, 1867-9, in Afghanistan, 1879-85. FLS 1863; FRSE 1881; FRS 1883. [Desmond]
AITKIN, James William Manifold (1835-1905). Storekeeper, farmer, local politician. Born Campbell Town, Tas; in Warrnambool, Vic, by 1852. Storekeeper, farmed ‘Carrakoorte’, c.15 km north of Warrnambool, from c.1887. Chairman of municipality of Warrnambool; first Mayor when became a borough, 1863. [‘About people’, Age (Melbourne), 30 March 1905, p. 6]
AITON, William (1731-1793). Horticulturalist. Born Boghall, Scotland; trained as gardener on Scottish estate. Assistant to Philip Miller, Chelsea Physic Garden, 1755; manager of physic garden of Augusta, dowager Princess of Wales, Kew, 1759, superintendent of whole estate from 1783; worked closely with Joseph Banks in introducing plant species to Britain. Father of William Townsend Aiton. [ ODNB ]
AITON, William Townsend (1766-1849). Horticulturalist. Born Kew, England; succeeded his father at Kew, later taking control of landscaping other Royal grounds at Richmond, Kensington, St James’s, Windsor; lost control of Kew to William Jackson Hooker, 1841 after critical report by John Lindley and transfer of Kew Gardens to the Government. FLS 1797; a founder of the Horticultural Society. Eldest son of William Aiton. [ ODNB ]
AKED, John (1817-1899). Veterinary surgeon. Born Lancashire, England. Graduated University of Edinburgh, 1844; Member, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons; Fellow, Edinburgh Veterinary Medical Association; Member, London Veterinary Medical Society. Arrived Victoria, 1865; in practice at Smeaton and other towns, finally at Bendigo; first Chairman, Veterinary Board of Victoria, 1888. [Bendigo advertiser, various issues; Victoria Government gazette, 25 May 1888, p. 1548; Vic death certificate 8473/1889]
ALBERT [Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha] (1819-1861). Prince consort. Born near Coburg, Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld; married Victoria, Queen of England &c, 1840. [ ODNB ]
ALDERSEY, Mary Ann (1825-1906). Teacher, school proprietor. Born England; migrated with parents and siblings to SA, 1849; ran Maclaren Vale (SA) school ‘Tsong Gyiaou’ with her sister. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
ALDIS, William Henry (1804-1872). Tobacco merchant. Born New Buckenham, England. Printer, convicted of theft, 1826; transported, 1827; ticket of leave, 1831; tobacco merchant by 1846; insolvent 1867. [Convict records; various Australian newspapers]
ALEXANDER II [Алекса ́ ндр II] (1818-1881). Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland. Born Moscow, Russia; reigned 1855 until assassinated 1881. [ Britannica , accessed 2 May 2021]
ALEXANDER, John Abercromby (1854-1931). Forester. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; studied University of Edinburgh. Possibly in Ceylon (planter?) before became forester in Colonial Service, Ceylon: North Central Province, Forester 1886-88; Central and Southern Provinces, 1889-93; lived in India 1896-98. Address in England by 1901; Director of Agriculture and Arboriculture, Companhia de Mocambique midi1900s. Life member Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society 1883; FRGS 1907. [Transactions of the Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society, various issues; Cambridge Univerity Library, notes to Photograph collection of John Abercromby Alexander (Y303E) (accessed 30 July 2022); see Alexander (1906)).]
ALEXANDER, William Thomas (1818-1872). Surgeon. Born Cork, Ireland. Royal Navy surgeon HMS Plover, East Indies and China; collected ferns and mosses on Chinese coast. [Desmond]
ALEXANDRA [Princess Alexandra of Denmark] (1844-1925). Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland &c. Born Copenhagen, Denmark; married Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, 1863; Queen, 1901-10. [ ODNB ] Ptychosperma alexandrae.
ALFRED [Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh] (1844-1900). Naval officer. Born Windsor, England; second son of Queen Victoria. Joined Royal Navy 1858, promoted Captain 1866; created Duke of Edinburgh 1866; commissioned Galatea, 1867, and undertook world tour; shot and wounded in Sydney 1868; rose to Admiral of the Fleet, 1893. Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, 1893. [ ODNB ] Livistona alfredi.
ALICE, [Princess Alice of Hesse] (1843-1878). Born London, England. Third child of Queen Victoria; married Louis of Hesse, 1862; Grand Duchess of Hesse from 1877. [ ODNB ] Areca alicae.
ALKIN, Thomas Verrier (1839-1921). Anglican clergyman. Born East Bergholt, England; BA Cambridge, 1865; MA, 1873. Ordained deacon 1868; to Qld where ordained priest 1869; served in various towns as vicar; Rector of Campbelltown, NSW, 1876-1904, Kiama 1904-11; Rural Dean Wollongong, 1907-12; advocate of botanical education. [Gibbney & Smith; Alumni Cantabrigienses , Part 2, vol. 1, p. 32]
ALLAN, Alexander Charles (1831-1901). Surveyor. Born Banffshire, Scotland. Arrived Victoria 1852; worked in Victorian Public Service on railway surveys, geodetic survey, NSW-Vic boundary survey; later in private practice. [ Argus (Melbourne), 18 July 1901, p. 5]
ALLAN, Henry John (1812-1888). Teacher and farmer. British, born Jamaica. Arrived Tasmania c.1832; taught school until c.1852, then farmed at Huon Island. [ Tasmanian news (Hobart). 30 July 1888, p. 2]
ALLAN, John McMahon (1808-1877). Inspector of Stock. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; arrived NSW, 1813. With brother, selected land near Warrnambool, Vic, c.1841; leader of exploring expeditions, Cape Otway district, 1862, 1863; to Gippsland c.1863; inspector of sheep from at least 1865. [Gippsland times (Sale), 24 January 1877, p. 3; various issues of other newspapers and Victoria Government Gazette]
ALLANBY, Christopher Gibson (1836-1917). Anglican priest. Born Port Sorrel, Tasmania. Ordained deacon, 1862; ordained priest, 1864, Melbourne; curate, St Paul’s Ballarat, 1864; Archdeacon for the Wimmera from 1884, for Loddon from c.1893; to England 1914. [Ballarat star, 12 February 1914, p. 6; Ballarat courier, 14 March 1917, p. 5]
ALLEN, Alfredo, Visconde (1828-1907). Wine grower and merchant. Born Portugal. Active in agricultural and horticultural affairs; honorary president, Portuguese anti-phylloxera commission; commissioner to Vienna (1874), Berlin (1888) and Paris (1889) exhibitions, member of international grand jury for the last of these. An editor of Jornal da Sociedade Agricola do Porto. Created 1st Visconde de Vilar de Allen, 1866; decorations from France and Belgium. [ O Occidente (Lisbon), 30 June 1907, pp. 143-4]
ALLEN, Grace Adelaide (c.1871-1940). Born Mackay, Qld. Provided specimens to Mueller. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
ALLEN, Harry Brookes (1854-1926). Pathologist, medical administrator. Born Geelong, Victoria; MB, 1876; MD, 1878; BS, 1879 (Melbourne). Editor Australian medical journal, 1879-83; professor of descriptive and surgical anatomy and pathology, Melbourne, 1882; Dean of the faculty of medicine, 1886-90, 1896-1924. Knighted 1914. [ ADB ]
ALLEN, William Fessenden (1831-1906). Government official, businessman. Born Bangor, Maine, USA. Arrived Hawaii 1850; Collector General of customs; Privy Councillor under Hawaiian monarchy. Later company director. [ Pacific commercial advertiser (Honolulu), 5 February 1906, p. 1]
ALLEN, William Tucker (1846-1898). Grazier. Born Geelong, Victoria. Grazier at ‘Colantet’, near Camperdown, Vic; station inspector for Union Mortgage and Agency Company. Accompanied Joseph Bradshaw on exploring expeditions in the Kimberley district, WA. [George (2009); Argus (Melbourne), 20 January 1898, p. 1] Corchorus allenii.
ALLEYNE, J. B. (fl. 1858-60) [not definitively identified; listed as a donor to the botanic garden in Mueller’s reports, 1858 and 1860]. Committee Horticultural Society of Victoria. [Argus (Melbourne), 13 May 1858, p. 5]
ALLIONI, Carlo (1728-1804). Physician and botanist. Born Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia [now Italy]; graduated in medicine, 1728. Professor of botany, Turin, 1760; director of Museum, Turin, 1777; elected to many national academies, including FRS (1758), Royal Academy Madrid (1756); founder of what became the Royal Academy of Sciences, Turin. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ]
ALLISON, Francis (1820-1888). Inspector of sheep. Born Whitby, Yorkshire, England. Arrived Tasmania 1823; joined gold rushes to California, Victoria. Warden of Sorrel, Tasmania; inspector of sheep under the Scab Act 1870. [ Mercury (Hobart), 20 October 1888, p. 2]
ALLITT, William (1828-1893). Gardener and nursery proprietor. Born Co. Kerry, Ireland; from c.1842 with nurserymen Hendersons of St John’s Wood, London. Arrived Portland, Vic, 1853; laid out Portland Botanic Garden, 1858; curator, 1861-6, collected and cultivated local species. Gardener for pastoralist at Tyrendarra, Vic, where he also developed a private nursery c.1873. Supervised the training of William Bull (1828-1902) at Hendersons. [Aitken & Looker (2002)] Leucopogon allittii.
ALLMAN, George James (1812-1898). Botanist, marine zoologist. Born Cork, Ireland. Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland; MD (Dublin, Oxford); Professor of Botany, Dublin, 1844-55; Professor of Natural History, Edinburgh, 1855-70. FRS 1854; FLS, 1872; President Linnean Society of London, 1874-81. [Desmond]
ALLOO, John (c.1828-1889). Interpreter. Born Canton, China. In Ballarat, Vic, in 1850s as boarding-house keeper and restaurateur; in Melbourne in 1860s as merchant and official interpreter; from c.1868 in NZ, official interpreter, Otago Province, to c.1878; boarding-house keeper, Dunedin to c.1880. [Otago daily times, 3 September 1889, p. 1; various Victorian and NZ newspapers]
ALLPORT, Morton (1830-1878). Naturalist and solicitor. Born Aldridge, Staffordshire, England. To Tasmania as an infant; admitted to the Bar, 1852. Active acclimatiser, especially of fish. FLS, FZSL and Belgian societies; Vice-president, Royal Society of Tasmania, 1870-8. [ ADB ]
ALTEN, Friedrich Kurt von (1822-1894). Court official, librarian, museum curator. Born Grossgoltern, Hanover. Joined Court of Duke of Oldenburg 1847; later Oberkammerherr [Lord Chamberlain]; also in charge of the Grand Ducal library and natural history collection. [ Biographisches Handbuch zu Geschichte des Landes O l d e nb u r g , pp. 31-2]
ALTMANN, Ernst (c.1821-1865). Cabinet maker. Born Priedemost, Silesia [now Przedmoście, Głogów, Poland]; arrived Melbourne, 1850, per Prebislav; established business in Richmond. Father of Ernst August Altmann. [Argus (Melbourne), 10 February 1865, p. 5; Naturalization certificate, 1851; Vic death certificate 2296/1865]
ALTMANN, Ernst August (1856-1913). Medallist, general engraver and die sinker. Born Fitzroy, Melbourne; in business in Melbourne from c.1879; prize winner for medals for exhibitions; later to WA, NSW, Qld. Son of Ernst Altmann. [Darragh (in press); Museums Victoria ; various Australian newspapers; Qld death certificate 1913/C/310]
AMADEO I [King of Spain] (1845-1890). Duke of Aosta. Born Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia [now Italy], as Amadeo Fernandino Maria, second son of Vittoria Emmanuele II; invited to be King of Spain, reigned 1870-3, abdicated. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ]
AMOS, Robert (1832-1905). Contractor. Born Borrowstounness, Scotland. Arrived Victoria, 1852; manager, then partner in Cairns, Wilson & Amos, contractors; partnership dissolved 1868, then to NSW as a railway contractor. [Various Victorian and NSW newspapers]
AMSINCK, Henry (1799-1878). Naval officer, politician. Born London, England; entered Royal Navy 1811, lieutenant 1824, commander 1864. Secretary, British Railway Commission, 1839-41. Arrived Melbourne 1853 as agent for a dock and railway company; mining speculator. Secretary, Board of Visitors, Melbourne Observatory; member Royal Society of Victoria; MLA, 1859-61 [Victoria, Parliament Remember database ]
ANCA, Francesco [Baron of Mangalavite] (1803-1887). Palaeontologist, palaeoethnologist. Born Palermo, Sicily. Excavated prehistoric Sicilian settlements; fossil mammal discoveries; founder and president, Acclimatisation and Agricultural Society of Sicily. Member of Italian Parliament. [ Parlamento Italiano, Camera die deputati ; various journals] Ancana.
ANDERSON STUART, Thomas Peter (1856-1920). Professor of physiology, medical administrator. Born Dumfries, Scotland; MD Edinburgh, 1882. Foundation professor of anatomy and physiology, University of Sydney from 1882; chairman Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, from 1901. Knighted 1914. [ ADB ]
ANDERSON, [...]. (f.1858-1868). Ship’s captain. Traded between Chatham Islands and Melbourne; Chatham Island house destroyed by tsunami, 1868. [Shipping lists, Victorian newspapers; Grey Ri v er argus (NZ), 1 September 1868, p. 2]
ANDERSON, Andrew (c.1832-1910). Businessman, tanner. Born Scotland. Arrived Victoria 1851, settled in Ballarat, established businesses, including tannery; prominent in public affairs, member of Ballarat Town Council; active in the Ballarat Horticultural Society; President, School of Mines. [ Ballarat star , 10 August 1910, p. 3]
ANDERSON, Caroline [née Davidson] (1837-1921). Born Goalpara, Assam, India; baptised Sydney, 1838. Married William Acland Anderson in Melbourne, 1856; in England by 1901. [Australian newspapers, England Census 1901, 1911]
ANDERSON, Charles Lewis (1827-1910). Physician, naturalist. Born Salem, Virginia, USA; MD 1852, practised in Minnesota, Nevada and from c.1866 California. Assembled botanical collections, especially algae and grasses. Active in public affairs, Santa Cruz, California. [ Jepson (1929)]
ANDERSON, Henry James (1799-1875). Scientist and educator. Born New York City; graduated Columbia University, 1818; from c.1826-c.1850 Professor of mathematics and astronomy, Columbia University. Active in Roman Catholic affairs from 1850. In Australia 1874, observed transit of Venus at Beechworth, Vic; died in India on return journey. [ Catholic encyclopedia , vol. 1, p. 466]
ANDERSON, John (1833-1900). Zoologist and ethnologist. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; MD Edinburgh 1862. To India 1865; Superintendent Calcutta Indian Museum, 1865-86, medical officer and naturalist on expeditions in Upper Burma &c. Retired to London, where active in Zoological Society of London. FRS 1879, FLS 1862. Brother of Thomas Anderson (1832-1870). [ ODNB ]
ANDERSON, Joseph (1790-1877). Soldier. Born Keodale, Scotland; joined British Army c.1805; served in Europe, Egypt, West Indies. To NSW 1834, and appointed commandant, Norfolk Island; retired as Lieutenant Colonel to Victoria, c.1841; nominated Member of Legislative Council 1852-6. KH 1838, CB 1844. [ ADB ]
ANDERSON, Mark Lowden (1831-1902). Minister of religion. Born Dumfriesshire, Scotland; studied divinity St Andrews; minister based at Menmuir, mid-1850s until 1875, then at St. Andrews. Active cryptogamic botanist. Hon. DD, St Andrews, 1886. [ St Andrews citizen , 27 December 1902, p. 5]
ANDERSON, Robert Stirling Hore (1821-1883). Solicitor and politician. Born Articlave, Co. Londonderry, Ireland; BA, Trinity College Dublin, 1845; practised as solicitor, Dublin. Arrived Melbourne 1854 and admitted to practice; JP; MLA, 1858-64, Commissioner of Trade and Customs, 1860-3; MLC, 1866-83; Commissioner for Public Works, 1874-5, Commissioner for Trade and Customs, 1875-7; Minister of Justice 1883. [ ADB ]
ANDERSON, Thomas (1819-1874). Physician, organic and agricultural chemist. Born Leith, Scotland; MD Edinburgh, 1841; studied with Berzelius, Liebig. FRSE, 1845; Chemist to the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, 1848; professor of chemistry, Glasgow from 1852; worked on alkaloids, pyridines, and chemistry related to agriculture; made early analysis of Australian ‘Lerp’. [ ODNB ]
ANDERSON, Thomas (1832-1870). Botanist. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; MD Edinburgh, 1853. Bengal Medical Service, 1854-8; superintendent Calcutta Botanic Garden, India, 1861-8, when returned to Edinburgh. Brother of John Anderson. [ ODNB ]
ANDERSON, William Acland Douglas (1829-1882). Army officer. Born Blackburn, England. British Army, 1846-54; served in NZ, promoted Captain. Assistant Gold Commissioner Victoria, 1853-5; commissioner for Melbourne water supply and sewers, 1856-7; MLA, 1856-8. Lieutenant-Colonel and commander of the Victorian volunteer forces, 1854; commandant of the military and naval forces of Victoria from 1871. Husband of Caroline Anderson. [ ADB ]
ANDERSSON, Nils Johan (1821-1880). botanist. Born Gärdsemms parish, Sweden; PhD Uppsala, 1845 Travelled extensively before and after graduation in northern Scandinavia and central Europe; botanist on Eugenie circumnavigation, 1851-3. Held appointments at Uppsala and Lund; curator, Bergian Foundation, 1856; senior lecturer, New Elementary School 1858-74. Specialist in Salix. [ Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ]
ANDRAE, Hans Carl (c.1849-1923). Businessman. Born Halle an der Saale, Prussian Province of Saxony. Arrived Sydney 1874; naturalized, 1879; in business at Cobar, NSW, including storekeeping and mining interests; general importer, Sydney from c.1890. [Naturalization certificates; various newspaper issues] Capsella andraeana
ANDRÉ, Édouard François (1840-1911). Horticulturalist, landscape designer. Born Bourges, France. Designed gardens in UK, Europe, South America; collaborator in Revue horticole from 1860; editor-in-chief Illustration horticle, Brussels, 1870-80; decorations include Légion d’honneur, Order of Leopold. Specialist in Bromeliaceae. [ Bois (1911)] Dillenia andreana.
ANDREWS, Henry Cranke [Henry Charles] (c.1758-1830). Botanical artist and engraver. Born England; issued The Botanists’ Repository for New and Rare Plants (1797–1814); later published monographs on heaths, roses, geraniums. [ ODNB ]
ANGAS, John Howard (1823-1904). Pastoralist, philanthropist, politician. Born Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. To SA 1843; managed father’s estates and became pastoralist in his own right; MLA 1871-6, MLC 1887-94. Active philanthropist. [ ADB ]
ANJOU, John Henry (c.1868-1955). Importer. Born Hamburg, Germany. Arrived Victoria, 1892, in business in Melbourne. [various Australian newspapers]
ANSTED, David Thomas (1814-1880). Geologist, engineer. Born London, England; educated Cambridge. Professor of Geology, King’s College London, 1840-53; taught at Civil Engineering College, Putney. Consulting geologist and mining engineer from c.1850. FRS 1844; edited Quarterly Journal of Geology. [ Proceedings of the Royal Society of London , vol. 31 (1880-1), pp. i-ii]
ANTHONY, Aleas Savory (?-1920). Natural history collector, planter. Reputedly born in Malta. Collector of birds and lepidoptera for Lord (Walter) Rothschild, Papua, 1890s; later plantation owner, Papua. [Lucas & Lucas (2014); Will, National Archives of Australia, A1, 1921/7120, p. 14]
ANTOINE, Franz, Jr. (1815-1886). Horticulturalist. Born Vienna, Austria. Director Schönbrunn Gardens, Vienna, 1865-86; specialist in conifers and bromeliads. [ Leopoldina , vol. 22, p. 112]
APPELIUS, Carl Wilhelm (1810-1887). Nurseryman. Born Erfurt, Thuringia; established nursery, Erfurt 1832; cultivated plants from Mueller. [Gartenflora, passim; baptismal and death records, Erfurt]
APPONYI von NAGYAPPONY, Rudolph, Count (1812-1876). Diplomat. Austrian but born Karlsruhe, Grand Duchy of Baden; followed father into Austrian diplomatic service, including Ambassador in London, 1856-70. [ Österreichisches Biographisches Lexikon ].
ARCHER, William (1820-1874). Architect, naturalist, politician. Born Launceston, Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania). Studied architecture and surveying in London, England, 1836-40, and worked with engineer in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Managed family estates in Tas until again in England, 1856-8, studying botany. Elected FLS; Secretary, Royal Society of Tasmania, 1860-1. Member Tasmanian Legislative Council 1851-5; served several terms as MLA. Architect of many public and private buildings in Tas. [ ADB ]
ARCHER, William Henry (1825-1909). Statistician, public servant. Born London, England; trained as actuary and worked in life assurance. Arrived Melbourne, 1852; responsible for details of Act to require compulsory civil registration of births, deaths and marriages; Assistant- and then Registrar General. Studied law at University of Melbourne; called to Bar, 1867; registrar of land titles from 1868 until compulsorily retired, 1878. Established a life assurance company in NSW, which failed. Active microscopist; Council, Royal Society of Victoria, 1861-3, 1893-5; FLS; Fellow, Institute of Actuaries. [ ADB ]
ARCHIBALD, Joseph (1823-1909). Policeman, museum curator. Born Dublin, Ireland. One of ‘London 50’ recruited in 1852 to serve as police in Victoria, arrived 1853; sergeant at Warrnambool, then sub-inspector at Bendigo, 1877; retired 1878. Curator of Warrnambool Museum. [ Ballarat star , 10 August 1909, p. 6]
ARESCHOUG, Johan [John] Erhard (1811-1887). Algologist. Born Gothenburg, Sweden; studied at Lund; collected widely in Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium and northern France. Associate professor of botany, Lund, 1839; teacher of natural history, Gothenburg Gymnasium; assistant professor of practical economy, Uppsala, 1849; professor of botany and practical economy, 1859. Retired to Stockholm, 1876, and continued algal research. [ Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ]
ARMIT (de MARGUERITTES), William Edington (1848-1901). Policeman, journalist, explorer, public servant. Born Liège, Belgium. To Australia in 1866 as ship’s crew; stockman; sub-inspector, Qld Native Police, 1872-82. Leader of Melbourne Argus expedition to New Guinea, 1883; Private Secretary to William MacGregor, administrator of British New Guinea, 1893, later public service roles in the territory. Published on natural history topics. FLS; FRGS. [ ADB ] Bossiaea armitii, Cleisostoma armitii, Eriachne armitii, Goodenia armitiana, Pavonia armitiana, Polyalthia armitiana, Portulaca armitii, Sarcochilus armitii, Urena armitiana.
ARMSTRONG, Edmund La Touche (1864-1946). Librarian. Born Herne Hill, Victoria; MA, LLB, Melbourne. Public Library of Victoria, junior assistant 1881, assistant librarian, 1885-95, chief librarian 1896-1925. [Vic death certificate 11177/1946; ‘Tablet to Public Librarian’, Argus (Melbourne), 22 June 1928]
ARMSTRONG, John (?-1847). Gardener, plant collector. Gardener at private estate, Surrey, England; established and ran Government Garden, Port Essington [Coburg Peninsula, NT]; Kew collector at Timor, 1840-5; rice planter, Timor. [Desmond]
ARMSTRONG, John Francis (1820-1902). Gardener. Born Netherby Estate, Cumberlandshire, England; apprenticed c.1832 and worked in Cumberlandshire gardens c.20 years; in Victorian goldfields c.1854-57; gardener and forester, English Lake District 1857-62; to NZ 1862 as gardener, Canterbury. Gardener, Domain Gardens, Canterbury 1867-89, (including ‘Head Gardener Domain and Hagley Park’ 1872-89). [ Lyt t elton Times , 12 October 1889, p. 6]
ARMSTRONG, Richard Ramsay (1831-1910). Naval officer, public servant. Born St Peter, Jersey; joined Royal Navy as midshipman 1847; served in Crimean War, retired as lieutenant-commander, 1871. To NZ and appointed chief immigration officer; to NSW c.1878, reported for NSW government on Lord Howe Island, settled there, appointed to government positions from which dismissed without trial in 1882 for allegedly embezzling funds; campaigned against dismissal, gained compensation. Later in Tas and WA. [ ADB ]
ARMSTRONG, William E. (fl. 1860). Farmer. No other details have been found.
ARMYTAGE, Ada Elizabeth (1858-1939). Born Balmoral, Vic, daughter of pastoralist Charles Henry Armytage; died unmarried in Melbourne; collected specimens for Mueller. Daughter of Caroline Morell Armytage. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
ARMYTAGE, Caroline Morell [née Tuckwell] (1832-1909). Born Eastleach Turville, Gloucestershire, England. Left England after 1851; in Australia by 1856 when she married pastoralist Charles Henry Armytage; from 1863 resided at ‘Como’, South Yarra. Mother of Ada Elizabeth Armytage. [ADB, Vic death certificate 14172/1919]
ARNOLD, Charles Henry [Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich] (c.1829-?). Wood turner, pipe maker. Born Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany. Naturalized Victoria, 1857; exhibited at Intercolonial Exhibition of Australasia, Melbourne, 1866-7; insolvent 1869. [Victoria Naturalization certificate No. 243, 26 October 1857; Intercolonial Exhibition of Australasia (1867), Official catalogue, p. 29, Leader (Melbourne) 18 December 1869, p. 14]
ARROWSMITH, Robert Todd (1826-1911). Mining surveyor, civil engineer. Born Barnard Castle, England. Arrived Victoria 1852; district mining surveyor and mining registrar, 1860s; municipal engineer, Rutherglen Shire, Chiltern Shire. [Benalla standard, 8 September 1911, p. 3; Probate of will]
ARTIN, Ya’qub (Yacoub) (1842-1919). Educator, scholar, public servant. Born Cairo, of Armenian descent; educated Istanbul and Europe; 1879 Kedive’s secretary for European affairs; from 1884 undersecretary Education ministry. Member, sometime president then honorary president, Institut Égyptien. [ Biographical D ictionary of Modern Egypt (2000), p. 25]
ASCHERSON, Paul Friedrich August (1834-1913). Botanist, ethnologist, linguist. DrMed Berlin, 1855. Assistant at Berlin Botanic Garden, 1860-76; Professor of botany and plant geography, Berlin, from 1863. Collected in Libya 1873-4. [ Deutsche Biographie ; Leopoldina, vol. 49 (1913), pp. 35-7]
ASHBY, Edwin (1861-1941). Estate agent, naturalist. Born Surrey, England; migrated to Adelaide, SA, 1888. Enthusiastic naturalist with wide interests, but specialist in chitons; established ‘Wittunga’, now a public botanic garden. FLS, 1919; Councillor, Royal Society of SA, 1900-19; Vice-president, 1919-21; President, Royal Australian Ornithologists Union, 1926. [ ADB ]
ASHLEY, Edmund (1818-1892). Importer. Born Tupton, England; agricultural implement maker before migrating to Victoria, 1842. Worked for engineering firms, later became importer, for a time in partnership with Richard Heales; involved in sawmilling and farming; philanthropic interests. [ Argus (Melbourne), 7 December 1892, p. 6]
ASHLEY, Phillip Arthur (1854-1945). Artist and engraver. Born Stoke Newington, England; arrived Australia 1883. Head artist of William Inglis and Co, active until at least 1903, some time after which he returned to the UK. Registered member of Amalgamated Society of Lithographic Artists …, 1917, but ‘excluded’ 1919; described as ‘artist, blind’ by time of 1939 Register. [Darragh (in press); 1939 Register (National Archives, London, Series RG101, Horsham, registration district 81/1]
ASKENASY, Eugen (1845-1903). Botanist. Born Odessa, Russia. To Germany 1853, studied agriculture at Hohenheim and then botany at Heidelberg; DrPhil 1866; professor of botany at Heidelberg from 1881. Algologist, plant physiologist. [ T L 2 , Deutsche Biographie ]
ATKINSON, Caroline Louisa Waring [Married name Calvert] (1834-1872). Naturalist, writer. Born near Berrima, NSW. Published two novels, other fiction and numerous popular articles on natural history. Married James Calvert, 1869. [ ADB , Maroske & V a ughan (2014); Clarke (1990)] Atkinsonia, Erechtites atkinsoniae, Epacris calvertiana, Helipterum calvertianum, Pomaderris calvertiana, Senecio atkinsoniae, Xanthosia atkinsoniana.
ATKINSON, Edward Derwent (1844-1920). Public servant, geologist. Born Drax, Yorkshire, England. Station master, Tasmanian railways; director of tin mining company; JP by 1894. Collected geological specimens for many museums; associated with the Royal Society of Tas, the Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria, and the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia. Brother of Henry Dresser Atkinson. [Gibbney & Smith (1987)]
ATKINSON, Edwin (1826-1887). Local Government official. Born Yorkshire; in Victoria from c.1853. Town Clerk, Portland, from 1862; Secretary, Shire of Portland, from c.1884. [ Portland guardian , 13 June 1887, p. 2; Vic death certificate 7737/1887]
ATKINSON, George Francis (1854-1918). Botanist, mycologist. Born Raisinville, Michigan, USA; graduated Cornell University, 1885. Assistant professor of entomology and zoology, University of North Carolina, 1885-6; professor of entomology, 1886-8; professor of botany and zoology, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1889-92; assistant professor of cryptogamic botany, Cornell University, 1892-3, associate professor of botany, 1896-1918. President, Botanical Society of America, 1907-9; Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1918. [ Farlow, Thaxter & Bailey (1919)]
ATKINSON, Harry Leigh (c.1832-1915). Medical practitioner, landowner, mining interests. Born Weaverthorpe, Yorkshire, England; qualified in medicine MRCS 1853, LSA 1853, practised in York. Arrived Vic 1859, Vic medical register 1860; appointment at Melbourne Benevolent Asylum 1860-62; Private practice and Surgeon Superintendent Bendigo General Hospital from 1862. Invested in land and mining, director of many mining companies; said to be largest landholder in Victoria at his death. [ AMPI , Bendigo advertiser , 15 July 1915, p. 5; Various Australian newspapers, Victoria probate files VPRS 28/P0003, 141/540, VPRS 7591/P0002, 149/796]
ATKINSON, Henry Dresser (c.1841-1921). Anglican priest. Born Selby, Yorkshire, England; educated Magdalen College, Cambridge; BA (Dublin),1864. Ordained deacon 1865, priest 1866. Contracted cholera and emigrated to Tasmania for his health, c.1868; parishes at d’Entrecasteaux Channel, 1868-77; Circular Head, 1877-90, Evandale, 1890-1910. Writer on natural history; conchologist, collaborated with J. E. Tenison Woods. Brother of Edwin Derwent Atkinson. [Mercury (Hobart), 27 June 1821, p. 4; Alum n i Cantabrigienses , Part II, vol. 1, p. 93]
AUCHER-ÉLOY, Pierre Rémi Martin (1792-1838). Botanist, traveller. Born Blois, France; studied pharmacy at Orlèans and Paris. Proprietor of a bookshop and printery at Blois and then from 1826-9 in Paris; thereafter travelled and collected extensively in western Asia until his death. [ W. Hooker (1844)]
AUGUSTINE, Joseph (c.1813-1911). Carpenter. Born San Miguel, Azores, Portugal. Sailor c.1830; in Victoria 1852 at gold diggings; settled at Stanley, near Beechworth, Vic. [ Advocate (Melbourne), 5 August 1911, p. 23.]
AUSTEN, Robert (c.1851-1879). Artist. Born England, arrived Victoria 1876. [Darragh (2012), note 21, p. 277]
AUSTIN, Robert (1825-1905). Engineer, explorer, surveyor. Born Epping Forest, England. Arrived WA, 1840; joined Surveyor General’s Department 1847, explored Murchison and Gascoyne regions. To Qld as public service surveyor, 1860; engineer of roads for southern districts, 1862; later focused on metropolitan civil engineering and surveying. [ ADB ]
AUSTIN, Thomas (1815-1871). Settler and landowner. Born Baltonsborough, Somerset, England. To Tasmania in 1831 with family; to Victoria 1837, occupied land near Winchelsea, developing the property ‘Barwon Park’ which became the centre of a pastoral enterprise of many runs. Life member, Acclimatisation Society of Victoria, with Barwon Park a release site of many species. Widow Elizabeth, neé Harding, philanthropically active, founded Austin Hospital, Melbourne. [ A D B ]
AUTARD DE BRAGARD, Cyrus Etienne (1812-1876). Merchant? Born Port Louis, Mauritius. Interested in acclimatization; visited Australia several times with consignments of sugar. [ Autard Family history site , accessed 27 May 2021; Australian newspapers, various issues]
AUTRAN, Eugène [John Benjamin] (1855-1912). Botanist. Born Switzerland; employed at the Boissier Herbarium from 1888, editor of the Bulletin de l’Herbier Boissier. Emigrated to Argentina, 1901. [ TL2 ]
AVELEDO, Agustin (1837-1926). Engineer and educator. Born Caracas, Venezuela. Graduated as engineer, Academy of Mathematics 1855; Central University of Venezuela PhD 1880. A founder of La Sociedad de Ciencias Fisicas y Naturales de Carácas, 1867, Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela, president 1869-81, 1888-95, 1899-1922. Commenced Venezuelan meteorological records. President, regional Board of Public Instruction; founder Orphan Asylum of Caracas. [ Diccionario de Histor i a d e Venezuela ]
AVERY, Samuel Thomas (c.1855-1928). Municipal employee. Born Belfast, Victoria (?). Port Fairy (formerly Belfast) borough ranger, then parks overseer; retired 1919. Successfully stabilized coastal sand drifts. [Various newspaper issues; Heathcote & Maroske (1996)].
AYERS, Henry (1821-1897). Businessman, politician. Born Portsea, England. Arrived Adelaide, SA, 1840; law clerk until 1845, then secretary, later managing director, of Adelaide Mining Association; director of many other companies. Member of Legislative Council, 1857; Premier, 1863-4, 1865, 1867-8, 1872-3. Governor of Botanic Gardens Board, Adelaide, for 35 years; treasurer of University of Adelaide, 1874-86; patron of exploration. CMG, 1870; KCMG, 1872; GCMG, 1894. [ ADB ]
AYRES, Phillip Burnard (1813-1863). Physician, botanist. Born Thame, Oxfordshire, England; MD London 1841; pupil of John Lindley. Practised medicine in London. Superintendent of Quarantine, Mauritius, from 1856. Specialist in cryptogams. [Desmond]
AYRTON, Acton Smee (1816-1886). Politician. Born Kew, England. Practised as solicitor, Bombay, India; barrister of Middle Temple, 1853. Member of Parliament, 1857-74; First Commissioner of Works, 1869-73; transferred by Prime Minister following dispute with officials including Joseph Hooker to Judge-Advocate-General in 1874; failed to be re-elected MP, 1874, 1885. [ ODNB ]
BABBAGE, Benjamin Herschel (1815-1878). Engineer, explorer. Born London, England. To SA 1851; railway engineer; government assayer; explorer, but controversies about his progress; worked on Overland Telegraph line. Founding member of Royal Society of SA; viticulturalist. [ ADB ] Babbagia.
BABINGTON, Anna Maria (1836-1919). Professor’s wife. Born Lamphey, Pembrokeshire, Wales; married Charles Cardale Babington, 1866. [ODNB; Birth, Marriage and Death indexes, England and Wales]
BABINGTON, Charles Cardale (1808-1895). Botanist. Born Ludlow, Shropshire, England; Cambridge BA 1830, MA 1833. Professor of Botany, Cambridge 1861-95. FRS 1851. [ ODNB ]
BABINGTON, Churchill (1821-1889). Archaeologist, naturalist, Anglican clergyman. Born Roecliffe, Leicestershire; Cambridge BA 1843, MA 1846, DD 1879. Elected Disney Professor of Archaeology, Cambridge 1865, 1870, 1875. Rector of Cockfield, Suffolk 1866. [ ODNB ]
BACCHUS, William Henry (1820-1887). Grazier. Born Pont y Pandy, Wales; accompanied father to Victoria 1838. With sheep from Tasmania, settled near Bacchus Marsh; after father’s death farmed Peerewur’, Lal-Lal, near Ballarat. Active in Ballarat Farmers Club; interested in grasses. [Various Australian newspapers; Vic death certificate 12258/1887]
BACKHAUS, George Henry (1811-1882). Catholic priest. Born Padeborn, Prussia; studied at Rome, DD and ordination 1836. Missionary in India; to SA 1847, Victorian goldfields, 1852; vicar-general, Bendigo diocese c.1875; retired 1881. [ ADB ]
BACKHOUSE, James (1794-1869). Missionary, naturalist. Born Darlington, England. Quaker mission to Australian penal colonies 1832-8; collected plants during journeys. Returned to England via Mauritius and Cape Colony. Proprietor of nursery in York, England. [ ADB ]
BAGE, Charles (1859-1930). Medical practitioner. Born Colac, Victoria; MB, ChB Melbourne 1881. General practitioner South Yarra 1883-1923, consultant 1923-5. Son of Edward Bage (1816-1890); brother of Edward Bage (1851-1891). [ Argus (Melbourne), 8 December 1930, p. 7]
BAGE, Edward (1816-1890). Engineer, surveyor. Born Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England; assistant surveyor and engineer, Sierra Leone, 1847-53. Arrived Victoria 1853; surveyor in western Victoria and from 1860 in outer Melbourne suburbs; licensed under Real Property Act, 1863. Father of Edward Bage (1851-1891) and Charles Bage. [Ryan (2001)]
BAGE, Edward (1851-1891). Wholesale druggist. Born Sierra Leone. Arrived Melbourne 1853; joined firm of Felton, Grimwade & Co. c.1867, partner from c.1880. Son of Edward Bage (1816-1890); brother of Charles Bage. [Sydney mail and New South Wales advertiser, 11 July 1891, p. 74; Vic death certificate 14260/1891]
BAGGETT, George Devereaux (1809-1870). House, land and commission agent. Born Islington, Middlesex, England. In Jamacia 1841; arrived Melbourne from Jamacia 1853; moved to NZ by 1864. [various Australian and NZ newspapers; immigration records]
BAGOT, Ulysses North (1822-1882). Public servant. Born Kilcoursey, County Offaly, Ireland. Arrived Adelaide 1850; clerk, money order department, Post Office; Chief Clerk, Office of Commissioner of Crown Lands, from 1861. [Various South Australian newspapers]
BAHSE, Moritz Ferdinand (1825-1891). Merchant. Born Saxony. Yarn merchant in Chemnitz, Saxony; President of Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce 1866-78; Committee member of the German Chamber of Commerce 1874-8. Delegate for Saxony, International Exhibition (Melbourne) 1880-1; represented many chambers of commerce and Commissioner for Saxony at International Centennial Exhibition, Melbourne 1888-9. [Das Deutsche Handelstag 1861-1911 (Berlin 1911-3), vol. 1, p. 422; various Victorian newspapers]
BAIL, Carl Adolph Emmo Theodore (1833-1922). School teacher, botanist. Born Haynau, Silesia, (now Poland); DPhil Breslau, 1857. Taught in high schools at Breslau, Posen, Danzig, retired 1900. Member Natural History Society of Danzig (Naturforschender Gesellschaft) from 1863, President 1880s; Member Leopoldina 1857; main botanical interest mycology. [ TL2 ; Lakowitz (1923)]
BAILEY, Frederick (1840-1912). Military engineer, forester. Born York, Yorkshire, England. Commissioned Royal Engineers, 1859; to India 1864; final promotion Lieutenant Colonel, 1887; attached to Indian Forest Service from1871, creating its survey branch; Conservator of Forests 1878. To Scotland 1890, foundation lecturer in Forestry, University of Edinburgh; President Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society 1898. [ The Scotsman , 23 December 1912, p. 6; Desmond]
BAILEY, Frederick Manson (1827-1915). Botanist. Born Hackney, London, England. To SA 1839; partner with father and brother in nursery near Adelaide. Took up land at Hutt Valley, NZ, 1858. To Brisbane, Qld 1861, opened seed store and collected plants for sale; botanist to Board investigating plant and animal diseases, 1875; acting curator, Queensland Museum, 1880-2, Government Botanist from 1881. Foundation member Royal Society Qld, President 1890; FLS 1878; Clarke Medal, Royal Society NSW, 1902; CMG 1911. Son of John Bailey, father of John Frederick Bailey. [ ADB ] Acacia baileyana, Bolbophyllum baileyi, Cyrtandra baileyi, Dendrobium baileyi, Eucalyptus baileyana, Indigofera baileyi, Leptorrhynchus baileyi, Persea baileyana.
BAILEY, John (1801-1864). Horticulturalist, Government Botanist. Born Hackney, London, England; gardener at Loddiges. To NZ 1837. To SA 1839; Government Botanist and curator Botanic Gardens, Adelaide, 1839-41; retrenched, established private nursery business. Father of Frederick Manson Bailey. [Gibbney & Smith; Adelaide Express , 27 May 1864, p. 2]
BAILEY, John Frederick (1866-1838). Government botanist. Born Brisbane, Qld. Assistant, 1889, then Director Brisbane Botanic Gardens, 1905-16; Government Botanist Qld, 1913-6; Director of Botanic Gardens, Adelaide, 1917-32. Son of Frederick Manson Bailey. [ A D B ]
BAILLIÈRE, Ferdinand François (1838-1881). Bookseller and publisher. Born London, England; member of prominent bookselling and publishing family; to Melbourne 1860. Son of Hippolyte Baillière; nephew of Jean-Baptiste Baillière [ ADB ]
BAILLIÈRE, Jean-Baptiste (1797-1885). Bookseller and publisher. Born Beauvais, France. Opened bookshop, 1818; established English branch, 1831; official publisher for Académie nationale de médecine, 1827-72. Brother of Hippolyte Baillière; uncle of Ferdinand Baillière. [ Le Temps (Paris), 11 November 1885, p. [3]]
BAILLIÈRE, Pierre Antoine Francois Hippolyte (c.1809-1867). Bookseller and publisher. Born France; managed booksellers and publishers, Regent Street, London, opened by his brother in 1831. Brother of Jean-Baptiste Baillière; father of Ferdinand Frances Baillière; [Newspaper death notices; business advertisements]
BAILLON, Henri Ernest (1827-1895). Botanist. Born Calais, France. Studied medicine; house surgeon 1854. Professor of Botany, École de Médecine, Paris from 1863. Foreign FLS, 1875, Foreign Member, Royal Society of London 1894; founding member Société Linnéenne de Paris, 1886; editor of Adansonia. [ Na t ure , 15 August 1895, pp. 371]
BAIN, John (1815-1903). Horticulturalist. Born Ireland; gained experience in private gardens and Chelsea Physic Garden. Trinity College Dublin Botanic Gardens from c.1840, rising to Curator 1862-78; ALS 1863. [ Gardeners’ chro n icle , 9 May 1903, pp. 299-300]
BAINES, John Thomas (1822-1875). Artist and explorer. Born King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England; apprenticed as painter of heraldic arms. To Cape Town 1842, becoming a marine and portrait painter; war artist 1851-2 in Cape Frontier War; employed by Royal Geographic Society, London 1853; artist with Augustus Gregory’s North Australian Exploring Expedition 1855-7; artist, Livingston Zambesi expedition; independent exploration in southern Africa. FRGS 1857. [ ODNB ]
BAIRD, Robert (c.1838-1883). Barrister. Born (Glasgow?), Scotland. Admitted to the Bar, London (Middle Temple), 1864; admitted as barrister of Queensland Supreme Court, 1869; admitted to practise Victoria 1874; Kingston, Jamaica 1875, Judge District Court 1876. [Various Australian, English and Jamaican newspapers; Fos t er (1885)]
BAIRD, Spencer Fullerton (1823-1887). Naturalist, museum administrator. Born Reading, Pennsylvania, USA; Dickinson College BA, MA, later taught there. First curator National Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, 1850; succeeded Joseph Henry as Secretary from 1878. [ Smithsonian Institution Archives ]
BAKER, Edmund Gilbert (1864-1949). Botanist. Born Thirsk, Yorkshire, England; educated as pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Society Pereira Medal 1886. Botany Department, British Museum (Natural History) from 1887, retiring as Assistant Keeper 1924. FLS 1887. Son of John Gilbert Baker. [ Na t u re , 21 January 1950, p. 98]
BAKER, Frederick Harry (1865-1946). Dentist. Born Melbourne, Victoria. Registered under Victorian Dental Act 1877, 1888; in practice, Richmond; dentist to Alfred Hospital, Victorian Infant Asylum; Member, Dental Board of Victoria. FLS 1893. [Vic death certificate 1963/1946; various Australian newspapers]
BAKER, John Gilbert (1834-1920). Botanist. Born Guisborough, Yorkshire, England. Curator & Secretary, London Botanical Exchange Club 1859-65. Botanic Gardens, Kew, Assistant 1866, retiring as Keeper of Herbarium and Library 1889. Lecturer in botany, London Hospital Medical School, 1869-81, Chelsea Physic Garden, 1882-96. FLS 1866, FRS 1878; RHS Victoria Medal of Honour 1897, Linnean Medal 1889. Father of Edmund Gilbert Baker. [ Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Se r ies B , 1921, vol. 92, pp. xxiv-xxx]
BAKER, Richard Thomas (1854-1941). Botanist, museum curator. Born Woolwich, Kent, England. Trained as teacher, taught London schools 1875-9. Arrived Australia 1879; science and art master, Newington College, Sydney, 1880; Assistant curator, Technological Museum, Sydney 1888, Curator, 1898-1921, economic botanist, 1901-21. Mueller Medal of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science 1921; Clarke Medal, Royal Society NSW 1922. [ ADB ]
BAKER, S. A. (fl. 1855-1862). Fishmonger. Managed fishmonger’s business for her supposed husband, John J. Baker, first in Geelong and later in Melbourne, returning to Geelong to operate on her own account as ‘Fishmongeress’ from 1862. [Various Victorian newspapers]
BAKER, Samuel White (1821-1893). Explorer, hunter, naturalist. Born London, England. Ceylon 1845-1854 as planter and hunter. Explored the Upper Nile 1860-5; 1869-74 commanded an expedition organized by the Pasha of Egypt for the suppression of slavery and the annexation of equatorial regions of the Nile basin, of which he was appointed governor-general. Knighted 1866; FRS 1869. [ OD N B ]
BAKER, William Leonard (1831-1893). Businessman, politician. Born Newport, Wales. To Australia c.1852; gold mining in Victoria, Qld; to Kimberley goldfields, WA 1885; in business in Wyndham, WA; MLA from 1890. [ West Australian, 9 January 1893, p. 4; Biog r aphical Register of Members of the Parliament of Western Australia ]
BALANSA, Gaspard Joseph Benedict Benjamin (1825-1891). Botanical collector. Born Narbonne, France; collected in Algeria, Paraguay, Turkey, Morocco, New Caledonia and Indochina. [ Revue de botanique , 1892, vol. 10, pp. 661-4]
BALDIE, George (1828-1889). Mason. Born St Andrews, Scotland; arrived Portland, Vic, 1854. [Victoria, Australia, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, 1839–1923. various Victorian newspapers]
BALDRY, John (1836-1908). Farmer. Born Stradbroke, Suffolk, England. Arrived Victoria 1862; took up ‘Wildwood’, Flinders, Vic; local government elected member. [ Mornington and Dromana Standard , 11 July, 1908. p. 3]
BALE, William Mountier (1851-1940). Customs official, naturalist. Born Lambeth, England. Arrived Sydney, thence to Melbourne, 1853; joined customs department 1872. Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society 1882; Secretary Microscopical Society of Victoria 1884; founding member Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria 1880. Specialist in hydroids. [ Victorian Naturalist , vol. 57, p. 140; various Victorian newspaper reports.]
BALFOUR, Andrew Francis (1851-1906). Naval officer. Born Edinburgh, Scotland. Royal Navy cadet 1865; sub-Lieutenant on Challenger expedition; retired as Captain 1898. Son of James Hutton Balfour; brother of Isaac Bayley Balfour. [National Archives, ADM 196/18/270, Portsmouth evening news. 3 April 1906]
BALFOUR, Isaac Bayley (1852-1922). Botanist. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; studied Edinburgh BSc 1873; DSc 1879; MB, 1877; MD, 1883; hon LLD, 1921. Professor of botany Glasgow 1879-84, Oxford 1884-8, Edinburgh 1888-1922. FRS 1884, FLS 1875. KBE 1920. Son of John Hutton Balfour, brother of Andrew Francis Balfour. [ ODNB ]
BALFOUR, John Hutton (1808-1884). Botanist. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; studied theology at St Andrews; trained as a physician, MD (Edinburgh) 1832. Founding member Botanical Society of Edinburgh 1836; Professor of botany Glasgow1841; Professor of botany and medicine Edinburgh 1845; keeper of Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. Hon LLD St Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh, 1879; FRSE 1834, FRS 1856. Father of Isaac Bayley Balfour, Andrew Francis Balfour [ ODNB ]
BALL, John (1818-1889). Barrister, politician, naturalist. Born Dublin, Ireland; educated Christ’s College Cambridge. Called to Irish Bar 1845, never practised; Poor Law Commission, Ireland; MP for Carlow; Under Secretary for the Colonies, 1855-7. Travelled widely, publishing on botany and geology. FLS 1856, FRS 1868. [ Proceedings of the Royal Society of London , vol. 47 (1889-90), pp. v-ix]
BALL, Robert Stawell (1840-1913). Astronomer. Born Dublin, Ireland; studied at Trinity College Dublin. Observer for Earl of Rosse, Birr Castle; Professor of applied mathematics and mechanics, Royal College of Science, Dublin; Professor of astronomy, Trinity College Dublin 1874; Lowndean Professor of astronomy, Cambridge. FRS 1873; knighted 1886. [ ODNB ]
BALLS-HEADLEY, Walter (1841-1918). Gynaecologist. Born Stapleford, Cambridgeshire, England; educated Cambridge BA 1862, ChM 1865, MD 1868; trained Addenbrookes Cambridge, St Bartholomew’s, London, MRCP 1866, FRCP 1888. To Australia 1868; in Warwick Qld until 1875, then consultant practice, Colins Street, Melbourne; Physician at Alfred Hospital 1878, at Women’s Hospital, 1878-1900. Lecturer, Melbourne University, 1889; President, Medical Society of Victoria, 1889; Vice-president, Gynaecological Society, London, 1897-8. Returned to England, 1907. Settled in British Columbia, Canada 1913. [ AD B ] Medinilla balls-headleyi.
BALMAIN, James (1825-1882). Architect. Born London, England. Arrived Sydney 1843, to Melbourne 1847 as clerk of works, succeeding Henry Ginn as Colonial Architect 1853, dismissed 1858; insolvent 1860; remained in practice during 1870s. Brother of Thomas Cubitt Balmain; Brother-in-law of Henry Ginn. [Various Australian newspapers]
BALMAIN, Thomas Cubitt (1828-1864). Civil servant. Born London, England. Arrived Sydney 1843; clerk of works, Melbourne 1847, chief clerk of works 1856, redundant 1860, later employed in railway department. Brother of James Balmain. [Argus, 12 May 1866, p. 6; death notices]
BANCROFT, Joseph (1836-1894). Medical practitioner. Born Manchester, England; Manchester Royal School of Medicine and Surgery MRCS, LSA, 1859; MD, St Andrews, Scotland 1859; practised Nottingham. Arrived Qld 1864; in practice Brisbane; member of Central Board of Health, Medical Board 1876-94 (president 1882-94). Investigated filariasis, active component of Duboisia, plant pathology. Member Philosophical Society of Queensland 1866, president 1882-3 as Royal Society of Qld. Father of Thomas Lane Bancroft. [ ADB ] Isandra bancroftii.
BANCROFT, Thomas Lane (1860-1933). Medical naturalist. Born Nottingham, England; arrived Brisbane 1864. Studied medicine Edinburgh, MB, ChM 1883. Hospital physician, Innisfail, Qld 1885-6, Christchurch hospital NZ; in practice Brisbane 1889-94. Experimental farm, Deception Bay, Qld 1894-1904; posts in Brisbane 1904-8; Qld Government medical officer 1908-32, Stannary Hills, Eidsvold, Palm Island. Active investigator in stock diseases, plant hybridization and, especially, parasitology. CMZSL 1923; active collector, supplied plant and animal specimens. Son of Joseph Bancroft. [ ADB ]. Elaeocarpus bancroftii.
BANCROFT, William Charles (1826-1903). Army officer. Born Jamaica. Joined British army 1844; Captain, ADC and Secretary to the Governor of Victoria, 1856-63; returned to active service; retired 1883 as lieutenant-general. [ Obituaries Australia ; St James Gazette (London), 2 February 1903, p. 20.]
BANKIN, James (1836-1925). Grazier. Born Upminster, Essex, England. Arrived Victoria, 1850; selected land in Gippsland, 1865. [Baptism entry, Upminster St Laurence, 26 April 1836; various Australian newspapers]
BANKS, Joseph (1743-1820). Naturalist and patron of science. Born London, England; inherited landed estate 1761. Expeditions to Iceland 1766, 1772; naturalist on James Cook’s Endeavour expedition 1768-71, collecting extensively in South America, the Pacific and Australia; employed series of naturalists to work on collections. Adviser to government, including on convict settlement in Australia and development of Kew Gardens. FRS 1766, President 1778-1820. Baronet 1781; KCB 1795. [ ODNB ]
BAPTIST, John Thomas (1804-1873). Nursery proprietor. Born Portugal. Arrived Sydney 1829, established market garden, later a nursery; son entered business c.1864; traded intercolonially and internationally, including Australian native species. [Aitken & Looker (2002)]
BARBER, Charles Deynes (1849-1902). Children’s home superintendent. Born Tunstead, Norfolk, England. In Qld as manager of ‘Consuelo’, Rolleston, from 1877; in Warrnambool, Victoria from 1884; in Melbourne from 1887, Gordon Institute Home for Boys superintendent 1890. [Vic death certificate 9841/1902; various Australian newspapers]
BARBER, Henry Bride (1861-1938). Methodist clergyman. Born Leeds, England. Arrived Sydney 1889. Primitive Methodist Minister, Bendigo circuit, from 1890, later in Geelong, Hobart, Daylesford, Stawell, Warracknabeal, Northcote, Middle Park; retired 1929. FLS 1897. [ Argus (Melbourne), 18 July 1938, p. 4; immigration records, NSW]
BARBEY, William (1842-1914). Botanist and philanthropist. Born Genthod, Switzerland; educated Geneva and in engineering, École centrale de Paris. Founder Bulletin de l’herbier Boissier, 1885; collected in Mediterranean area. Son-in-law of Pierre Edmund Boissier. [ Chodat (1914)]
BARBOSA DU BOCAGE, José Vincente (1823-1907). Zoologist, politician. Born Funchal, Portugal; with family in political exile Brazil c.1830-34; graduated medicine University of Coimbara 1846. Escola Politécnica: zoology professor 1849-c.1880; Director zoological Museum, 1858-. Ministerial roles following election in 1878 include Minister of Foreign Affairs 1883-6, 1890. Member Lisbon Geograpical Society (a founder, President), Royal Academy of Sciences (vice-president 1875), FZSL. Grand Cross, Order of St. James (Portugal); Grand Cross, Franz Joseph Order (Austria); Commander, Order of Isabella the Catholic (Spain); Commander, Order of trhe Rose (Brazil); Officer, Legion of Honour (France). [ Portugal Dicionário hist ó rico ]
BÁRCENA, Mariano de La (1842-1899). Botanist, engineer, politician. Born Ameca, Jalisco, Mexico; studied at Escuela especial de ingenieros de México. Professor of palaeontology and geology, National Museum, Mexico, and director of the Central Meteorological Observatory, Mexico. Collected plant specimens in Jalisco and Colima 1885-7. [ TL 2 ]
BARCLAY, Henry Vere (1845-1917). Surveyor. Born Bury, Lancashire, England. Lieutenant Royal Marine Light Infantry 1863, naval surveyor South America. Arrived Tasmania 1871, to South Australia 1877; worked in the Northern Territory, 1878, later in NZ; member, Barclay-McPherson expedition to the Northern Territory, 1904-5; railway surveyor Qld and NSW. [Gibbney & Smith (1987)]
BARCLAY, James (1828-1913). Farmer. Born Ceres, Fife, Scotland. Farming at Tyabb, Vic by 1860 until 1902. [Various Victorian newspapers]
BARCLAY, John (1834-1910). Grazier. Born Glasgow, Scotland. Arrived Port Phillip 1841 with parents who occupied a pastoral lease in western Victoria; at Strathdownie by 1880s. [Various Australian newspapers].
BARDON Y GÓMEZ, Lázaro Silvero (1817-1897). Hellenist. Born León, Spain; graduated in theology and literature, Madrid. Professor of Greek, Salamanca 1849, Madrid 1850. Founding member of Spanish Anthropological Association; interested in natural history and medicine. Briefly from 1870 Rector of the Central University; President of the Museum of Natural History of Madrid. [ Reinventar la Antigüedad Historia cultural de los estudios clásicos ]
BARFF, Henry Ebenezer (1857-1925). University administrator. Born Tahaa Island, Society Islands, French Polynesia. Sydney University: BA 1876, MA, 1882; lecturer in mathematics 1879, acting registrar 1880-2, registrar from 1882. CMG 1923 [ ADB ]
BARILLET-DESCHAMPS, Jean-Pierre (1824-1873). Horticulturalist, landscape architect. Born Saint-Antoine-du-Rocher, France. Head gardener City of Paris, laid out Bois de Boulogne and other spaces; director horticultural works Prater, Vienna and for Government of Egypt; consultant in development of gardens of major royal residences in Europe. [ Journal de l’agriculture , 1875, p. 472] Goodenia barilletii.
BARKER, Edward (1816- 1885). Surgeon and pastoralist. Born Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England; studied medicine University College Hospital, London (MRCS 1839, FRCS 1859). Arrived Victoria 1840, taking up land with his brother John. Opened medical practice in Melbourne 1849, honorary surgeon Benevolent Asylum, surgeon Melbourne Hospital; lecturer in surgery University of Melbourne 1863-80. A founder of Royal Society of Victoria; member Medical Board of Victoria. Brother of John Barker and William Barker. [ ADB ]
BARKER, Jane Sophia née HARDEN (c.1808-1876). Bishop’s wife. Born Hawkshead, Lancashire, England. Married Frederic Barker 1840, accompanied him to Australia 1855 when appointed Bishop of Sydney; supported Ladies Leichhardt Search Committee. [ ADB (husband's entry); England census 1851]
BARKER, John (1815-1891). Pastoralist and public servant. Born Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England; called to the Bar, London, 1834 (Lincoln’s Inn). Arrived Victoria 1840, but returned to England briefly, returning married in 1844; established pastoral runs near Westernport, resided Cape Schank. Admitted to Victorian Bar 1851; clerk to Legislative Council of Victoria 1851, Legislative Assembly 1856-82, finally clerk of the parliaments. Brother of Edward Barker and William Barker, husband of Susannah Barker. [ ADB ]
BARKER, Susannah née HODGKINSON (1819-1899). Pastoralist. Born Babworth, Nottinghamshire, England. To Victoria with husband 1844, established pastoral runs, lived at Cape Shank. Collected algae for William Henry Harvey, possibly other plants for Mueller. Wife of John Barker. [ Maroske &Vaug h an (2014)])
BARKER, William (1818-1889). Landowner, magistrate, surgeon. Born Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England; studied medicine University College Hospital, London (MRCS 1840). To Victoria 1844, acquired Mount Alexander pastoral run 1845. Resumed medical practice 1862, in Beechworth, Echuca and Melbourne. Brother of John Barker and Edward Barker. [ ADB ]
BARKLY, Anna Maria née PRATT (1838-1932). Governor’s wife. Born Edinburgh, Scotland. Married Governor Henry Barkly 1860; accompanied him on later appointments in Mauritius and Cape Colony. Active botanical collector, especially of ferns. [ADB; Desmond]
BARKLY, Elizabeth Helen née TIMINS (1820-1857). Governor’s wife. Born Aldenham, Hertfordshire, England. Married Henry Barkly 1840, accompanied him to colonial Governor appointments: British Guiana 1848, Jamaica 1853, Victoria 1856. [ADB; ODNB]
BARKLY, Henry (1815-1898). Colonial governor. Born Rosshire, Scotland. MP, 1845-8; appointed governor British Guiana 1848, Jamaica 1853, Victoria 1856, Mauritius 1863, Cape of Good Hope 1870-7. FRS 1864, FRGS 1870. KCB, 1853, GCMG, 1874. President, Royal Society of Victoria. Husband of Elizabeth Helen Barkly; Anna Maria Barkly. [ ADB , ODNB]
BARLEE, Frederick Palgrave (1827-1884). Colonial administrator. Born Worlingworth, Suffolk, England. Served in Sierra Leone 1851-4, Colonial Secretary WA 1855-75, Administrator of British Honduras 1877-82, Trinidad 1884. [ ADB ] Stylidium barleei.
BARNARD, Anne née HENSLOW (1833-1889). Botanical artist. Born in Cambridgeshire England. Contributed plates to Curtis’s botanical magazine as ‘AB’, illustrated Daniel Oliver’s lessons in elementary botany. Daughter of John Stevens Henslow, sister of Frances Harriet Henslow, sister-in-law of Joseph Hooker. [ Bulletin of miscellaneous information (Royal Gardens, Kew), 1899, pp. 19-20]
BARNARD, Charles Edward (c.1850- 1927). Medical practitioner. Born Hobart, Tasmania; studied medicine in Great Britain, MRCS (England), LRCP (London), MD (Aberdeen). Registered in NSW 1875, Vic 1901, SA 1911. Son of James Barnard. [ AMPI , accessed 3 July 2021] Tricoilocaryon barnardi (fossil).
BARNARD, Francis George Allman (1857-1932). Pharmacist, naturalist. Born Kew, Victoria. Registered pharmacist, 1879, active in professional affairs. Founder member Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria, secretary 1884-90, 1908-10, editor Victorian Naturalist 1892-1925, president 1905-7, life member, 1923. Member Historical Society of Victoria, council member from 1913. Member of Kew Council, Melbourne from 1925, Mayor 1920. Nephew of Frederick William Barnard (d. 1909), cousin of Frederick William Barnard (d. 1949). [ Victorian naturalist , vol. 49 (1932), pp. 69-73]
BARNARD, Frederick William (1857-1949). Architect, builder, sugar grower, orchardist. Born Melbourne, Vic. Selected land near Mossman, Qld c.1881; director then chairman, Mossman Central Mill Company; later orchardist near Stanthorpe, Qld. Son of Frederick William Barnard (d. 1909); cousin of Francis George Althorp Barnard. [ Cairns post , 14 September 1949, p. 5]
BARNARD, Frederick William (c.1830-1909). Civil servant. Born Norwich, Norfolk, England. Arrived Victoria c.1851; employed in various public servant roles, finally Public Works Department. Uncle of Frances George Allman Barnard, father of Frederick William Barnard (d. 1949). [Vic death certificate 4423/1909; widow’s obituary Warwick daily news , 2 August 1929, p. 4]
BARNARD, James (1809-1897). Printer. Born Hackney, London, England. Arrived Hobart, Tasmania 1839 as government printer, retired 1880. Member, Royal Society of Van Diemen’s Land from 1841, member of Council of successor Royal Society of Tasmania from 1843, vice-president from 1878, secretary 1880-3. Father of Charles Edward Barnard. [ Mercury (Hobart), 21 April 1897, p. 2]
BARNARD, William Henry (1831–1900). Public servant. Born Lambeth, England. To Geelong, Vic 1853; Treasury clerk, to Portland 1858, Beechworth 1860, Ballarat 1864. Secretary-treasurer Ballarat Cemetery Trust from 1878; registrar Ballarat School of Mines and Industries 1872-81, Life Governor, 1875.[ Ballarat and District Industrial Heritage Project , accessed 3 July 2021, baptism records]
BARNETT, William Frederick (1841-1879). Explorer. Born in Limehouse, Middlesex, England. Arrived Australia 1860; station hand on various properties in Vic, Qld; member and then leader of the Ladies’ Leichhardt Search Expedition, 1865-7. Landlord Crown Hotel Bendigo. [ Gill (1987)]
BARRETT, James William (1862-1945). Ophthalmologist. Born Melbourne, Vic; studied University of Melbourne, MB 1880, ChB 1882, MD 1887, ChM, 1888. Taught at King’s College London, and Moorfields Ophthalmic Hospital, c.1883-7; MRCS 1884 FRCS 1887. Private medical practice Melbourne 1886, lecturer in physiology 1897. War service with Australian Imperial Force and later Royal Army Medical Corps, 1914-8. Founder of Bush Nursing service in Victoria. Vice-Chancellor University of Melbourne 1931, Chancellor 1935-9. CMG 1911, KBE 1918. [ ADB ]
BARRETT, William fl 1868-70. Municipal clerk. No further information found.
BARROETA CORBALÁN, Gregorio (1831-1906). Surgeon and naturalist. Born San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Educated at Mexico’s National School of Medicine, graduated 1861; practised as surgeon at San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Director of natural history museum, San Luis Potosi from 1879; collected plants of the region; sent specimens to Asa Gray, commemorated in Gray’s genus Barroetea. [ Cronologías San Luis Potosí ]
BARROW, Isaac [Richard Souton] Le Pipre (c.1822-1904). Civil servant, grazier. Born London, England. Arrived NSW c.1835; to Victoria c.1852. Public Service clerk, audit office: temporary 1857, permanent 1858-c.1880. Grazier near Yarragon, Vic; magistrate, 1885. [Victoria Blue Books; will: PROV VPRS 7591, P.2, unit 358, 89/944; Vic death certificate 1131/1904]
BARROW, John Henry (1817-1874). Clergyman, journalist, politician. Born Tower Hamlets, London. Congregational minister; to SA 1853; resigned ministry when elected MLA 1858. MLC 1861-71; Mayor of Unley, 1871; further term as MLA 1872-4, treasurer and leader of the house; established and edited South Australian advertiser and associated newspapers. [ ADB ]
BARRY, John O’Brien Milner (1815-1881). Physician. Born Cork, Ireland; Educated Paris, Edinburgh MD 1837, LRCSE 1838; MRCP 1859, FRCP 1876. In medical practice Wales 1839-42, Totnes, Devon 1844-51, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1852-81. [ British Medical Journal , 1 October 1881, p. 576]
BARRY, Redmond (1813-1880). Judge. Born Ballyclough, County Cork, Ireland; Trinity College Dublin BA 1837, admitted Irish Bar 1838. Arrived Sydney 1839, admitted to the NSW Bar 1839; to Melbourne 1839, admitted to the Victorian Bar 1841; puisne judge Supreme Court of Victoria from 1852. Active in public affairs: Chancellor University of Melbourne 1853-80, founder of public library art gallery and museum, Fellow Royal Society of Victoria. Knighted 1860, KCMG, 1877. [ ADB ] Lysiosepalum barryanum.
BARTH, Heinrich (1821-1865). Explorer, ethnologist. Born Hamburg, Germany; studied Berlin, doctorate 1844. African exploration 1850-5; in London 1855-8 preparing travel volumes. Professor Berlin University from 1863. [ NDB ]
BARTLEMAN, George Joshua (1845-1922). Pharmacist, druggist, banker. Born Woolwich, Kent, England. Arrived Melbourne 1854; partner then sole proprietor pharmacy business Stawell, Vic c.1875-1906; actuary Savings Bank, Stawell c.1886, manager, Middle Brighton branch 1906. [Passenger lists; Victoria Government Gazette, various Australian newspapers.]
BARTON, Ethel Sarel [Married name GEPP 1902-] (1864-1922). Algologist. Born Hampton Court Green, Surrey, England. From 1889 worked in the Natural History Museum on cryptogamic botany, later also at Kew; published extensively on algae. [ Journal of Botany vol. 60, pp. 193-195.
BARTON, William Henry (c.1818-1888). Pastoralist. Born Kensington Gardens, London, England. Arrived Vic 1853, to Qld 1862, held a range of properties. [‘Another pioneer gone’, Queensland Figaro and Punch , 21 April 1888, p. 17]
BARWOOD, Eliza [Mrs James Edward, née Spratt] (1808-1901). Born Beccles, Suffolk, England. Arrived Melbourne 1850 with family; husband a candlemaker in Richmond, Vic. [Beccles Parish Register, passenger lists and various Victorian newspapers]
BARY, Heinrich Anton de (1831-1888). Mycologist. Born free city of Frankfurt am Main; studied medicine Heidelberg 1849, Marburg 1849-50, Berlin 1850-3. Professor of botany: Freiburg 1855-67, Halle 1867-72, Strassburg 1872-88. [ Hedwigia , vol. 27 (1888), pp. 77-86]
BASEDOW, Martin Peter Friedrich (1829-1902). Teacher, newspaper proprietor, politician. Born Dreckharburg, Hannover; taught near Hamburg. Arrived SA 1848, opened Lutheran school at Tanunda 1850-64; established Tanunda Deutsche Zeitung 1863, titled Australische Deutsche Zeitung from 1870, Australische Zeitung from 1875. Chairman, Tanunda district council, 1864-76; MLA 1876-90, MLC 1894-1900. Active in cultural affairs. [ ADB ]
BASSETT, William Frederick (1824-1910). Surgeon. Born London, England; schooled in Belgium and Germany; qualified in London MRCS 1849, LSA, 1850. Arrived Sydney, NSW 1851, appointed assistant surgeon lunatic asylum, Parramatta; private practice Parramatta c.1858; in practice Bathurst, NSW, from c. 1865; appointed to part-time posts of public vaccinator 1865, visiting surgeon Bathurst gaol and Government Medical Officer 1870. Lectured in chemistry and vice-president Bathurst School of Arts; member of Council, All Saints College, Bathurst. Magistrate from 1871. Stepfather of Henry Hubert Sutherland. [ ADB ]
BASTIAN, Adolf (1826-1905). Ethnologist. Born Bremen; qualified in medicine. Visited Australia as ship’s doctor 1851; research visits to India and East Asia, West Africa, Central and South America, central Asia. Founding Director, Berlin Museum of Ethnology 1868; lecturer in ethnology Berlin University 1869. [ N D B ]
BASTOW, Richard Austin (1839-1920). Architectural draughtsman, botanist. Born Edinburgh, Scotland. Arrived Tasmania 1884, City Engineer Hobart; Public Works Department Victoria 1888. Studied cryptogams. FLS 1885-9; member, Royal Society of Victoria, from 1888; Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria from 1888. [ Victorian naturalis t, vol. 37, p. 27; George (2009)]
BATE, Charles Spence (1819-1889). Dentist. Born near Truro, Cornwall, England; practiced Swansea 1841–51, then Plymouth. President British Dental Association 1883. Specialist in Crustacea. FRS 1861. [ Proceedings of the Royal Society of London , vol. 46 (1889), pp. xli-xlii]
BATE, Mary Harriet [Married name GRIFFITHS 1886-] (1855-1951). Botanical collector. Born Sydney, NSW; collected specimens for Mueller in southern NSW 1881-6. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
BATEMAN, Arthur Wigley (1844-1899). Surgeon. Born St Pancras, London, England; qualified LRCP, LRCS Edinburgh 1875. Registered medical practitioner, NSW 1878; advocate of artificial language ‘Volapuk’. [NSW Government Gazette, various Australian newspapers.]
BATEMAN, Edward La Trobe (1816-1897). Artist, architectural decorator, garden designer. Born Lower Wyke, Yorkshire, England. To Victoria 1852; to goldfields with William Howitt; designed numerous gardens in Victoria. Injured while working on the garden at Chatsworth, western Victoria, 1867; returned to the UK 1869; worked as landscape gardener for Marquess of Bute, Rothesay, Scotland. Cousin of Charles La Trobe [ ADB , Aitken & Looker (2002)]
BATES, Alfred Henry (c.1819-1873). Grazier. Born Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Arrived Tasmania c.1839, Victoria c.1845; held property near SA border after 1849, and other properties under mortgage in Victoria at death. [Probate records, Vic death certificate 9730/1873]
BATES, Henry Walter (1825-1892). Naturalist. Born Leicester, England. Accompanied Alfred Russel Wallace to the Amazon, South America, 1848, remaining until 1859 collecting specimens for sale. Assistant Secretary, Royal Geographical Society 1864-92; President Entomological Society 1868-9 and 1878. FLS 1871, FRS 1881. [ ODNB ]
BATHE, James (c.1816-1883). Physician, pastoralist. Born Broughton, Wiltshire, England. Arrived Tasmania 1838, Victoria 1839, Cape Town, South Africa, c.1860-2, Victoria from 1862. Held ‘Toomah’, on Toomuc Creek, near Packenham, Vic; active in horseracing. [ AMPI ; various Australian newspapers]
BATT, John [‘Jack’] David (1843-1919). Station hand. Born Guildford, WA. Briefly farmed at Tambellup, WA.; worked for John Muir, Eucla, c. 1873-93. [George (2009)] Templetonia battii, Helipterum battii, Eremophila battii.
BATTEN, George Henry Maxwell (1832-1910). Civil servant. Born Calcutta, Bengal, India. Joined Indian civil service 1852: various Government of India roles including Under-Secretary Finance Department, Secretary of the Department of Revenue and Agriculture, private secretary to Viceroy (Lord Lytton) 1876-80, retiring as commissioner of inland customs. [ The Times (London), 27 October 1910, p. 11]
BAUDIN, Nicolas Thomas (1754-1803). Naval officer, naturalist. Born St-Pierre-de-Ré, France; French Navy, 1774. Collected natural history specimens Indian Ocean 1792, West Indies, 1796; leader of French cartographic survey Australia 1800-3, including François Péron and Louis-Claude Desaulses de Freycinet. [ ADB ]
BAUDINET, Louisa Isabella Chaulk (Lucy) (1825-1901). Collector. Born London, England. With family to WA 1829, Tasmania 1831. Collected plants, especially algae, on Tasmanian islands where father and brother were light keepers. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
BAUER, Ferdinand Lucas [Lukas] (1760-1826). Botanical illustrator and collector. Born Feldsberg, Austria (now Valtice, Czech Republic). Travelled to Greece with Sibthop and illustrated resulting Flora (Sibthorp (1806-40)); accompanied Mathew Flinders as botanical draughtsman to Australia 1801-3, collected in his own right at Norfolk Island, 1804-5; settled in Vienna. Brother of Franz Andreas Bauer. ( ADB )
BAUER, Franz Andreas (1758-1840). Botanical artist, microscopist. Born Feldsberg, Austria (now Valtice, Czech Republic). IIllustrated works by Jacquin in Vienna. To London 1788, employed as botanical illustrator at Kew Gardens from 1790. FLS 1804, FRS 1821. Brother of Ferdinand Lucas Bauer. [ Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London , 1841, pp. 101-4]
BAUER, Sophie Wilhelmine Eleanore (Ellie) [Married name CLAYDON from 1888] (1863-1943). Collector. Born Qld, daughter of sugar planter. Collected plants, including algae, near Bloomfield River 1884-6, Mackay 1884, Cooktown 1887. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
BÄUERLEN [BAEUERLEN], Leonhard Carl Wilhelm [William] (1840-1917). Botanical collector. Born Niedernhall, Württemberg, Germany; left Germany 1863, but Australian arrival uncertain. Botanical collector for Mueller 1883-c.1888, Bonito expedition to New Guinea, 1885, for J. H. Maiden 1888-?. NSW public service (Technological Museum), 1890–1905. [George (2009), NSW death certificate 13990/1917 (estranged widow’s corrections suggest age 72, not 77 as originally stated; NSW public service list also gives 1845 as birth date); Wilson (1990) cites birth records as 1840] Correa bauerlenii, Dendrobium baeuerlenii, Habenaria bauerlenii Eucalyptus baeuerleni, Eugenia baeuerlenii, Haloragis baeuerlenii.
BAUHIN, Caspar [Kasper, Gaspard] (1560-1624). Anatomist, botanist. Born Basel, Switzerland; educated Basel, Padua, Bologna, Paris. Held Professorships at Basel, in Greek 1582, botany and anatomy 1588. [ Deutsche Biographie ]
BAXTER, John (1799-1841). Convict. Born Comber, County Down, Ireland. Convicted of receiving stolen property 1826, arrived Sydney 1827, ticket of leave 1831, certificate of freedom 1833. Overseer for Edward John Eyre; killed by members of Eyer’s East-West exploration party c.340 km west of Eucla. [Convict records; Eyre (1845), vol. 1]
BAXTER, William (1787-1871). Gardener. Born Rugby, Warwickshire, England. Curator, Oxford Botanic Garden 1813-51; specialist cryptogamic botanist. ALS 1817. [ Gardeners’ Chronicle , 4 November 1871, pp. 1426-27]
BAXTER, William (1811-1876). Clergyman, school master. Born Dublin, Ireland. Educated Trinity College Dublin BA 1837; MA Cambridge 1845. Church of England clergyman: deacon 1839, priest 1841, curate Ashburton, Devon 1839, incumbent Fyfield, Hampshire 1851-4; assistant master, Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire, England 1841-51. In Victoria by January 1856 when advertised private tutoring classes; elected member of Philosophical Institute of Victoria; active in Mechanics’ Institute teaching from 1856; lived at Kew, Melbourne until 1859; headmaster Richmond and East Melbourne Grammar School, c.1856-8, vice-principal Melbourne Grammar School 1858-65; general licence to preach 1858-66. [ ; Vic death certificate 2430/1876; various Victorian newspapers]
BAXTER, William (fl 1820s-1830s] Botanical collector. Gardener for Comtesse de Vandes, Bayswater, London, England. Collected in Australia for clients including F. Henchman, J. B. Mackay; dated specimens from 1821 to 1830 extant. [Sweet (1827-8), passim; Barker & Barker (1990), pp. 55-56]
BAYER, Friedrich Karl [Frederick Charles] (c.1815-1867). Physician. Born Munich, Bavaria, Germany; educated Erlangen. To SA 1847, established medical practice. Nephew of Carl von Martius. [ Loyau (1885), pp. 228-9]
BEACHAM, John Crispin (1813-1885). Wood and ivory turner. Born Bristol, England. Arrived Melbourne 1855, settled in Richmond, with business in Russell Street, Melbourne; active lay member of St Matthias’s Church, Richmond. [Victoria Probate VPRS 28/ P2 unit 185, item 30/218; various Victorian newspapers]
BEAL, Amy [née MURCH] (c.1827-1925). Pastoralist. Born Crediton, Devon, England. In Victoria by 1855 when married Charles Beal of ‘Mount Gellibrand’ sheep station Winchelsea, Vic 1853-60; later lived at Birregurra and Lorne. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
BEALE, Octavius Charles (1850-1930). Piano manufacturer. Born Mountmellick, Queens County, Ireland. Arrived Hobart Town, Tas 1854; joined Melbourne hardware firm c.1866, established NZ branch c.1873; Sydney from c.1884 in own piano and sewing-machine import business, established piano factory 1893.[ ADB ]
BEAMISH, Peter Teulon (1824-1914). Anglican clergyman. Born Dublin, Ireland; Trinity College Dublin BA 1846, LLD 1871. Arrived Sydney, NSW 1847, ordained deacon, ministered Dapto, Kiama, NSW; Melbourne, Vic, ordained priest, served in Warrnambool and surrounding district, archdeacon 1878-95, commissary Ballarat diocese 1881; General license to preach, Melbourne 1895. [ ; Argus (Melbourne), 21 August 1914, p. 9]
BEAUFORT, Francis (1774-1857). British naval officer and hydrographer. Born Nathan, County Meath, Ireland. Merchant navy 1789; Royal Navy 1790; saw action in various theatres; commanded surveys Rio Plate, eastern Mediterranean; hydrographer of the Navy 1829-55; rear Admiral (retired list) 1846. Devised Beaufort scale of wind strength 1805, adopted officially1830. FRS 1814, FRAS 1829, Member Royal Irish Academy 1832, a founder of RGS. KCB 1848. [ ODNB ]
BEAUVOIR, Ludovic, Marquis HÉBERT DE (1846-1929). Traveller, diplomat. Born in Brussels, Belgium. Published account of world tour 1865-7, including Australia 1866. Served in Franco-Prussian war; Chef du service d’honneur du comte de Paris. [Bibliothèque nationale de France author list]
BEAVER, Francis Edis (1824-1887). Auctioneer and agent, politician. Born Kennington, Surrey, England. Arrived Sydney 1833, Melbourne 1840; MLC Belfast and Warrnambool 1854-6, MLA Belfast 1856-9, MLC North Yarra 1882-7; JP; member council Borough of Northcote, mayor; active in public affairs, member Wesleyan church Board of Advice, member YMCA, president 1887. [Thomson & Serle (1972), p. 12; Argus (Melbourne), 10 October 1887, p. 8]
BECCARI, Odoardo (1843-1920). Naturalist, traveller. Born Florence, Italy; graduated natural sciences Bologna 1864. Collected Borneo 1865-8; collected Red Sea when accompanied expedition that purchased Assab (in present Eritrea) as an Italian colony; to New Guinea with d’Albertis 1871, and later alone to 1878, also collecting Malay archipelago. Director Florence Botanical Institute and Museum, founder of Nuovo Giornale Botanico Italiano. Foreign Member, Linnean Society of London, 1883. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ; Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London , 1921-22, pp. 37-40]. Kentia beccarii, Myrtella beccarii.
BECHSTEIN, Johann Matthäus (1757-1822). Forester, ornithologist. Born Waltershausen, Gotha, Germany; Studied theology Jena 1776-81; taught natural history in Schnepfenthal 1784-94; founded forest school Waltershausen 1794; Director Forstakademie Dreissigacker 1801-22. Active ornithologist, influencing C. L. Brehm. [ Deutsche biographie ]
BECK VON MANNAGETTA UND LERCHENAU, Günther (1856-1931). Botanist. Born Pressburg, Hungary (now Bratislava, Slovakia); PhD Vienna 1878. Vienna Naturhistorisches Museum, head of botany 1885-9, curator 1889; University of Vienna, Privatdozent 1894, Associate Professor 1895; German University of Prague, professor of systematic botany and head of botanical garden, 1899-1921; editor Wiener Illustrierte Garten-Zeitung . [ Österreichisches Biographisches Lexikon ]
BECKER, Benjamin Christopher Simon Albert (c.1768-184(4?)). Pharmacist. Dispenser at, then from 1818 owner of Einhorn Rats-Apotheke at Husum, Schleswig-Holstein. Uncle of Ernst Gustav Eduard Becker. [Husum marriage certificate 7 July 1797, Schleswig-Holstein Census 1835; note that other sources have different details of the given names, e.g. Articus (1981), p. 25; Klatt (1998)].
BECKER, Ernst Ferdinand Vollrad (1826-1888). Librarian and photographer. Born Darmstadt, student of physical chemistry with von Liebig. Private secretary and librarian to Prince Albert, UK, 1851-9; treasurer to Alice, Princess Louis of Hesse, wife of Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse, from 1862. Founding member of Photographic Society of London, 1853, tutored royal children in photography. Brother of Ludwig Becker. [ Stadtlexikon Darmstadt ; Royal Collection Trust (both accessed 22 July 2021); ADB].
BECKER, Ernst Gustav Eduard (1801-1870). Pharmacist. Dispenser at, then 1844-53 owner of Einhorn Rats-Apotheke at Husum, Schleswig-Holstein; later in Berlin living on private means. Nephew of B. C. S. A. Becker. [Articus (1981), p. 25, which does not include ‘Eduard’; Klatt (1998); Schleswig-Holstein Census 1835; burial records, Evangelische Kirche, Sankt Johanniskirche Moabit Berlin]. Hovea beckeri, Trichinium beckerianum
BECKER, Ludwig (1808-1861), Artist, explorer, naturalist. Born Offenbach, Germany. Arrived Van Diemen’s Land 1851; Bendigo, Vic, 1852-4. Member Victoria Society of Fine Arts, Philosophical Institute of Victoria, German Club of Victoria (Deutscher Verein). Illustrated works for Frederick McCoy and Mueller. Artist, naturalist and geologist, Burke and Wills Exploring Expedition, 1860-1. Often addressed with the courtesy title ‘Dr’. Brother of Ernst Ferdinand Vollrad Becker [ ADB ; Darragh (1994a)]. Eremophila beckeri.
BECKER, Philipp Carl Ferdinand (c.1821-1869). Carpenter. Born Homburg, Hesse, Germany. In SA before c.1848; naturalized before c.1851; in Victoria c.1851, certainly by 1853. [Vic death certificate 9831/1869]
BECKETT, Thomas Wrench Naylor (1839-1906). Planter, orchardist, bryologist. Born Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Coffee planter Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) c. mid 1860s to late 1870s; collecting plants 1882-3. Arrived NZ 1883, established orchard; collected lichens and moss around Canterbury, West Coast and Nelson districts; FLS 1865, member Philosophical Institute of Canterbury 1887. [Godley (1967), pp. 250-51; Desmond]
BECKLER, Carl Theodor (1829-?). Teacher. Born Höchstädt an der Donau, Bavaria. Was teaching natural science, chemistry and geography at Nördling Gewerbe, 1870. Brother of Hermann Beckler. [Höchstädt parish birth records]
BECKLER, Hermann (1828-1914). Physician, professional natural history collector. Born Höchstädt an der Donau, Bavaria; graduated medicine Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich 1855. Arrived Moreton Bay (now Brisbane) Qld as ship’s doctor 1856; Herbarium assistant, then collector in NSW, for Mueller 1859-60; medical officer and botanist, Burke and Wills Exploring Expedition, 1860-1. To Germany 1862; in medical practice in Bavaria. [ Darragh (2017)] Aster beckleri, Cleisostoma beckleri, Dendrobium beckleri, Eriostemon beckleri, Eurybia beckleri, Helichrysum beckleri, Hibiscus beckleri, Myrtus beckleri, Ozothamnus becklarii, Streptothamnus beckleri.
BECKX, Gustave Jean Baptiste (1820-1902). Consul, businessman. Born Leuven, Belgium. Arrived Melbourne 1854; shipping and general agent; fertiliser importer; orchard and vineyard owner Sunbury. Belgian consular representative: vice-consul 1854, consul by 1856, consul-general 1872-96. Commander of the Order of Leopold before 1880, Knight Commander 1896. [Various issues Victoria Government Gazette and Australian newspapers]
BEDDOME, Richard Henry (1830-1911). Army officer. Born Clapham, Surrey, England. Entered Indian Army in 1848: Captain 1861, Major 1868, Lieutenant-Colonel 1874, Colonel 1879; retired 1881. Indian Forestry Department: chief assistant 1857, conservator 1860-82. FLS 1882. [Hart’s army lists, 1875, 1909; Proceedings of the Linnean Society , 1910-11, pp. 32-4]
BEDFORD, John (1834-1889). Draftsman, land inspector. Born Selby, Yorkshire, England; in Victoria by 1861. Victorian civil service: Postmaster-General Department: postmaster, Mt Pollock, 1882; Lands &c Department: draughtsman 1864, inspector Lands and Agriculture 1881, inspector Lands and Survey 1884. [Victoria Blue books]
BEDFORD, Seventh Duke: see Francis RUSSELL.
BEER, Joseph (sometimes Johann) Georg (1803-1873). Businessman, botanist. Born Vienna, Austria; relinquished family fashion goods business 1843. Self-taught botanist and horticulturalist; general secretary Imperial Royal Horticultural Society (Kaiserlich königliche gartenbau Gesellschaft), Vienna, 1859-66; Imperial councillor; member Kaiserlich Leopoldinisch-Carolinischen Deutschen Akademie Der Naturforscher 1860 [ Leopoldina , vol. 8, p. 51 (1872-3)]
BEER, Samuel de (c.1818-1894). Ship commission agent and broker. Born Emden, Lower Saxony, Germany. Arrived Melbourne c.1852; shipping and commission agent and broker by 1854; active in Jewish affairs and philanthropy. [ Jewish herald , 28 December 1894, p. 9; various Australian newspapers]
BEGG, Adam (1812-1898). Agriculturalist. Born Straiton, Ayrshire, Scotland. Arrived Dunedin, NZ, 1848, settled and farmed at Anderson’s Bay. Active in civic affairs. [ Otago daily times, 19 August 1998, p. 3]
BEHM, Ernst (1830-1884). Editor, geographer. Born Gotha, Germany; studied medicine Jena, Berlin and Würzburg; graduated 1853. Became interested in geography, joined Perthes’s Geographical Institute in Gotha 1856; assisted Augustus Heinrich Petermann with Geographischen Mitteilungen, manager after Petermann died 1878; founded Geographische Jahrbuch 1866. [ Deutsche Biographie ]
BEHN, Wilhelm Friedrich Georg (1808-1878). Anatomist and zoologist. Born Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein; studied medicine Göttingen and Kiel, licenced 1832; continued studies Berlin and Paris. Director Kiel University anatomical theatre and zoological museum; participated in Galathea expedition 1845-8. Supported separation of the Schleswig-Holstein duchies from Denmark, but opposed incorporation into Prussia; retired and left Kiel 1867. As President Leopoldina 1870-8, reformed and revitalized the society. [ Leopoldina , vol. 14 (1878), pp. 68-71]
BEHR, Hans Hermann (1818-1904). Physician, entomologist, botanist. Born Anhalt-Köthen, Confederation of the Rhine, Germany; studied medicine and natural sciences Halle, Würzburg, MD Berlin 1843. Visited South Australia 1844-5 (home via Java), and 1848-9, thence via Phillipines to San Francisco USA c.1851. Wrote on entomology and botany; professor of botany California College of Pharmacy, San Francisco 1872-94. California Academy of Sciences, vice president 1895, curator of entomology, 1898. [Kraehenbuehl (1981), Legge (1853)] Abutilon behrianum, Aristida behriana, Baeckea behrii , Eremophila behrii, Eriochlamys behrii, Eucalyptus behriana, Lasiopetalum behrii, Pholidia behriana, Senecio behrianus, Trymalium behrii.
BEILBY, John Wood (1818-1903). Grazier, general agent. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; arrived Port Phillip District 1841. Grazing interests in western Victoria, Mornington Peninsula, West Gippsland; serial insolvent, last discharged 1871. applied unsuccessfully for leadership Victorian Exploring Expedition 1860. Insurance and land agent Brighton, Beechworth from c.1883; pursued claim to having discovered gold 1851, granted £1 per week 1900; prolific pamphleteer. [Various issues Victoria Government Gazette, Victorian newspapers, including Australasian , 6 June 1936, p. 4; Ovens and Murray advertiser , 18 July 1903, p. 3]
BEISSEL, Charles [Carl Friedrich Theodor] (1837-1909). Businessman. Born Zarrentin, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. Arrived Victoria c.1850, settled in Richmond. JP. Son of Gottlieb Jacob Christop Beissel. [ Richmond guardian , 26 June 1919, p. 3]
BEISSEL, Gottlieb Jacob Christop (1812-1886). Businessman. Born Rehna, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. Arrived Victoria c.1850; to Dunedin, NZ, 1861. Hairdresser, bath-house proprietor, glue maker. In Hong Kong at death. Father of Charles Beissel. [UK, Registers of births, marriages and deaths from British Consulates, Hong Kong; various Australian and NZ newspapers]
BELBRIDGE, William Charles (1827-1892). Printer. Born Parramatta, NSW. Apprenticed at Sydney Morning Herald. Managed Argus (Melbourne); Courier (Brisbane); Queensland Government Printer, 1862-7; Queensland Daily Guardian; started Queensland Express 1869 which failed; roles within Sydney Morning Herald group.[ Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser , 18 June 1892, p. 1384; Brisbane Courier , 15 June 1892, p. 3]
BELCHER, Edward (1799-1887) British naval officer. Born Halifax, Nova Scotia; entered Royal Navy 1812, Lieutenant 1818, Commander 1829, Admiral 1872; commanded survey expeditions West Africa, 1830-3, North and South America, Pacific Islands 1836-42, China 1842-7; Arctic expedition searching for John Franklin 1852. KCB 1867. [ ODNB ]
BELCHER, George Frederick (1823-1909). Civil servant, broker, politician. Born Dublin, Ireland. Arrived Melbourne 1839, cattle drover and other pastoral pursuits; civil servant, Treasury 1846-52, sub-treasurer, land officer, Geelong 1854-69; financial broker and land agent, Geelong from 1869. Vice-consul at Geelong for Norway and Sweden 1872, Denmark 1881; member Legislative Council 1875-86. [ ADB ]
BELGRAVE, Thomas Bowerman (c.1831-1907). Medical practitioner. Qualified LSA 1858, MRCS 1858, MD Edinburgh 1864; to Australia as surgeon superintendent on Hesperus. On medical registers: Vic 1874, NSW 1874, WA ?; practised in NSW: Sydney, Broken Hill; WA from 1898: in Kalgoorlie, Nannine, Marble Bar, Wyndham, Sharks Bay. Magistrate in Broken Hill, Wyndham. Foundation member Royal Geographical Society of Australasia. [AMPI; various Australian newspapers; England census 1861] Eupomatia belgraveana.
BELINFANTE, Solomon Raphael (1813-1884). Commercial broker. Born in Jamaica. Arrived Melbourne 1854; merchant, commercial agent. [Births of the Sephardic Congregation, Kingston, Jamaica; various Victorian newspapers]
BELL, Edward (1813-1871). Squatter, civil servant, insurance agent. Born Bombay, India. Overlanded cattle from Sydney to Melbourne 1839, 1841; held successive pastoral runs 1841-?. Magistrate in Port Phillip District 1842. Commissioner for Crown Lands: Wimmera district 1852, County of Bourke 1854. Immigration and emigration agent for Victoria 1854. Paris Exhibition Commissioner 1854. Returned to London 1857 in expectation of being appointed to Immigration Office, but enabling Bill rejected by Legislative Council; compensated for loss of office 1862. Secretary Melbourne Club; insurance company managing director. [Bell autograph manuscripts, State Library of Victoria; various issues Victoria Government Gazette, various issues Victorian newspapers]
BELL, Francis (1821-1879). Civil engineer. Born in Belfast, Ireland; employed UK railway, canal, docks and water supply engineering from c.1837. To Melbourne 1853. Engineering projects: Vic 1853-6, 1858-71; NSW: railway works 1856-8. Sydney City Engineer from 1871. Member Philosophical Institute/Royal Society of Victoria, Philosophical Society of New South Wales. [ Australian Town and Country Journal , 13 September 1879, p. 17, various Australian newspapers]
BELL, George (1837-1929) Civil servant. Born Hull, Yorkshire, England. Arrived Melbourne 1852. Appointed shorthand writer to the Victorian Government 1857; retired as chief clerk, Chief Secretary’s Office 1894. [ Herald (Melbourne), 14 June 1929, p. 7; Victoria Blue Books].
BELL, Thomas (1792-1880). Dentist, zoologist. Born Poole, Dorset, England; practised as dental surgeon, London, FRCS 1844. Published on reptile anatomy, monograph on world turtles. FRS 1828, secretary 1848-53, vice-president 1853-4, 1858-60. FLS 1815, president 1853-61; professor of zoology King’s College London 1836; retired 1866 to Selborne, Hampshire writing on its birds and plants. [ Nature , 25 March 1880, pp. 499-500]
BELMORE, Fourth Earl. See LOWRY-CORRY, Somerset Richard.
BELOOCH, See KHAN, Baluch.
BENARY, Ernst Samuel (1820-1893). Nurseryman and horticulturalist. Born Cassel, Hesse, Germany. Apprenticed 1835-8, established nursery business in Efurt, 1843, after a short period in England; succeeded by his sons. [ Gartenflora , vol. 42 (1893), pp. 225-7]
BENEKE, Friedrich Wilhelm (1824-1882). Anatomical pathologist. Born Celle, Hanover; studied medicine Göttingen, MD 1846; practised Celle, London, Hanover 1846-7. Counsellor at Court of Hesse, 1857. Marburg pathological institute: docent 1858, extraordinary professor 1863, professor and director from 1867; President Gesellschaft zur Beförderung der Gesammten Naturwissenschaften in Marburg (Marburg Society for the Promotion of all the Natural Sciences). [ Deutsche Biographie ]
BENN, John (1821-1895). Businessman. Born Corney, Cumberland, England. To Port Phillip District, 1849; wholesale tea and sugar dealer, Melbourne, from 1856; chaired boards of many companies; stud cattle breeder at Mount Derrimut and Balnarring, had pastoral interests NSW, NZ. [ ADB ]
BENNET, David (1830-1915). Engineer, union official. Born Dundee, Scotland; to Melbourne 1856. Active in trade union affairs: secretary, Amalgamated Society of Engineers 1865; president, Eight Hours Committee 1866-71, 1874-9, secretary 1880. Trades Hall Council, Victoria: secretary1888; president 1895; nominated Trustee of Friendly Societies' Gardens, formerly the North Botanical Reserve, 1869. [ ADB ]
BENNETT, Alfred William (1933-1902). Botanist, publisher. Born Clapham, Surrey, England; University College London BA 1863, BSc 1868. Bookseller and publisher 1858-68; lecturer in botany Bedford College and St. Thomas’ Hospital, London 1868-96; biological sub-editor Nature 1870-4. FLS 1868, Fellow Royal Microscopical Society 1879. [ ODNB ]
BENNETT, Arthur (1843-1929). Builder and house decorator, botanist. Born Croydon, Surrey, England; entered family building firm, became proprietor. Active botanist, specialist on Potamogeton and Cyperaceae. [Desmond]
BENNETT, Charles [fourth Earl of Tankerville] (1743-1822). Landowner. Born in London; country seat at Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Cricket patron. His wife, Emma, was a notable collector of exotic plants. [ ODNB ; Stone & Cribb (2017)]
BENNETT, George (1804-1893). Medical practitioner and naturalist. Born Plymouth, England; MRCS 1828, FRCS 1859, MD Glasgow 1859. Travelled widely in Pacific including Australia 1828-35. FLS 1831, CMZSL 1832. Settled in Sydney 1836, practised medicine. Very active in scientific affairs: Acclimatisation Society (Secretary 1863-71), Zoological Society (President 1882), University of Sydney, Sydney Botanic Gardens, foundation secretary Australian Museum (1836-41, trustee 1853). Gold Medal Royal College of Surgeons 1834, Clarke Medal 1890. Elected to many European scientific societies. [ ADB ; Plarr’s Lives of the Fellows ] Eupomatia bennetti, Macuna bennettii.
BENNETT, George (c.1804-1879). Born Scotland; arrived Vic c.1855. Town clerk, East Collingwood 1865-70, JP 1872. [ Herald (Melbourne), 15 October 1879, p. 2; Vic death certificate 11560/1879]
BENNETT, John Joseph (1801-1876). Botanist. Born Tottenham, Middlesex, England; surgeon 1825. British Museum: assistant to Robert Brown (1773-1858) 1827, Assistant Keeper, later Keeper of botany 1841-70. FLS 1828, secretary 1840-60, vice-president 1860-72; FRS 1841. [ ODNB ]
BENNETT, Kenric Harold [sometimes given as Kenrick or Ken] (1835-1891). Grazing property manager, naturalist, ornithologist. Born Hobart Town, Tasmania; bushman in Gippsland, Vic before 1861; in Riverina NSW by 1867: property manager; JP 1880. Rabbit Act inspector 1884; FLS NSW, 1880; FLS 1887; collected and wrote upon range of material, especially birds’ eggs and nests, Aboriginal weapons. [Proceedings of Linnean Society of New South Wales, 1892, vol. 16, p. 707; probate notice; various Australian newspapers]
BENNETT, Muriel Mary [Married name Worster 1919- ] (1880-1958). Nurse. Born South Yarra, Vic; educated Sale, Vic. Army nurse, India, First World War; friend of May and Lilian Wise. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
BENT, Thomas (1838-1909). Politician and land speculator. Born Penrith, NSW; to Melbourne, Vic 1849 with family; ran market garden c.1859-61. MLA 1871-94, 1900-09: Commissioner of Railways 1881-3; Speaker 1892-4, Minister of Railways 1902-3; Premier and Treasurer 1904-9. Simultaneously mayor of Brighton and chairman of Moorabbin councils 1884-5, 1887-8. Land speculator, lost heavily in 1890s depression. Farmed at Port Fairy. [ A D B ]
BENTHAM, George (1800-1884). Botanist. Born Stoke, Plymouth, England; brought up in Russia and France; studied law, London 1820s; wrote on logic; studied botany as an avocation; lived on private means. Full-time botanist from c. 1833; moved private herbarium and library to Kew 1854; FLS 1826, President 1861-74, FRHS, Secretary 1829-40; FRS 1862; Royal Medal 1859, LLD (Cambridge) 1874, CMG 1878, Clarke Medal 1879. Nephew of Jeremy Bentham [ ODNB ] Aster benthami, Eriostemon benthami, Geissois benthamiana, Hibbertia benthami, Lobelia benthami, Pultenaea benthami, Randia benthamiana, Schoenus benthami, Vigna benthamii.
BENTHAM, Jeremy (1748-1832). Philosopher, jurist, and reformer. Born London, England; graduate BA Oxford 1764; barrister Lincoln’s Inn 1769, but not active in practice; utilitarian legal philosopher, social and political reformer. Uncle of George Bentham. [ ODNB ]
BENTLEY, Robert (1821-1893). Pharmacognosist, botanist. Born Hitchen, Hertfordshire, England. Apprenticed druggist Tunbridge Wells; assistant chemist Bell & Co. London; Associate Pharmaceutical Society on its formation; studied medicine King’s College London, MRCS 1847. Lecturer in botany Middlesex Hospital; professor of botany Pharmaceutical Society 1849 and of materia medica 1851; professor of botany King’s College London 1851. Pioneer of pharmacognosy. FLS 1849. [ ODNB ]
BERG, Achille (1832-1875). Colonial surgeon. Born Saint-Benoît, La Réunion; qualified medicine, Paris, France 1860. Naval surgeon Senegal and Cayenne; superintendent Colonial Hospital, Saint Denis, Réunion. Published on leprosy, botany and entomology. Founding secretary general, Société d’Acclimatation et d’Histoire Naturelle de l’Ile de la Réunion. [ Wikipédia, accessed 18 August 2021, various French journals]
BERG, O.(?) von (f. 1890s). Surgeon. Surgeon in the Russian Navy; sailed on leave as ship’s surgeon Solingen 1892, to Sydney, calling at Adelaide and Melbourne, studying Australian natural history; attended meeting of Linnean Society of NSW, 30 November 1892; practised medicine in Sydney, summer 1892-3. [Various Australian newspapers, including Sydney Morning Herald, 9 September 1892, p. 4, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 December 1892, p. 8]
BERG, Otto Carl (1815-1866). Botanist, pharmacognosist. Born Stettin, Pomerania; trained as pharmacist Demmin; doctorate Berlin 1848. Professor at Berlin from 1862, treated pharmacognosy as independent subject. Worked on South American flora; specialist in Myrtaceae. [ Deutsche Biographie ]
BERGGREN, Sven (1837-1917). Botanist, explorer, polar researcher. Born Hör, Sweden; graduated DrPhil, Lund, 1865. Lecturer in botany 1866, extraordinary professor of botany: Uppsala 1881, Lund, 1883; regular professor Lund 1889-1902. Expeditions to Spitsbergen 1868, Greenland 1870; botanical studies in Australia, NZ, Pacific, California 1873-5; specialist bryologist. Honorary member New Zealand Institute 1876. [ Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ]
BERGIUS, Peter Jonas (1730-1790). Physician and botanist. Born Erikstad, Sweden; pupil of Linnaeus, graduated DrPhil Uppsala 1754. Medical practice Stockholm, instituted epidemiological studies. Professor of natural history and pharmacy Collegium medicum, Stockholm from 1766; endowment to Swedish Academy of Science helped create Bergianska Trädgården in Stockholm. [ Wittrock (1890); Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ]
BERKELEY, Miles Joseph (1803–1899). Clergyman, mycologist. Born Oundle, Northamptonshire, England; Cambridge BA 1825. Ordained priest 1827; curate and priest several parishes, finally vicar Sibbertoft, Northamptonshire 1868-86. Expert in mycology and phytopathology. Royal Medal 1863, FLS 1836, FRS 1879, Fellow RHS and editor Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, 1866-77. [ ODNB ]
BERNARD, Claude (1813-1878). Experimental physiologist. Born Saint Julien near Villefranche, France; studied medicine Hôtel-Dieu, Paris. Professor of physiology: Collège de France 1855, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle 1868. Member Académie des sciences, 1854; Académie française 1868; FRS 1864, Copley Medal 1876. Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, 1849. Originator of concept that came to be called homeostasis. [CTHS, Annu a ire prosopographique: la France savant e]
BERNARDIN, [religious name of Joannes Jacobus DE WAELE] (1817-1889). Priest and teacher. Born Bruges, Belgium. Joined Josephite Fathers, 1838; professor at Josephite College, Melle, Belgium, from 1847; founding director of the college’s museum. [Groenen (1994), pp. 414-5]
BERNAYS, Albert James (1823-1892). Chemist. Born Saint Pancras, London, England; PhD student of Justus Liebig, Giessen. Analyst at Derby, England, 1852; lecturer in chemistry, St Mary’s Hospital, London, 1855-60; lecturer/professor of chemistry, St Thomas’ Hospital, London, 1860-92. Public analyst to various bodies. Brother of Lewis Adolphus BERNAYS; father of Sidney Adolphus Bernays. [ ODNB ]
BERNAYS, Lewis Adolphus (1831-1908). Public servant. Born in London, England; educated King’s College London. Sheep farming NZ 1850. To Sydney, 1852, junior public servant. Clerk of Queensland Legislative Assembly, 1860-1908. A founder of the Queensland Acclimatisation Society; FLS 1871 (withdrew 1890), RS Queensland. CMG, 1892. Brother of Albert James BERNAYS; uncle of Sidney Adolphus Bernays. ( ADB )
BERNAYS, Sidney Adolphus (1853-1903). Medical practitioner. Born Derby, Derbyshire, England; LSA, FRCS 1874. Arrived Melbourne 1879, opened medical practice in same year. Member Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria 1881; surgeon and botanist New Guinea expedition led by Henry Charles EVERILL, 1885. Practice as oculist, Melbourne 1886; in general practice Drouin, Vic by 1888-92, shire health officer. To WA, May 1892, briefly advertised practice as ‘Oculist and Aurist’, Perth. To England, August 1892. Son of Albert James BERNAYS; nephew of Lewis Adolphus BERNAYS. [Various Australian and UK newspapers]
BERNDT, Adolphus Robert (1821-1868). Physician. Born Meseritz, Prussia; MD Göttingen, Melbourne (ad eundem gradum) 1859. Ship’s surgeon Previslav arrived Victoria 1850. Practised medicine Melbourne; Honorary Physician to Melbourne Benevolent Asylum; member German Club. To NZ 1862, registered October 1862, worked at Invercargill, from 1864 at Hokitika. [Evangelische Kirche Meseritz baptism record; AMPI; Wright-St Clair (2013), p. 54; various Australian and NZ newspapers]
BERNHARDI, Johann Jakob (1774-1850). Botanist. Born Erfurt, Prussia; studied at Erfurt University. Professor 1805, taught botany, zoology and mineralogy in medical faculty 1809-50, director Erfurt Botanic Garden 1795-1850. Editor of Allgemeines Teutsches Garten Magazin; plant anatomist. [ T L 2 ; Botanische Zeitung , Jahrg. 8, 1850, cols. 846-7; Deutsche Biographie ]
BERNSTORFF, Albrecht von (1809-1873). Diplomat. Born Dreilützow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin; studied in Göttingen and Berlin; entered Prussian civil service 1830: served in embassies at Hamburg, The Hague, Munich, Saint Petersburg, Paris where charge d’affaires 1842; ambassador to Bavaria 1845-48, Vienna 1848-c.51, Naples 1852-54, London 1854-61, 1862 –71, finally 1871-73 as ambassador of Emperor of Germany; brief periods in Prussian government. [ Deutsche Biog r aphie ]
BERRY, Andrew (1825-1905). Accountant. Born Heapey, Lancashire, England. Arrived Victoria c.1845, said to have been a chemist; in Ballarat area by 1869; secretary to a gold-mining company 1873. Ballarat School of Mines: caretaker and collector 1878; acting registrar, then registrar 1882-95. [Various Australian newspapers; Vic death certificate 11267/1905]
BERRY, Graham (1822-1904). Politician. Born London, England; arrived Victoria 1852. Storekeeper and wine and spirit merchant; secretary Prahran Reform League 1855; proprietor Collingwood Observer 1860, Geelong Register 1866; MLA 1861-5, 1869-86, 1892-7: Treasurer, 1871-2, 1891-4; Chief Secretary, 1875, 1877-80, 1883-6, Speaker, 1894-7; Agent General for Victoria, London 1886-91. [ ADB ]
BERTHELOT, Pierre Eugene Marcellin (1827–1907). Organic chemist, politician. Born Paris, France; professor of organic chemistry: École Supérieure de Pharmacie 1859, Collège de France 1865. Member Académie de Médecine 1863; Académie des Sciences 1873, Permanent Secretary 1889-1907. Foreign Member, Royal Society of London, 1877, Davy Medal 1883, Copley Medal 1900. Elected Académie Française 1900; inspector general of higher education 1876, senator 1881, Minister of Public Instruction 1886-7, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1895-6; Grand Cross of the Légion d’Honneur 1886. [ Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, vol 80, 1908, pp. iii-x ]
BERTHOLD, Gottfried Dietrich Wilhelm (1854-1937). Botanist, algologist. Born Gahmen, Prussia; studied Würzburg 1874-7. Göttingen: DrPhil 1878, assistant Institute for Plant Physiology 1878-9, extraordinary professor 1885-7, professor and director of Institute for Plant Physiology 1887-1923; Assistant, Zoological station, Naples, Italy, 1879-81, 1884-6 [ T L 2 ]
BERTHON, Elizabeth de Crillon [‘Lily’] (1852-1946). Landscape painter. Born Inverleigh, Vic; to Aireys Inlet, Vic 1880 where she collected algae and fungi. [ Maroske & Va u ghan (2014)]
BERTHOUD, George Frederick (1856-1936). Horticulturist. Born Duneed, Vic; farmed with parents at Runnymede, Vic 1860-86; Qld 1886-8, Cowra NSW 1888-93 where collaborated with William Farrer on wheat breeding. To WA 1895, manager State Farm, Hamel 1898-1909; later experimented privately at Hamel. [George (2009); Western Mail (Perth, WA), 10 September 1936, p. 55), various Australian newspapers]
BERTRAND, Charles Eugène (1851-1917). Botanist, geologist, palaeobotanist. Born Paris, France; studied Sorbonne 1871-4, DrPhil 1874. Preparator, Sorbonne 1874-8. Science Faculty, Lille, from 1878; professor of botany, 1881-1917; elected correspondant, Académie des sciences, 1904 (botany section). [ Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l’Académie des sciences , vol. 165, pp. 521-4 (1917)]
BERTRAND, Joseph Louis François (1822-1900). Mathematician. Born Paris, France. École Polytechnique: graduated 1838, DSc 1839; staff member from 1844, professor 1856-95; Collège de France: deputy professor 1847, professor general physics and mathematics 1862-1900; École Normale Supérieure: professor of higher mathematics. Elected member Académie des Sciences 1856, President January-November 1874, Permanent Secretary 1874-1900. elected to Académie Française 1884; Legion d’Honneur: officer 1867, commander 1881. Foreign Member, Royal Society of London, 1875. [ Nature , vol. 61 (1900), pp. 614-6; CTHS, Annuaire prosopographique: la France savante ]
BERZELIUS, Jöns Jacob (1779-1848). Chemist. Born Väversunda, Sweden; studied medicine Uppsala 1796-1801, practised near Stockholm. Karolinska institute: professor in chemistry and pharmacy, 1807. Member Swedish Academy of Science 1808, secretary 1818-1848. Royal Society of London: Foreign Member 1813, Copley Medal 1836. American Philosophical Society, 1820. Elevated to Baron (Friherre) 1835. [ Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ]
BESSON, Joseph Pierre Auguste (1843-1938). Naval officer. Born Bourge-sur-Gironde, France. Joined French Navy 1860; junior officer Mexican, West African, Tunisian campaigns; commanded several vessels, including Dubourdieu, in the Pacific division, retired as Vice-Admiral. Légion d’Honneur: officer 1886, commander 1904, grand officer,1908. [ accessed 27 August 2021.]
BEST, Dudley Robert William (1844-1928). Naturalist and merchant. Born Needham Market, Suffolk, England. Arrived Vic 1850. Joined Melbourne wine and spirit merchant firm, partner 1866, retired as senior partner 1916. Collected insects; a founder Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria 1880, first honorary secretary, later treasurer and vice-president, 1891-3, honorary life member 1923. [ ADB ]
BEST, Johann Heinrich (1863-1961). Nurseryman, masseur. Born Darmstadt, Hesse. Arrived Victoria 1883; naturalised 1890. Associate Royal Society of Victoria 1890. [Victoria naturalization certificate 5013, 1890; various Australian newspapers]
BETCHE, Daniel Ludwig Ernst (1851-1913). Gardener, botanical collector, herbarium assistant. Born Governorate of Potsdam; worked in municipal gardens, Berlin; volunteer at nursery Ghent, Belgium 1874-6. Collected plants in Samoa and other Pacific islands 1880-1; collector for Sydney Botanic Garden, NSW, 1881-97; botanical assistant, Sydney, 1897-1913. Naturalized 1891. [ ADB ] Bulbophyllum betchei, Corysanthes betchei, Jasminum betchei, Oncinocalyx betchei.
BETTONI-CAZZAGO, Francesco (1835-1898). Writer and politician. Born Brescia, Italy. Studied law, University of Padua; Essayist, novelist and biographer. Provincial councillor Adro district 1875-1892; Mayor of Bressica 1895. Member Ateneo di Brescia 1874-98, President 1885-1889. [ Commentari dell'Ateneo di Brescia, per l’anno 1898, (1899) pp. 191-8; Encic l o pedia Bresci a na ]
BEURMANN, Karl Moritz von (1835-1863). Explorer. Born Governorate of Potsdam; attended Berlin engineering school. Military officer; resigned to explore Nubia and Abyssinia 1860; searched for Eduard VOGEL in eastern Sahara, 1861; killed by tribesmen 1863. [ Deutsche Biographie ]
BEVAN, Theodore Francis (1860-1907). Explorer and journalist. Born in London, England. To NZ, 1882, then to Australia. New Guinea 1884-7: during several voyages exploring south-coast rivers, collected plants and ethnological objects; denied permission for large scale plantation in the deltas and wrote critically of government and missionaries. [ ADB ; Craig (2010)]
BEVERIDGE, Peter (1829-1885). Squatter, author. Born Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Arrived Port Phillip District 1839; with brothers established Tyntynder station near Swan Hill, Vic c.1845, living there until 1868. Wrote extensively on customs, dialects and myths of the Murray Valley Aboriginal populations. [ ADB ]
BIAGI, Giuseppe (fl. 1864-1900) Diplomat. Italian consul Melbourne 1864, consul-general 1867 responsible for Vic, SA, Tas, NZ; transferred to Mexico 1872; retired to Italy by 1882. Appointed as Chevalier Order of Saints Maurizio and Lazzaro 1865; published translation of Faust, 1900. [Various Australian newspapers]
BIBRA, Augustus William Charles Franz Ludwig (‘Francis Louis’, sometimes ‘Francis Lewis’) Ernest von (c.1818-1900). Pastoralist. Born Coburg, Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld; to Tas with family 1822; educated England; failed attempt to settle Vic 1835; Tas civil servant; took up land 1854 northern Tas; to WA 1865 to join brother near Champion Bay, leased islands in Sharks Bay for pastoral purposes and to extract guano 1870s; floated gold mining company 1889; JP; to NSW c.1895. Brother of Carl Louis von Bibra. [‘Death of a Tasmanian pioneer’, Examiner (Launceston Tas) 4 September 1900, p. 5; other Australian newspapers]
BIBRA, Carl Louis [‘Charles’] von (1816-1879). Pastoralist. Born Corfu, United States of Ionian Islands (then British colony, now Greece); to Tas with family 1822; educated England; to WA 1840, initially in business in Perth, later establishing ‘Murchison House Station’ near Champion Bay. Brother of Augustus … Charles Franz …von Bibra [Various Australian newspapers]
BICKFORD, Ernest John (1861-1940). Businessman. Born Melbourne, Vic; worked in Melbourne and Sydney furniture business c.1880-94; to WA 1894, established furniture manufacture and sales business. Chairman, Chamber of Commerce; Perth city Councillor 1898-1901; JP 1900; bankrupt 1904; to NSW c.1906 manager of vacuum cleaner business; war service 1917-19; furniture exporter at death. FLS 1896; founder president Mueller Botanical Society, WA, 1897, member LS NSW 1911. Son of Nicholas Moysey Bickford. [Victoria Birth certificate 11847/1861; various Australian newspapers; War Service Records]
BICKFORD, Nicholas Moysey (1822-1901). Public servant. Born Modbury, Devon, England; arrived Port Philip 1844 as assisted immigrant; granted depasturing lease 1845, in partnership with J. B. Moysey. Appointed Crown Lands Bailiff 1857, Inspector of Bailiffs, overseer of parks and reserves 1872, retired 1891. Father of Ernest John Bickford [Passenger lists; various issues Victoria Government Gazette and Victorian newspapers]
BICKNELL, Frederick (1819-1914). Postmaster. Born Tooting, Surrey; to Australia c.1842; farmed at Yambuck near Port Fairy, Vic; contributed to Acclimatisation Society. To NZ 1864, joined Post Office Dunedin, Postmaster Oamura c.1867-81. Active member Oamura Horticultural Society. [ North Otago Times , 12 October 1914. p. 4; various Australian and NZ newspapers].
BIDDULPH, Harriette Sophia [neé FOOT, married Walter John Biddulph 1865] (1839-1940). Botanical collector and grazier. Born Durham, New South Wales; to Springsure district Central Queensland 1862; on properties managed by husband in Rockhampton district; their own property near Tambo, Qld 1878; moved to ‘Birtley’ west of Springsure 1903. Collected around Tambo and Carnarvon Range, supplying Mueller from 1890. [ Australian National Herbarium Biographical notes ; Maroske & Vaughan (2014).
BIDIE, George (1830-1913) Medical practitioner. Born Banffshire, Scotland; qualified MD Marischal College Aberdeen, LRCSE 1853; joined Indian Medical Service 1856, retiring as Surgeon General 1890. Superintendent Madras Museum 1870-72, wrote on natural history, economic products; Cinchona commission member 1873. Honorary Surgeon to Queen Victoria 1898. Order of the Crown of Italy 1872, CIE 1883. [ British Medical Journal , 1 March 1913]
BIDWILL, John Carne (1815-1853). Botanist. Born Exeter, Devon, England; to Sydney NSW 1838; sent by employers to NZ and Moreton Bay Qld, during which collected plants; returned to UK with plants for Kew 1841. Returned Sydney 1844, sent by employers to Tahiti 1845-46; Director Sydney botanic Gardens and government botanist 1847 but superseded by Charles Moore 1848. Commissioner of Crown Lands, Wide Bay where established a botanic garden at Tinana near present-day Maryborough Qld. [ ADB ]
BILLE, Torben de (1819-1883). Diplomat. Born Copenhagen, Denmark; studied in the universities of Berlin, then Heidelberg, LLD 1884. Secretary to Royal Commissioner of the Duchy of Schleswig 1849; secretary to negotiators of Danish-German treaty 1850; secretary to legations Berlin 1851, London 1852; consul General Washington USA 1854-57; resident Minister to Belgium and Netherlands 1857-60; envoy to London 1860, resigned 1864; maintained English residence after 1864 marriage. Honorary DCL Oxford 1863. [ Dansk Biografisk Leksikon ; Times (London) 18 May 1883, p. 6]
BINDER, Nicolaus (1785-1865). Lawyer. Born Free and Hanseatic City of Lübeck; Doctor of Jurisprudence, Tübingen 1808. Hamburg: practised law from 1806; became Senator 1828, Mayor 1855. [Lübeck baptisms p. 271 1785 no. 53 May 13; Altonaer Nachrichten , 28 November 1865, p. 1; library catalogues]
BINDON, Samuel Henry (1812-1879). Judge, politician. Born Limerick, Ireland; LLB Dublin 1838; to Victoria, 1855 practised in county courts, acting judge 1859-61, judge 1869-79, (dismissed and then reinstated 1878). MLA 1864-68, Minister of Justice 1866-68. Chairman Technological Commission1869; trustee of the Public Library, Museum and National Gallery of Victoria, chairman of the Industrial and Technological Museums Committee; member of the Acclimatisation Society. [ ADB ]. Cylicodaphne bindoniana.
BIRCH, Charles Weldon [de Burgh] [Count Zelling] (1821-1894). Surveyor, explorer, natural history collector. Born Camberwell, England; arrived Sydney NSW with family 1829; clerk, Surveyor General’s department c.1841, Assistant to Geological Surveyor, 1852-55; land surveyor and pastoral leaseholder various NSW and Qld properties. Searched for Leichhardt 1873, exploration journeys Qld, active zoological and botanical collector. [ Dowe (2016a)] Anisacantha birchii.
BIRD, Samuel Dougan (1832-1904). Physician. Born Litchfield, Staffordshire, England; qualified King's College Hospital, LRCP 1851, MRCSE 1854; MD St. Andrews 1859; Private practice, Richmond, Surrey; medical service, Crimean War. To Vic 1862; University of Melbourne: MD ad eund. 1862, lecturer, materia medica 1869, theory and practice of medicine 1881-87; honorary physician to Alfred Hospital &c. [ ADB ] Calycothrix birdii.
BISCHOFF, Gottlieb Wilhelm (1797-1854). Botanic garden director, botanist. Born Dürkheim an der Haardt (Bad Dürkheim from 1914); studied botany at Kaiserslautern. To Heidelberg 1823, habilitation 1825, private docent 1825, professor and director of Botanical Garden 1839. [ Deutsche Bio g raphie ]
BISHOP, Anna (née RIVIERE; SCHULTZ from 1858) (1810-1884). Singer. Born London; studied singing Royal Academy of Music; married singing teacher H. R. Bishop 1831. Deserted husband 1839, toured widely with harpist Nicholas Boscha, who died in Australia 1856; after the death of Henry Bishop married diamond merchant Martin Schultz, 1858; settled in New York, United States of America, after final world tour in 1874-1875, including Australia. [ ODNB ]
BISMARCK, Otto Eduard Leopold von (1815-1898). Diplomat and politician. Born Schönhausen, Prussia; diplomatic appointments including Russia and France 1851-62; Prussian Minister President and Foreign Minister 1862; Chancellor North German Confederation 1867; Chancellor of the German Empire 1871. Count of Bismarck-Schönhausen 1865; Prince 1871. [ Deutsche Biographie ]
BISSILL, Walter Kirk (1842-1890). Private means? (described as 'gentleman'). Born Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England; arrived Vic with parents 1862; lived near Bendigo on farm father had previously established. Wrote on natural history and other topics for newspapers and magazines. [UK census, immigration records, probate records; see George (2009) for plant collection data but immigration details confused with travels of Edward Bissill, father]. Hannafordia bissillii.
BIZEMONT, Henri de (1839-1899). Geographer, traveller. Born Nancy, France; naval officer, traveller and geographer; entered navy 1855, reached rank of Commander 1880; in Indochina in 1864; accompanied Samuel Baker to Egypt 1870; Chairman of the Central Commission of the Society of Geography in 1890. [Bibliothèque nationale de France, Notice de p e rsonne ]
BIZIO, Giovanni (1823-1891). Chemist. Born Venetian Republic; educated Padua, doctorate 1847; studied with von Liebig, Bunsen; regular teacher of chemistry and mineralogy, Venetian Technical Institute; undertook clinical chemical analysis at the Civil General Hospital. Secretary, Royal Venetian Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts from 1874; Order of St Maurice and St Lazarus, Order of the Crown of Italy, Medal of Merit for Public Health. [ Da l l'ollio (1992)]
BLACK, Alexander (fl 1860s). Formerly of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Company; appointed to take charge of Irish salmon ova to be imported to Tas 1860; to NSW by November 1860, continued interest in fish introduction. [For the little that is known about Black, see notes to M to J. Milligan, 19 June 1860 in the correspondence.]
BLACK, Allan Adamson (1832-1865]. Garden curator. Born Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland; apprenticed horticulturalist Dunkeld; curator of W. J. Hooker herbarium at Kew1853-64; Superintendent Bangalore gardens, India 1864. [Baptismal record; Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London 1865-66 , pp. lvi-lvii]
BLACK, Elizabeth [HOGG from 1848] (1829-1896). Born Newry, County Down, Ireland. To Australia as infant 1833, to Melbourne 1841. Daughter of Thomas Black; mother of Charles Edward Hogg. [Various Australian newspapers]
BLACK, John (1827-1916). Pastoralist. Born NSW; from 1860s bred Angora goats acquired from the Acclimatisation Society of NSW and Victoria, first at Minhi near Newcastle and later at Muswellbrook, NSW; continued to write on them after retirement to Teralba, NSW. [Various Australian newspapers]
BLACK, Joseph (c.1811-1879). Physician and surgeon. Born Antigua (?); MRCSE, 1844; University of Melbourne, MB, MD 1863; arrived Melbourne October 1852 as Surgeon Superintendent Birmingham; in practice as 'physician, surgeon, accoucheur' by December 1852; a founder of the Medical Society of Victoria, president 1862; honorary physician Melbourne Hospital and Lying-in Hospital; Surgeon-Major, Prince of Wales Light Horse Cavalry. [AMPI; Australian Medical Journa l, April 1879, pp 181-182; Australasian (Melbourne), 15 March 1879, p. 2; various Victorian newspapers]
BLACK, Niel (1804-1880). Pastoralist and politician. Born Kilbridemore, Argyllshire, Scotland. Partner in Niel Black & Co, formed in Scotland to invest in Australian pastoral enterprises; emigrated to the Port Phillip District in 1839 and bought the Glenormiston run 1840, adding others later; partnership dissolved 1868-9, Black keeping only Mount Noorat; highly successful sheep and cattle breeder. MLC, 1859-80 [ ADB ].
BLACK, Thomas (1803-1894). Physician, banker. Born Newry, Ireland; MD Glasgow 1830; to Sydney 1833, to Melbourne 1841; never registered in Victoria, ceasing to practise c.1850s. Business enterprises and directorships, including Bank of Victoria, 1852; civic involvement; founder member of the Medical and Zoological and Acclimatisation Societies of Vic, sometime president of each; member of the Committee of Management of the Melbourne Zoological Garden; trustee, Royal Park, Melbourne. JP. [AMPI; Gibbney & Smith; Prahran telegraph , 22 September 1894, p. 3]. Anthotroche blackii.
BLACKBOURN [BLACKBURN, BLACKBOURNE] John Barker (1811-1901). Mariner and pier master. Born Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England; to Tas in 1830s, Vic c.1838; master and part owner of several vessels; Victorian Railways pier master Williamstown 1859-7? (listed as receiving pension 1877). [ Williamstown Chronicle , 2 November 1901, p. 3; Vic death certificate 12863/1901]
BLACKETT, Cuthbert Robert (1831-1902). Pharmacist, chemist, politician. Born Southminster, Essex, England; apprenticed as pharmacist Norfolk, further study London and Heidelberg 1868-71. First arrival Melbourne 1853 with parents and siblings, established pharmacy in Collingwood; on return from study, opened pharmacy Fitzroy 1871-87; a founder Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (honorary librarian, editor, and president, 1878-81); member Pharmacy Board from 1876, (president 1896), Central Board of Health 1883, several exhibition and other Commissions; JP 1881. Lectured at the College of Pharmacy, examined at University of Melbourne. Government analytical chemist 1886-92. MLA, Vic 1879-83. Fellow of Royal Society of Victoria, treasurer 1891-9; Fellow, Chemical Society, London; honorary member, British Medical Association, Victorian branch. [ ADB , Victoria Government Gazette] Baeckea blackettii.
BLACKITH, Charles Joseph (c.1824-1906). Mercantile agent. Born Palermo, Sicily. In business as Betham & Blackith, insurance brokers and shipping agents by 1858, as Blackith & Co. by 1872; died in France at son’s Paris residence. [Various British newspapers; England census returns; Actes de naissance, de mariage et de décès, Archives de Paris].
BLACKMORE, James Newnham (1836-1875). Public servant. Born Bath, Somerset, England; in SA by 1854. Clerk: Chief Secretary's office 1854-7, House of Assembly 1857-66; secretary to Commissioner of Crown Lands, 1866-70; Under-treasurer, 1870-5. [‘Death of the Under Treasurer’, Express and Telegraph (Adelaide), 7 April 1875, p. 2]
BLAIR, James (1818-1907). Local government official. Born Kent, England, brought up in Ireland; arrived at Port Phillip 1841, described as ‘farm servant’; worked near Geelong until gold rush, then to Ballarat, Castlemaine and Bendigo; dairy farm Lara, Vic; Secretary Corio Shire 1862-1902.[ Bacchus Marsh Express , 21 September 1907, p. 4]
BLAIR, John (1834-1887). Medical practitioner. Born Bo’ness, Linlithgowshire, Scotland; studied Glasgow, Edinburgh LRCSE 1857 FRCSE 1874; Sydney: MB 1874 MD, 1877; listed as ‘legally qualified’ in Vic January 1859. Medical Society of Victoria: secretary 1860-70, president, 1872; member Medical Board, 1883; supported foundation of Alfred Hospital, honorary surgeon from 1870. [ Australasian (Melbourne), 12 March 1887, p. 28] Rhodamnia blairiana
BLAKE, Arthur Palmer (1837-1917). Solicitor, businessman. Born Bramerton, Norfolk, England; in practice as a solicitor Lakenham, Norfolk, England 1861. Arrived Melbourne 1865, partner Blake & Riggall 1866-90; active in Law Institute of Victoria, several terms as president. Pastoral interests in partnership with his brother, NSW. Returned to England 1889; maintained Australian interests via company directorships and chairmanships, and income from Australian property. [Various Australian and English newspapers; England census returns; probate records]
BLAKE, Charles Carter (1840-1897). Anthropologist, palaeontologist and comparative anatomist. Born Marylebone, England, Pupil and assistant to Richard Owen. Anthropological Society of London: founding fellow1863; assistant secretary, c.1863-6; curator and librarian, c.1863-7; honorary fellow, 1867; Lecturer on zoology, London Institution 1862-3; lecturer in comparative anatomy and zoology, Westminster Hospital School of Medicine, 1869-81.Theosophist. [Birth registration; England Census records; London Evening Standard , 23 December 1897, p. 3.]
BLAND, Revett Henry (1811-1894). Public servant and company manager. Born Newark, Nottinghamshire, England. To WA, 1829: superintendent of government stock at York 1829, protector of Aborigines 1841, private secretary to Governor 1848, Acting Colonial Secretary 1849-51. To Vic 1852 as resident director, Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining Co.; established Clunes Quartz Mining Co.; Director, National Bank 1863-5. Member: Royal Society of Victoria, Acclimatisation Society of Victoria. [ ADB ; various Australian newspapers]
BLANDOWSKI, Johann Wilhelm Theodor (1822-1878). Naturalist. Born Gliwice (Gleiwitz), Upper Silesia; attended Tarnowitz Mining School and science lectures at Berlin University; assistant manager Königsgrube coal mine Königshütte. To SA 1849, collected natural history specimens, worked as surveyor; joined gold rush to Victoria, initially with Edward Wehl; Curator Melbourne Museum of Natural History from 1854; leader Murray-Darling Expedition 1856 which included Ludwig Gerard Krefft. Founding member and Council member Philosophical Society of Victoria 1854; honorary secretary Philosophical Institute of Victoria 1856. Returned to Europe 1859; established photography business Gleiwitz 1861.[ Darragh (2009)]
BLAS MUÑOZ, Bonifacio de (1827-1880). Lawyer and politician. Born Villacastin, Spain; DCL 1854; liberal monarchist political activist; exile in Paris 1866-8; elected deputy for Segovia 1869, Secretary of State 1871-2. [ Diccionario Biográfico electrónico ]
BLASIUS, August Wilhelm Heinrich (1845-1912). Ornithologist. Born Brunswick, Duchy of Brunswick; Professor of zoology and botany in Herzogliche Technische Hochschule, Brunswick; director Brunswick natural history museum and botanic garden. Member many scientific societies including Deutsche Ornithologische Gesellschaft (council), Verein für Naturwissenschaften zu Braunschweig (President). [ The Auk , vol. 29, 1912, p. 571]
BLAXLAND, Gregory (1778-1853). Grazier, mixed farmer, explorer. Born Fordwich, Kent, England; to Sydney NSW 1805, commercial speculation, grazing cattle; with William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth found route across Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Grandfather of Herbert Blaxland; Grand-uncle of Anna Frances (Annie) Walker. [ ADB ]
BLAXLAND, Herbert (1852-1904). Physician. Born Ryde, NSW; qualified University College London, MRCS, LRCP; on return to NSW assistant medical officer, Hospital for the Insane, Gladesville 1879, Medical Superintendent, Hospital for the Insane, Callan Park 1881, Deputy Inspector General of the Insane 1896, Medical Superintendent, Hospital for the Insane, Gladesville 1900. Grandson of Gregory Blaxland; second cousin of Anna Frances (Annie) Walker. [NSW Government Gazettes; Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser , 27 April 1904, p. 1054]
BLEASDALE, John Ignatius (1821-1884). Roman catholic priest. Born Lancashire, England; studied at English College, Lisbon, and Saint Mary's College, Oscott, Birmingham; ordained 1845. Military chaplain UK to 1849; transferred to Victoria: Geelong and Colac 1851-3; to seminary in Melbourne, vice president 1855-60; inspector general of schools and orphanages; secretary Catholic education committee; private secretary to Bishop Goold, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Melbourne 1874-7. Retired to California 1878. Trustee or member of numerous public bodies in Melbourne; foundation member Microscopical Society; active member Royal Society of Victoria, FGS, honorary member Medical Society of Victoria. [ ADB ] Grevillea bleasdalei.
BLECHYNDEN, Richard (1857-1940). Tea planter/merchant. Born Calcutta, West Bengal, India. Indian Tea Commissioner in USA, director of East Indian pavilion World’s Fair, Saint Louis USA, 1904; retired as Commissioner USA India Advertising Fund. [England and Wales Register 1939; shipping records]
BLOGG, John Kendrick (1851-1936). Manufacturing chemist, poet, woodcarver. Born Toronto, Canada; studied chemistry University of Toronto, partner in uncle's dispensing chemist firm Toronto c. 1869. Arrived Melbourne 1877, employed by wholesale druggists; established manufacturing chemist firm in partnership with H. G. Grist 1884; several name changes culminating in Blogg Bros. Proprietary Limited 1892; perfumers to Lord Brassey Governor of Vic 1895-1900. Prolific woodcarver from c.1893; published poetry and hymns. [ Guide to the Papers of John Kendrick Blogg , National library of Australia MS 9473]
BLOMSTEDT, Carl Reinhold (1817-1881). Military officer. Born Uppsala, Sweden; in Australia between April and June 1873. [Passenger lists; Departure announcement Argus (Melbourne), 17 June 1873, Supplement p. 4, Stockholms Dagblad , 28 May 1881, p. 2]
BLOXAM, Andrew Roby (1839-1923). Law court official. Born Twycross, Leicestershire, England; educated University of Oxford 1857-?; arrived Lyttleton, NZ 1863; clerk of the Warden's Court, Kanieri 1865, rising to Registrar of the Supreme Court, Canterbury district 1881-1907. [ Press (Christchurch, NZ), 29 June 1923, p. 10]
BLUME, Carl Ludwig (1796-1862). Botanist. Born Principality of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel; MD Leiden1817; to Java 1819; Buitenzorg Botanic Garden: assistant, then director 1822-6. Director and Professor, Rijksherbarium, first in Brussels, then Leiden 1829-62. [ Van Steenis (1989)] Gaultiera blumei.
BLYTH, Arthur (1823-1891). Ironmonger, land investor, politician. Born Birmingham, England; arrived Adelaide1839, in partnership with a brother established ironmongery business and invested in land; promoter of Northern Australia Co., director of Burra copper mines and SA National Bank. Member and chairman Mitcham District Council, MLC 1855, MLA 1857-68, 1870-7; Commissioner Public Works 1857, Treasurer 1861-3, 1877, Chief Secretary 1866-7, Commissioner Crown Lands 1870-1, Premier 1871-2, 1873-5. SA Agent General, London 1877-91. KCMG 1877, CB 1886. [ ADB ]
BLYTH, William Crowther (1837-1925) Teacher. Born Hobart, Tasmania. Trustee, Upper Derwent Road District 1861; Postmaster New Norfolk district 1869; taught Honeywood Public School 1870-6, Campbelltown, 1877-1900. [Various Tasmanian newspapers]
BLYTT, Axel Gudbrand (1843-1898). Botanist, geologist. Born Christiania (now Oslo), Norway; began medical studies but switched to botany 1862. Curator botanical collections, Christiania University 1865, fellow in botany 1873, extraordinary professor 1880; completed Norwegian Flora commenced by his father; wrote on plant distribution and the influence of ice ages. [ Norsk biografisk leksikon ]
BOCK, Alfred (1835-1920). Photographer. Born Hobart Town, Tasmania, son of Alexander Cameron, adopted surname Bock after mother’s marriage; worked in, later took over, step-father’s photographic studio in Hobart; moved to Sale, Vic, 1867; to Auckland, NZ 1882; to Melbourne, Vic, c.1887-1906. [ Design & Art Australia Online , accessed 3 October 2021]
BOCK, Hieronymus (1498-1554). School teacher, Lutheran preacher, botanist. Born Heidesbach, Zweibrücken; school teacher and supervisor of Ducal garden Zweibrücken; to Hornbach preacher and doctor; personal doctor of Count of Nassau in Saarbrücken. [ Deutsche Biographie ]
BOCQUILLON, Henri Théophile (1834-1883). Botanist. Born Crugny, Marne, France; doctorate, natural sciences 1866, MD 1866. Teacher of natural history: Lycée Napoléon (Henri IV) 1864, Lycée Fontanes 1867; associate of natural history at the Faculté de Médecine, Paris 1869. Chevalier, Légion d’Honneur. [ La France médicale , vol. 1 (1883), p. 701.]
BODICHON, Eugène (1810-1885). Physician, political activist. Born Nantes, France; graduated in medicine Paris 1835. Settled in Algeria, Republican political activist, Corresponding Member French 2nd Republic provisional Government 1848; advocate of reafforestation and introduction of Eucalytus globulus. [ Men of the time , 11th edition (1884), p. 142]
BOECKELER, Johann Otto (1803-1899). Apothecary, botanist. Born Hannover; studied Götingen, to Varel (Oldenburg) 1827; specialist in Cyperaceae. [ Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft , vol. 17 (1999), pp. (211)-(218)]
BOEHME, Johan [John] Christian (1820-1899). Civil servant. Born Hamburg; arrived Victoria 1853; Joined Railways Department as draftsman 1857, retired 1892. [Naturalization record (National Archives of Australia A712. 1894/X695); Vic blue books; Vic death certificate 758/1889; Coburg Leader (Victoria), 11 February 1889, p. 1]
BOGDANOV, Anatolii Petrovi ch [BOGDANOFF, Anatole; БОГДАНОВ Анатолий Петрович] (1834-1896). Anthropologist, zoologist. Born Voronezh Governorate, Russian empire; graduated physics and mathematics, Moscow University 1855. Member Moscow Society of Naturalists 1855, secretary acclimatisation committee 1857; founder member Society of the Friends of Nature 1864. Lecturer department of zoology University of Moscow 1858 (Professor 1883); Director zoological museum Moscow 1863; founder Department of anthropology Moscow University 1876. [ Большая российская энциклопедия , accessed 4 October 2021]
BOGIE, Alexander (fl. 1859-1865) Nurseryman. Exhibited at Melbourne area horticultural shows 1859-62; proprietor of plant nursery, Punt Road, South Yarra, specialist in roses. Nursery stock sold at auction 8 July 1865 as Bogie ‘leaving for England’. Not further identified. [Various Australian newspapers]
BOISSIER, Pierre Edmond (1810-1885). Born Geneva, Switzerland; studied with A.-P. de Candolle; travelled and botanized extensively in Spain, Greece and eastern Mediterranean. Member Société Botanique de France; Corresponding Member Académie des Sciences 1885. Father-in-law of William Barbey. [ Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l’Académie des Sciences , vol. 101 (1885), pp. 652-684]
BOIVIN, Louis-Hyacinthe (1808-1852). Botanical collector. Born Compiègne (Oise), France; student of René Louiche Desfontaines and Adrien Henri Laurent de Jussieu; collected in Senegal, East Africa, Zanzibar, Île de Bourbon (Réunion) and Madagascar. [ TL2 ]
BOJER, Wenceslas [POJER, Vaclar] (1797-1856). Naturalist and explorer. Born Resanice, Bohemia; employed in botany department Imperial Museum, Vienna; sent to collect in East Africa and Mascarenes, to Mauritius c.1821, later Madagascar and East African islands. Settled in Mauritius c.1824, collected Comoros and Agaléga islands 1835; curator Mauritius Natural History Museum 1842; professor natural history and chemistry Royal College of Port Louis c.1855. [ TL2 , Hooker’s journal of botany and Kew Garden miscellany , vol. 8 (1856), pp. 312-317].
BOLANDER, Henry Nicholas (1832-1897). Botanist. Born Schleuchtern, Hesse; to United States of America 1846; studied Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio; teacher, 1851; collected in Ohio and adjacent states. To California 1861; State Botanist in State Geological Survey 1864-c.1874; State Superintendent of Schools, 1871-5; to Central and South America and ?Southern Africa 1878-; Modern languages teacher, Portland, Oregon, from 1883. [ Erythea , vol. 6 (1898), pp. 100-107]
BONNEY, Frederic (1842-1921). Pastoralist, photographer. Born Rugeley, Staffordshire, England; joined elder brother at ‘Momba’ sheep station, western NSW 1865; recorded and published anthropological observations and extensive series of photographs of the local Aboriginal people; collected botanical specimens. Returned to UK 1881; established extensive arboretum at Colton House near Rugeley. JP for Staffordshire. FRGS 1884. Brother of Thomas George Bonney. [ Colton History Society: People of note , accessed 7 October 1821] Chloanthes bonneyana, Justicia bonneyana.
BONNEY, Joseph (c.1801-1861). Farmer. Born Sudbury, Suffolk, England; date and circumstances of arrival in Tas uncertain; possibly ran orchard and grazed cattle and sheep New Town near Hobart early 1820s; certainly farming at Woodhall, near Launceston, Tas by 1831; in England as ‘Home Agent’ Immigration Society, 1853-5. JP, MLC 1855; Member Royal Society Tas 1855. [ Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston Tas), 13 April 1861, p. 4; other Tasmanian and UK newspapers]
BONNEY, Thomas George (1833-1923). Clergyman, geologist. Born Rugeley, Staffordshire, England; Educated Cambridge, BA 1856; ordained priest 1858. Fellow St John’s Cambridge 1859, college lecturer in geology 1869; Yates-Goldsmit professor of geology University College London 1877-1901. Geological Society: member from 1860, Secretary 1878-84, President 1884-6. FRS 1878. Brother of Frederic Bonney. [ ODNB ]
BONNIER, Gaston Eugène Marie (1853-1922). Botanist. Born Paris; École normale, graduated 1876; doctorate 1879; taught there from 1876, finally director of the botany laboratory (1886); Professor of Botany, Faculté des Sciences, Paris from 1887, founder and director of plant biology laboratory Sorbonne (Fontainebleau) 1889; a founder and editor of Revue générale de botanique. Member: Académie des Sciences 1897, Académie d’Agriculture de France 1901, Société Botanique de France, Fédération des Sociétés Françaises d’Apiculture. Officer, Légion d’Honneur. [ Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques , accessed 6 October 2021; Revue générale de botanique , vol. 35 (1923), pp. 1-5.
BONPLAND [born GOUJAUD], Aimé Jacques Alexandre (1773-1858). Surgeon, explorer, botanist. Born La Rochelle, France; student at École de Médecine and Jardin des Plantes, met Alexander Humboldt 1798 and travelled with him to South America 1799-1804; in charge of Empress Josephine’s botanic garden at Malmasion; Professor of natural history Buenos Aires, Argentina 1818. Foreign member, Linnean Society of London [ Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London , 1858-9, pp. xlv-xlvii]
BONWICK, James (1817-1906). Teacher, author, historian and archivist. Born Lingfield, Surrey, England; taught in English schools 1833-41; to Tas 1841, taught in Hobart Normal School and his own schools; to SA 1850, opened private school; to Vic 1852, in business as land agent, inspector for Denominational Schools Board 1856-9; opened and ran school in St Kilda 1862-9; immigration agent for Qld in England 1874-5, 1882-3. Transcribed Australian historical documents for Australian colonies. Prolific historical writer. Temperance worker. [ ADB ]
BOOKEY, Power Le Poer (1822-1872). Army officer, policeman. Born Duninga (Dún Innigh), County Kilkenny, Ireland; British army 1840-8, served England, Ireland, India. To Vic c.1849, farmed unsuccessfully, joined Victorian Constabulary as superintendent 1853; finally inspecting superintendent 1869. JP. Exhibited natural history collection at 1861 Melbourne exhibition; exhibited oil paintings Ballarat and Geelong 1869. [ Argus (Melbourne) 16 December 1872, p. 1; Design and Art Australia database , accessed 7 October 2021]
BOOTH, John Cornelius (1836-1908). Nurseryman. Born Kleinflottbeck, Duchy of Holstein; during apprenticeship spent time in London with Veitch of Chelsea; ran family firm with his brother c.mid-1850s to 1868 at Flottbeck, then sole proprietor to 1884, when moved to Berlin. Influential in German forestry. [ Mitteilungen der Deutschen Dendrologischen Gesellschaft , vol. 17 (1908), pp. 5-7]
BOOTT, Francis (1792-1863). Physician and botanist. Born Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America; studied Harvard, BA 1810; to England 1816. MD Edinburgh 1824, LRCP 1825; authority on fevers; stimulated use of ether as anaesthetic. Studied botany in Paris, became authority on sedges. Linnean Society of London: Fellow 1819, Secretary 1832-9, Treasurer 1856-61, Vice-President 1861-3. Council member University College London, 1833, Senate 1836-63. [ ODNB ]
BORCHGREVINK, Carsten Egeberg (1864-1934). Explorer. Born Christiania (Oslo), Norway; studied natural science Royal College, Tharandt, Saxony. To Australia c.1888; in survey teams NSW, Qld. Joined Captain H. J. Bull’s whaler Antarctica 1894, landed on Antarctic mainland 1895. Mounted own Southern Cross Antarctic expedition 1898-1900. FRGS, Silver Medal, Royal Scottish Geographical Society, 1904, Patron’s medal, Royal Geographical Society, 1930. [ ADB ]
BORNET, Jean-Baptiste Édouard (1828-1911). Botanist, physician. Born Guérigny (Nièvre), France; studied at Paris at Faculté de Médecine, at Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, and at Sorbonne with mycologist J.-H. Léveillé, and at Cherbourg with algologist Gustave Thuret; MD 1855; to Antibes 1856 with Thuret, investigated reproductive organs and fertilization of algae and marine angiosperms; director Villa Thuret Garden 1875-8, then in Paris as independent researcher. Member: Société Botanique de France (President ), Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft (Göttingen), Académie d’Agriculture de France 1896; American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Cambridge, Massachusetts) 1893, Académie des Sciences 1886, Foreign Member Royal Society of London 1910, and numerous other foreign academies. Gold medal Linnean Society of London 1901, Officer, Légion d’Honneur 1900. [ Compte s rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l’Académie des Sciences, vol. 154 (1912), pp. 461-72]
BORRIGLIONE, Alfred-Ferdinand (1843-1902). Politician. Born Nice, Kingdom of Sardinia; studied law, University of Turin, completing, after annexation of Nice to France in 1860, at Faculté d’Aix. Politically active from 1870s. Nice: municipal councillor 1871-8, Mayor 1878-86; Canton de Sospel: General councillor 1871-1902; Third Republic National Assembly: deputy for Alpes-Maritimes 1876-94, Senator for Alpes-Maritimes 1894-1902. Chevalier Legion d’ Honneur 1878. [ Assemblée nationale database ; La Radical , 31 August 1902, p. 2]
BOSC [d’ANTIC] Louis Auguste Guillaume (1759-1828). Botanist, invertebrate zoologist. Born Paris, France; studied at Dijon and Paris; declined to accompany La Pérouse expedition; Secretaire des postes, 1784-8; in hiding during the Terror period of the French Revolution. USA: vice-consul Wilmington 1797, consul NewYork 1798 during which collected many plants and animals. Inspector of the gardens Versailles 1803; Director of publication Administrative and Scientific Annals of French Agriculture 1811-28; Professor Jardin des Plantes, Paris 1825. Member Académie des Sciences, rural husbandry section 1806; Foreign member Linnean Society of London by 1790. [ Mémoires du Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle , vol. 18 (1829), pp 69-92; Dolan (2020)]
BOSISTO, Joseph (1824-1898). Chemist, politician. Born Leeds, England; apprenticed to a druggist; engaged by manufacturing chemist F. H. Faulding and arrived in Adelaide 1848; to Victorian gold fields 1851; opened pharmacy Richmond Vic, began manufacturing and marketing eucalyptus oil; partner Felton & Grimwade 1882; gained many medals from international exhibitions; a founder of the Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria 1857, president Board of Pharmacy 1877-82. Royal Society of Victoria from 1858, sometime council member. Mayor of Richmond 1865-7; MLA 1874-89, 1892-4. CMG 1886. [ ADB ]
BOSTOCK, George James (1833-1881). Clergyman. Born Marylebone, London, England; BA Cambridge 1856, ordained: deacon Exeter 1856, priest Perth WA 1860; curate Bideford, Devon 1856-9; priest Gingin WA 1861, Chaplain Fremantle 1862-75; ill health caused return to UK, granted permission to officiate in York province under Colonial Clergy Act, vicar Kirby Wharfe, York 1875-81. Interested natural history, ichthyologist. [ ]
BOULEY, Henri-Marie (1814–1885). Veterinarian, popularizer of science. Born Paris, France; qualified as veterinarian Alfort, Île-de-France 1836; assistant professor Alfort 1839, professor 1845; Professor comparative pathology Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle; Inspector General of Veterinary Schools 1866. Académie des Sciences (rural economy section) 1868, president 1885; Académie de Médecine (veterinary medicine section) 1855, president 1877; Académie d’Agriculture de France 1874; Société d’Anthropologie de Paris, 1860; Société Linnéenne de Lyon, corresponding member 1842; Société Nationale d’Acclimatation de France, 1872, president 1882. Légion d’Honneur: Chevalier 1855, Officer 1865, Commander 1881. [ Neumann (1896), pp. 31-7 ; Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques accessed 9 December 2021]
BOURDE, Paul Anthelme (1851-1914). Journalist, colonial administrator. Born Voissant, Duchy of Savoy, moved with family to northern France after annexation by France 1860; journalist from c.1870; visited and reported on Algeria 1879, Tunis 1880, Tonkin 1885. Administrative roles and Director of Agriculture Tunisian protectorate 1890, extending horticulture; Secretary-General Madagascar protectorate 1896. [ Dictionnaire biographique d’Outre-Mer ]
BOURGEAU, Eugène (1813-1877). Botanical collector. Born Brizon (Hautes-Alpes), France; assistant to Philip Barker Webb, Paris 1843, collected for him in Canary Islands 1845-6; collector for Association Botanique Française d’Exploration 1847-56 in Spain, France, Canary Islands, Algeria; collector on British Palliser expedition to Canada 1857-9; collected for Edmond Boissier in Turkey 1860, 1861; collected in Mexico 1865-6. [ Dictionary of Canadian Biography ]
BOURNE, Charles (1833-1918). Plasterer, councillor. Born Road (‘Rode’ since 1919), Somerset, England; arrived Portland Vic 1855, settled Port Fairy. Elected to Borough Council 1881, Mayor 1888. [ Port Fairy Gazette , 15 July 1918, p. 2; England 1851 census]
BOUTON, Louis-Sulpice (1800-1878). Botanist. Born Mauritius; gave natural history collection to commence local museum, 1821; founding member Mauritian Société d’Histoire Naturelle 1829, secretary 1839-78. Wrote on economic botany and medicinal botany. [Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius, Tableau Louis_Bouton , accessed 9 October 2021].
BOVE, Giacomo (1852-1887). Naval officer, explorer, hydrographer. Born Maranzana, Italy; entered Italian navy 1872, Western Pacific cruise 1873-4; hydrographer on Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld North-West Passage expedition 1877-80; led expedition to Patagonia 1881-2; explored the upper Paranà river, Argentina, and Tierra del Fuego 1883-4; Congo River in 1885-6; failed to get support to mount expeditions to Antarctic. Honorary member of the Italian Geographic Society 1883. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ]
BOWEN, Diamantina [neé (Contessa) ROMA] (1833–1893). Governor’s wife. Born island of Zante, United States of the Ionian Islands; married George Bowen, Corfu 1856. Accompanied him to his postings; active in charitable causes and cultural events; commemorated in the names of a town (Roma) and river (Diamantina) in Qld. [ ADB ]
BOWEN, George Ferguson (1821-1899). Colonial Governor. Born County Donegal, Ireland; Classics graduate Oxford 1844; rector of the Ionian University, Corfu 1847-51; joined colonial service as political secretary, Government of the United States of the Ionian Islands. Successively Governor of Qld 1859-68; NZ 1868-73; Vic 1873-9; Mauritius 1879-82; Hong Kong 1882-6. Husband of Diamantina Bowen. [ ADB ]
BOWEN, Thomas Aubrey (c.1837-1893). Medical practitioner. Born Cradley, Worcestershire, England; began medical training Sydenham College and Birmingham General hospital, interrupted as family migrated to Melbourne 1857, but returned to complete: MRCS 1862, Licentiate King and Queen’s College of Physicians, Ireland, 1863. Resident surgeon Birmingham and Midland Counties Hospital c.1862-3; returned to Australia and registered Vic 1864, resident surgeon Melbourne Hospital; private practice as ophthalmic surgeon from c.1866. Honorary Surgeon: Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne Children's Hospital, Eye and Ear Hospital, Industrial School for unwanted and destitute children. Member Medical Society of Victoria: secretary, President 1875. Chevalier Légion d’Honneur 1889. Left numerous charitable bequests. Son-in-law of Henry (‘Money’) Miller. [ British Medical Journal , 12 August 1893, p. 400, Lowe (1982)]
BOWER, James St Clair (1853-1880). Naval officer. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; entered Royal Navy 1865; surveying duties on various postings, finally in command of Firefly; promoted Lieutenant 1875; killed Solomon Islands. [UK National Archives, ADM-196-38-147] Cymbidium boweri.
BOWERBANK, James Scott (1797-1877). Geologist, zoologist. Born London, England; worked in family distillery from 1818, joint head 1844-7. Specialist in sponges; also collected fossil seeds and fruits from Isle of Sheppey. A founder of Microscopical Society of London 1839, president 1846-7; Geological Society of London from 1832; a founder of Ray Society 1844, treasurer 1845-60; FRS 1842, honorary LLD St. Andrews 1857. [ ODNB ]
BOWKETT, Eva Frances. See LAMONT, Eva Francis (1861-1945).
BOWMAN, Edward Macarthur (1826-1872). Botanical collector. Born Sydney; Clerk of Petty Sessions, Turon NSW 1851; JP NSW, 1851; Assistant Commissioner for Crown Lands at Sofola part of 1851; successfully tendered for ‘Ballandry’ sheep run NSW 1857, but uncertain how long there; believed to have worked as station hand on properties in NSW and Qld; collected plants NSW and extensively in Qld from 1862. [NSW Government Gazette; NSW Bluebook; NSW land records; Sydney Morning Herald , 2 December 1872, p. 10] Boronia bowmani, Eremophila bowmani, Ricinocarpus bowmanii
BOWMAN, Janet (née WATT) (1810-1904). Hotelkeeper. Born Forfar, Scotland; arrived Vic 1840; husband became licensee of Gippsland Hotel, Berwick (then Cardiania Creek) 1855 (then known as ‘Bowman’s Inn’); took over license on death of husband 1860; retired 1868. Cut ‘Bowman's track’ to Jordan Goldfields in upper Yarra valley. [ Gippsland Times , 25 July 1868, p. 4; Age (Melbourne), 26 November 1877, p. 3]
BOWMAN, Robert (fl. 1855-1860). Stockman, farrier. Member of North Australian Exploring Expedition 1855-7 and Leichhardt Search Expedition 1858 under Augustus Gregory; unsuccessfully sought position on Burke & Wills expedition 1860. Nothing further known. [ Gregory (1858), Gregory (1858a)]
BOWMAN, William (1816-1892). Ophthalmic surgeon, anatomist. Born Nantwich, Cheshire, England; apprenticed at Birmingham infirmary circa 1832; joined King’s College London medical department 1837; assistant surgeon King’s College Hospital 1839; assistant surgeon Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital 1846, surgeon 1851-76; professor of physiology and anatomy King’s College 1848, council member 1879; surgeon to King’s College Hospital 1856-62. First president of Ophthalmological Society of the United Kingdom; FRS 1841; FRCS 1844; honorary MD University of Dublin 1867; LLD Cambridge 1880; created baronet 1884. [ ODNB ]
BOYCE, Thomas (1844-1907). Gardener. Born Putney, England; to Vic c.1870; gardener to Mr. W. R. Virgoe by 1872; Crown Lands Bailiff for Albert Park reserve by 1874; styled conservator by 1875, caretaker by 1882, curator by 1901. Active member Horticultural Society of Victoria. [Various Vic newspapers; Vic death certificate 13335/1907; Record (Emerald Hill, Vic), 26 October 1907, p. 3]
BOYD, Benjamin (Ben) (1801-1851). Entrepreneur. Born Wigtown, Scotland; London stockbroker by 1824; established steamship coastal service Australia 1840s; held large tracts of pastoral leases in Monaro and Port Phillip Districts; whaling station based on Two Fold Bay, NSW; began importing Pacific Island labour 1847, but scheme ineffective; businesses failed late 1840s; to Californian gold diggings unsuccessfully1849-51; voyaged in Pacific. Apparently killed Guadalcanal 1851. [ ADB ]
BOYD, James (1815-1900) Public servant. Birthplace not found. Entered British Army, sold out and appointed to convict service, Tasmania: Superintendent, Maria Island c.1843; Prison Barracks, Hobart, 1853; Civil Commandant, Port Arthur 1853- c.1870; retired to England. [various Tasmanian newspapers; ‘Obituary’, Mercury (Hobart), 1 May 1900, p. 2]
BOYD, James Shaw (c.1832-1910). Presbyterian minister. Born Scotland? In Essendon Vic, by 1863; Admitted to Presbytery of Sydney 1880: NSW ministries included Moss Vale c.1880; Cootamundra and Temora 1882, Greta 1893. [various Australian and Scottish newspapers]
BOYD, John (1832-1913) Butcher. Born Errol, Perthshire, Scotland; ‘Fleshers apprentice’ Edinburgh, 1851; in Vic by 1860. Council member Emerald Hill (later reorganized as part of South Melbourne) Council 1874-80, Mayor 1878-9. [ Record (Emerald Hill, Vic), 13 December 1913, p. 2]
BOYD, William Alexander Jenys (1842-1928). Agricultural journalist, schoolmaster, soldier. Born Paris, France; educated in England, Germany, Switzerland and France. Went to Qld 1860. Farmed cotton, arrowroot, rice at Oxley Creek; sugar at Pimpama 1871-c.1874; citrus Helidon, from c.1878. Headmaster, 1867-c.1871; 1874-5, 1883-9, 1891-3. Proprietor and editor Cleveland Bay Express 1875; Editor, Queensland Agricultural Journal 1897-1921. Amateur soldier, 1885-97, commanded Brisbane Garrison Artillery from 1891. Member, Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (Queensland Branch). [ ADB ]
BOYD, William Carr, see Carr-Boyd, William.
BOYLE, David (1821-1900). Nurseryman. Born Dumfries, Scotland; arrived Melbourne 1841; established nursery at Kew, later at Nunawading; member Victorian Horticultural Improvement Society 1868. Collected, mostly ferns, and examined ‘tall trees’, Dandenong Ranges [George (2007); various Victorian newspapers]
BOYLE, John (fl.1866). Supplier of timber for 1866 Exhibition, Melbourne. Not further identified.
BOYNE, George Brown (1836-1913). Paper hanger and decorator. Born York, England; arrived Vic 1857; in Fiji c.1866-8; in Sacramento, California, USA from 1870. [ Sacramento Daily Union , 19 March 1906, p. 7; various Australian and Californian newspapers]
BRACE, Edward James Coningsby (1845-between 1886 and 1890). Born Catisfield, Hampshire, England; in India by October 1868. Award-winning early tea planter, Catisfield Estate, Kotagiri, Madras Presidency, 1873; partner in Cannon et Brace, nurserymen Les Vaux, Salbris, Loir-et-Cher, France when contributed essays to Edinburgh forestry conference, 1884 (Rattray & Mill (1885)). [England Census 1851 and Farnham baptismal records; General Register Office Overseas Deaths and burials index, registered Toulon consulate; various British, Indian and French newspapers and periodicals]
BRACKENRIDGE, James William (1845-1913). Businessman, university administrator. Born Tibbermore, Perthshire, Scotland; invested in Virginia plantation, financially unsuccessful; arrived Montreal, Quebec, Canada, c.1873; Secretary, McGill University c.1889-c.1906. [Montreal gazette, 19 May 1913, p. 3]
BRACKENRIDGE, William Dunlop (1810-1893). Botanist, horticulturalist. Born Ayr, Scotland; gardener for Patrick Neill, Edinburgh; worked in Poland and Berlin; emigrated to USA 1837. Assistant botanist United States Exploring Expedition 1838-42: collected plants in Sydney and Hunter River districts NSW, Oregon and California coastal zones; author of ferns in report of Expedition, volume 16. Settled near Baltimore, Maryland 1855, nurseryman and landscape gardener. [ Journal of botany, British and foreign , vol. 57 (1919), p. 263]
BRADSHAW, Edward Thomas (c.1811-1876). Accountant, Town Clerk. Born Ballintra, Co. Donegal, Ireland; in Manchester 1850s; in Melbourne by 1856. Town Clerk, St. Kilda 1858-68. [Various English and Australian newspapers]
BRADSHAW, Joseph (1854-1916). Pastoralist, entrepreneur. Born Melbourne, Vic. Had interests in mining, shipping, pearling; established pastoral properties in Northwest Australia, initially as sheep runs but converted to cattle, finally at Victoria River NT 1894, jointly operating his and his brother’s adjacent leases. With a London syndicate took up Arafura, a large area around Roper River, NT. JP; FRGS 1896. Wife of Mary Bradshaw; Cousin of Aeneas Gunn. [ Obituaries Aus t ralia, National Centre of Biography, Australian National University , accessed 21 October 2021; various Australian and UK newspapers] Triumfetta bradshawii.
BRADSHAW, Mary Jane [née Guy] (1860-1942). Born Richmond, Vic. Married Joseph Bradshaw on 5 August 1891; travelled to WA property in 1891 but thereafter lived in Melbourne Vic. [Birth, marriage and death notices, Victorian newspapers; NT newspapers]
BRADY, Charles (1819-1899). Sericulturalist. Born Deptford, Kent, England. Merchant’s clerk, later merchant, London; to NSW c.1852. In 1860s developed techniques to produce non-seasonal broods of Bombyx mori; attempted with partner J. C. Asselin to encourage silk production from mulberry and to commercialize Samia cynthia silkworms that fed on Alianthus; partnership dissolved 1868, bankrupt 1869; granted lease by NSW government of c.500 hectares at Tumbulgum, Tweed River, to produce silk from mulberry silkworm. Managed NSW government silk farm at Booral and appointed as Instructor in Sericulture 1893-96. [England census 1841, 1851; various New South Wales newspapers; Kapus , (1893)]
BRAHE, William (1835-1912). Born Paderborn, Westphalia, Germany; to Australia c.1852. Gold digger, drover, wagon driver. Member Victorian Exploring Expedition (‘Burke & Wills expedition’) 1860-61, in charge of depot at Cooper’s Creek, departing earlier on the day Burke’s surviving party returned from Gulf of Carpentaria. Later in Qld and Fiji where married 1874; bailiff Crown Lands Victoria from 1877. Brother of William Alexander Brahe. [various Australian newspapers, Victoria Government gazette]
BRAHE, William Alexander (1825-1917). Lawyer, consul. Born Paderborn, Westphalia, Germany; arrived Vic 1849. Admitted to Bar as conveyancer 1856, solicitor 1865, in various partnerships finally Brahe and Gair 1886-1911; building society director 1858. Consul: Prussia 1866, North German Confederation 1868, German Empire 1872, Germany 1875, Austria 1874, Austro-Hungary 1883, Switzerland 1894; Commissioner for 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition 1878. Brother of William Brahe [ Argus (Melbourne) 28 December 1917, p. 4; various Australian newspapers, Victoria Government gazette] Saccopetalum brahei.
BRAIN, Robert Smith (1840-1906). Printer. Born Walcott, Somerset, England; arrived Melbourne 1848; Government Printing Office 1851-55; Gippsland Guardian 1855-58; Government Printing Office 1858, rising to Government printer, 1887-1906. Nephew of John Ferres. [ Herald (Melbourne), 21 May 1906, p. 2]
BRAITHWAITE, Robert (1824-1917). Physician, bryologist. Born Ruswarp, Yorkshire, England; apprentice surgeon, Whitby, Yorkshire, later assistant to surgeon in London; medical student University College London 1854, qualified MRCS, LSA 1858, MD St. Andrews 1865; practised in Lambeth and Clapham. FLS 1863, vice-president 1889-91; Member Quekett Microscopical Society, president 1872-73; South London Microscopical Society, president 1873-75; Royal Microscopical Society, president 1892-3. Specialist in mosses. [ Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London , 1917-18, pp. 35-7]
BRANCHI, Giovanni (1846-1836). Diplomat. Born San Miniato, Italy; graduated in law University of Florence. Entered consular service: Constantinople 1867; in Victoria Vice-Consul 1870-71, Consul-General 1871-74; later postings in Fiji, China, Japan; Civil Commissioner to Assab (Italian colony in present-day Eritria) 1880-84; Consul-General New York c.1884-1905. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ; Victoria Government Gazette]
BRANDIS, George (1807-1881). Orchardist. Born Wylye, Wiltshire, England; applied for free passage & arrived SA 1838 with wife and child. Purchased land near Gepps Cross, Enfield; developed ‘Brandis’ almond variety. Active in horticultural societies [Wiltshire baptismal records; Passenger lists; Express and Tel e g r aph (Adelaide), 1 February 1881, p. 2; various SA newspapers; Enfield ‘Historical Records 1853-1935’.]
BRANDIS, Ludwig Christian Georg Dietrich (1824-1907). Forester. Born Bonn, Germany; tutored, including in botany, in Greece 1837-39; PhD Bonn 1848, Privatdocent 1849. In charge of teak forests, Pegu, Burma 1856; advisor to Government of India 1862, Inspector General of Indian Forests 1864-1871; at Kew writing Indian Forest flora (Brandis (1874)); founded school for Indian foresters at Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand 1878; established system for forest management Madras, 1881-83; retired to Bonn 1883. Board of Visitors, forestry school, Coopers Hill, Surrey; supervised practical training in Europe for British and American forestry students 1888-96. At Kew 1901-1906. FLS 1860, FRS 1875; LLD Edinburgh 1887; CIE 1878, KCIE 1887. [ ODNB , Deutsche biographie ]
BRANDON, Edward(?) (fl. 1860s). Licensee of Government ferries across the Yarra near Jolimont and later also near the Botanic Gardens, but no other biographical details known.
BRASSEY, Thomas (1836-1918). Politician, colonial Governor. Born in Stafford, England; graduated in law and modern history Oxford 1859; parliamentary draftsman, called to bar 1866. Elected MP 1866, advocated reforms in naval administration and maritime policy; civil Lord of the Admiralty 1880-4; Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty 1884-5; lost seat 1886 elections. Lord in waiting to the Queen 1893-5. Governor of Victoria 1895-1900. KCB 1881; Baron Brassey 1886; GCB 1906, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports 1908, created Earl 1911. [ ODNB , ADB ]
BRAUN, Alexander Carl Heinrich (1805-1877). Botanist. Born Principality of Regensburg, Germany; graduated DrPhil Tübingen 1829. Studied in Munich and Paris; held professorships Carlsruhe, Freiburg, Giessen, and finally Berlin from 1851, where also Director of Herbarium and Botanic Garden. Member Leopoldina and other societies. [ Journal of B otany, British and Foreign , vol 15, (1877), pp. 321-7]
BRAYLEY, Edward William (1802-1870). Science writer. Born London, England; studied science at the London Institution and the Royal Institution; editorial assistant Philosophical Magazine 1823-44. Salaried staff, London Institution: joint librarian 1834-65, librarian and professor of physical geography 1865-70. FRS 1854; foundation member Zoological and Chemical societies. [ ODNB ] Flindersia brayleyana
BRAZIER, John William (1842-1930). Conchologist. Born Sydney, NSW. Collected shells on voyages in western Pacific Ocean and on the Australian east coast; collected for William Macleay, including Chevert expedition to New Guinea. Employed Australian Museum, Sydney, as cataloguer, later as conchologist, 1880-1893, when retrenched. A founder of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 1874; CMZSL 1869, Member Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland 1879, FLS 1886. [ ADB ]
BREGENZER, Henry (1866-1928). Engineer. Born Melbourne, Vic; secretary and clerk of works, Ballarat Shire Council 1884-1888; Clerk, Deniliquin Municipal Council NSW 1888-c.1898; in WA by 1899, when he took out a gold-mining lease. Sawmill manager 1907, engineer Port Hedland-Marble Bar railway 1909; with Postmaster General’s Department, Pilbara region 1910-12; in Perth from 1913. Founding member: WA Institution of Engineers 1909; Institution of Engineers, Australia 1919. Member Royal Astronomical Society. [ Engineering Heritage Western Australia , accessed 12 August 2022; various Australian newspapers and NSW Government Gazette]
BREHM, Alfred Edmund (1829-1884). Explorer, naturalist. Born Unter-Renthendorf, Duchy of Sachsen-Altenburg (now Thuringia), Germany; c.1847-52 research assistant to John W. von Müller exploring Egypt and Sudan; studied natural sciences Jena, Vienna (Dr.Phil 1856), Leipzig. Writer 1860, teacher 1861-2; Director Hamburg Zoological Garden 1863-6; established and directed aquarium, Berlin 1867-74; writer and traveller until 1883. Son of Christian Ludwig Brehm [ Deutsche biographie ]
BREHM, Christian Ludwig (1787-1864). Lutheran pastor, ornithologist. Born Schönau vor dem Walde, Gotha, Germany; influenced by J. M. Bechstein; studied at Jena 1807-09. Appointed pastor Drackendorf 1812 and at parish office in Unter-Renthendorf, Duchy of Sachsen-Altenburg (now Thuringia), 1812 to at least 1862. Important ornithologist; collection of 15,000 skins now in New York. Father of Alfred Edmund Brehm. [ Deutsche biographie ]
BRETT, Percy Rollo (1838?-1900). Public Servant. Born Wexford, Ireland; arrived Victoria 1856; police constable, goldfields. At Jerilderie NSW: farmer(?), pound keeper from 1865, auctioneer and agent from 1872, insolvent 1880. NSW public offices: stock inspector, registrar of Births deaths and marriages, Coroner, JP, Urana NSW 1882-1900. [Immigration records; Albury NSW coroner’s report; NSW Blue Books; various newspaper reports]
BREWER, William Henry (1828-1910). Agricultural scientist. Born Poughkeepsie, New York, USA; graduated BPhil Yale 1852; studied in Germany with Bunsen and Liebig 1855-57. Botanical collector Geological Survey of California 1860-1864. Teaching posts: Ovid Academy, New York 1852-5; Washington College, Pennsylvania, 1856-60; Professor of natural science, College of California 1863; Professor of agriculture, Yale 1865-1903. Member National Academy of Sciences, 1880. LLD: Yale, Wesleyan University 1903; University of California 1909. [ Chittenden (1927)]
BREWSTER, David (1781-1868). Natural philosopher, academic administrator. Born Jedburgh, Scotland; graduated MA Edinburgh 1800. Contributor to Edinburgh Magazine, editor 1802-c.1807; founding editor Edinburgh Encyclopedia 1808-c.1830; editor Edinburgh Journal of Science 1824, until incorporated with the Philosophical Magazine of which he became a joint editor; published reviews in a range of periodicals; wrote scientific biographies, notably of Newton. Principal, United Colleges of St Leonard and St Salvator, University of St Andrews 1838-59; Principal and Vice Chancellor, University of Edinburgh, 1859-68. Researched physical optics; introduced binocular camera for stereoscopic pictures, designed lenses, invented kaleidoscope. Royal Society: FRS 1815, medals Copley 1815, Rumford 1818, Royal 1830; Foreign associate Académie des Sciences, Paris 1849; numerous other national academies. KH 1831, Knight bachelor 1832; officer Légion d’honneur 1855. [ OD N B ] Cathartocarpus brewsteri
BREWSTER, George Frederick (1822-1908). Commission agent. Born Westminster, England; arrived Victoria between 1851 and 1854; Commission agent at Sandridge (now Port Melbourne) by 1856. [Various Australian newspapers; England 1851 census]
BREWSTER, Robert (1840-1880). Nurseryman and seedsman. Born Kilconquhar, Scotland; arrived Geelong, Vic 1852 with widowed father who established gardener and seedsman business; in South East of SA by 1864 as an estate gardener, later nurseryman at Penola. [ Naracoorte Herald , 2 April 1880, p. 3; immigration records]
BRIDE, Thomas Francis (1849-1927). Librarian. Born Cork, Ireland; to Australia as an infant. University of Melbourne: studied law, graduating 1873, LLD 1879; assistant librarian 1873-81; member of Council from 1887. Librarian Melbourne Public Library 1881-95; Curator of estates of deceased persons, 1895-1909. FRGS 1885. [ ADB ]
BRIDGE, Cyprian Arthur George (1839-1924). Naval officer. Born St. John's, Newfoundland. Enlisted Royal Navy: cadet 1853, midshipman 1855, mate 1858, lieutenant 1859, commander 1859, captain 1877, vice-admiral 1898, admiral 1903. Saw service in many theatres: Australian station 1881-84, acting also as Deputy Commissioner for the Western Pacific; Conmmander in Chief, Australian Station 1894-98. KCB 1899, GCB 1903. [ ODNB ] Bikkia bridgeana
BRIERLY, Oswald Walters (1817-1894). Marine painter. Born Chester, Cheshire, England; studied art and naval architecture. Accompanied Benjamin Boyd to Australia 1842, and managed his pastoral and whaling business at Twofold Bay (NSW), where appointed a magistrate. Guest of Owen Stanley on Rattlesnake survey of Great Barrier Reef and New Guinea coast 1848. Returned to UK on Pacific voyage of HMS Meander, 1850-51; naval war artist during Crimean War; sailed with Duke of Edinburgh on cruises 1863-69, including visit to Australia on Galatea 1867-68. Marine painter to Queen Victoria, 1874. FRGS. Knighted 1885 [ ODNB ]
BRIGHT, Charles Edward (1829-1915). Businessman. Born Abbotts Leigh, Somerset, England; educated at Winchester College; arrived Melbourne 1854. Founder Bright Bros & Co., steamship and general agents, became Gibbs, Bright & Co. 1881. Director public companies; various quasi-official offices including Harbour Commissioner 1872-92; trustee Public Library, Museums and National Gallery; Commissioner for numerous international exhibitions; in England by 1891, member of Board of Advice to Victorian Agent-General. JP 1869. CMG 1883. Brother of Reginald Bright. [ AD B , England Census] Acrostichum brightiae
BRIGHT, Edward (fl. 1886). Drover, active in Qld. Not further identified.
BRIGHT, Reginald (1833-1920). Businessman. Born Abbotts Leigh, Somerset, England; Arrived Australia 1852; accompanied Captain Cadell on River Murray expedition 1853. With his brother formed Bright Brothers & Co., steamship and general agents, became resident partner in the successor Gibbs, Bright & Co. Retired to England 1913. Brother of Charles Edward Bright. [ Argus (Melbourne) 15 September 1920, p. 14, various other Australian newspapers]
BRIQUET, John Isaac (1870-1931). Botanist. Born Geneva, Switzerland; studied Berlin, Geneva (doctorate 1891). Assistant, later director, Conservatoire Botanique, Geneva; Rapporteur, rules of botanical nomenclature, international botanical congresses (1900-30). Specialist in Labiatae. Chevalier, Légion d’Honneur 1930. [ Historische Lexikon de r Schweiz ; Science , Sep. 16, 1932, p. 247]
BRISBANE, Thomas MakDougall [also found as M'Dougall, McDougall, Macdougall; spelling given is from death certificate and probate records] (1848-1904). Civil servant. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; arrived Vic c.1850. Joined Victorian public service 1872; assistant clerk, Executive Council, and secretary to the Governor 1885; clerk to the Executive Council 1902-4. [ Argus (Melbourne), 16 July 1904, p.15; Vic death certificate 8929/1904; Probate records; Vic Blue Books]
BRITTAN, William Guise (1809-1876). Civil servant. Born Gloucester, England: arrived NZ 1850, settling in Canterbury district as Chairman of Council of Land Purchasers. Magistrate 1851; registrar of deeds, 1852-3; Commissioner of Lands Canterbury, 1853, Chief Commissioner 1858. [ Lyttleton Times , 25 July 1876, p. 4S; various NZ newspapers].
BRITTEN, Bashley (1825-1882). Engineer. Born Christchurch, Hampshire, England. Patented methods for improved accuracy of shells from 1855, including rifling systems for existing weapons. In Vic during the 1850s, patenting a gold ore crushing machine 1857, returned to England 1858. [Various patent records, Vic and England]
BRITTEN, James (1846-1924). Botanist. Born Chelsea, London, England; junior assistant, Kew herbarium,1869-71; Botany Department British Museum 1871-1909. Editor Journal of Botany, British and Foreign 1879-1924. FLS 1876. Active Roman Catholic layman, appointed papal Knight of St Gregory 1897, Knight Commander 1917. [ ODNB ] Ternstroemia britteniana.
BRITTON, Nathaniel Lord (1859–1934). Botanist. Born Staten Island, New York, USA; trained as geologist & mining engineer, School of Mines, Columbia College PhD 1881. Published regional floras. Instructor in botany and geology, Columbia, 1887, then professor of botany 1891. Director New York Botanic Gardens from 1896. Editor Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, 1889-97. Member National Academy of Sciences 1914, Fellow American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1925, foreign member Linnean Society of London 1925, member American Philosophical Society 1928. [ Merrill (1938)]
BROCKMÜLLER, Hans Joachim Heinrich (1821-1882). Meat inspector, naturalist. Born Bahlen, Lower Saxony, Germany; trained as a teacher, taught at Grabow 1846-7, Wölschendorf 1857-66; meat inspector Schwerin, Mecklenburg 1866-82. Specialist in cryptogamic botany; active member Verein der Freunde der Naturgeschichte, Mecklenburg. [ Archiv des Vereins der Freunde der Naturgeschichte in Mecklenburg , vol. 36, pp. 203-8 (1883)]
BROCKWAY, George Giggeo (1825-1911). Librarian. Born Poole(?), Dorset, England; arrived Vic 1857. Appointed to Melbourne Public Library 1858, retired as Principal Assistant 1888; Librarian and secretary, Geelong Library, 1890-1895. [Various Victorian newspapers, Vic Blue Books]
BRODRIBB, William Adams (1809-1886). Pastoralist and politician. Born London, England; to Tas 1818; to NSW 1835, managing and later owning pastoral properties in the Riverina district until 1879. Politically active: MLA Vic 1861-2; MLA, NSW 1880-1, MLC 1881-6. FRGS 1874; founding member [Royal] Geographical Society of Australasia. [ ADB ]
BROMBY, Eliza Sophia [née LILLY] (1814-1883). Exploration organizer, fundraiser. Born Gloucester, England; married John Edward Bromby 1836, arrived Melbourne 1858. President, Ladies’ Leichhardt Search Committee 1865. [ ADB under J. E. Bromby; Channel Islands census 1851]
BROMBY, John Edward (1809-1889). Clergyman, headmaster. Born in Hull, England; educated Cambridge: mathematics and classics BA 1832, MA 1845; divinity BD 1845, DD 1850. Taught Bristol 1836-? founded proprietorial School Bristol ?-1847; Principal Elizabeth College, Guernsey 1847-54; Foundation headmaster Melbourne Church of England Grammar School 1857, arrived Melbourne 1858, retired 1874. Ordained priest 1836; curate Hull, 1854-7; admitted Diocese of Melbourne 1858; honorary vicar, St John’s Toorak, Vic 1875-7, St Paul’s Church Melbourne, 1877-; canon St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne, 1879. Active in public affairs: Royal commissioner on public education 1867; Board of Visitors, Melbourne Observatory 1864, secretary 1870; first Warden of Senate, University of Melbourne 1868, advocated admission of women students; controversially defended science against contravening holy writ. Husband of Eliza Bromby [ ADB ; Victoria Government Gazette] Brombya platynema
BROMFIELD, William Arnold (1801-1851). Botanist. Born Boldre, Hampshire, England; Graduated in medicine Glasgow 1823. Of independent means, travelled widely, botanizing in Scotland, Germany, Italy and France 1823(?)-1830; Ireland 1842; West Indies 1844; USA 1846; Egypt and Syria 1850-51, died Damascus. Based on Isle of Wight from 1836 and worked on its flora. FLS 1836. [ ODNB ; Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London , vol. 2 pp. 182-3 (1848-55)]
BRONGNIART, Adolphe-Théodore (1801-1876). Botanist and palaeobiologist. Born Paris, France. Began publishing on fossil plants 1823, considered a founder of the field; proposed modifications to classification systems; worked on fungi and plant anatomy. Professor of vegetable physiology, Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, 1834. Foundation member Société nationale d’horticulture de France 1827; Member Académie des Sciences Paris 1834, President 1847; Foreign Member, Royal Society of London 1852; Foundation member Société botanique de France 1854, President 1854. Officer, Légion d’honneur 1846. [ Annuaire p r osop o graphique : CTHS-La France savante; Bulletin de la Société botanique de France . vol. 23, pp. 60-82 (1876)]
BROOK, Henry (1824-1907). Public servant. Born Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England; arrived Vic 1854. Joined Victorian public service: Government Stores department 1857; Chief Secretary’s department 1864, Chief Clerk 1881-83.Insolvent 1883. [England Census Immigration records, Vic Blue Books, various Victorian newspapers].
BROOKE, James (1803-1868). Army officer and first Rajah of Sarawak. Born Secore, Benares, India; ensign, East India Company 1819, rising to sub-assistant commissary-general 1822. Wounded in action 1825; resigned commission 1831. Rajah of Sarawak 1842-63. Retired to Dartmoor, Devon. Encouraged and supported Alfred Russel Wallace. Hon DCL, Oxford 1847; KCB 1848. [ ODNB ]
BROOKE, John Henry (1826-1902). Journalist, politician. Born Lincolnshire, England; autodidact, apprenticed printer, later editor and manager Lincolnshire Times. Arrived Melbourne 1853; reporter Melbourne Morning Herald; superintendent of works Victorian Exhibition 1854. MLA 1856-64, President Board af Land and Works 1860-61. Left Vic 1867; proprietor and editor of Japan Daily Herald, Yokohama [ ADB ]
BROOKING, John Sherlock (1840-1916). Surveyor. Born Abbotskerswell, Devon England; civil engineer by1861. Arrived Melbourne 1861, in Melbourne to at least 1862; spent time in NZ until at least 1867, town surveyor Otago 1864; later, in SA, member of Goyder survey party to Northern Territory 1869-70. To WA 1871: surveyor in Government service, triangulation survey of settled districts; inspector of Plans and Surveys, 1885; Deputy-Surveyor General 1890, retired 1896. Active in church and musical life of colony. [ West Australian , 10 November 1916, p. 9; various Australian and NZ newspapers; England census records; WA Blue Books]
BROOKS, Henry (1828-1895). Merchant. Born West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England; to Vic 1853, established merchant business 1854, became Brooks, Robinson and Co; returned to England and set up independent merchant company c.1870 while retaining interest in Melbourne firm and acting as English agent of it. [ Argus (Melbourne) 6 December 1895, p. 4; England census 1891]
BROOKS, John Paul (1848-1930). Pastoralist. Born Dublin, Ireland; arrived Melbourne 1851, settled with mother and sister in Geelong after father died 1851; later dairy farming at ‘Yarra Grange’, Coldstream, Vic. To WA c.1874, settled at Point Malcolm; linesman Israelite Bay telegraph station 1877-83; established ‘Balbinia’ sheep station north of Israelite Bay. Brother of Sarah Theresa Brooks [ Sunday Times (Perth (WA), 27 November 1927, p. 22, Archer & Maroske (1996)]
BROOKS, Sarah Theresa (1850-1928). Born Plymouth, Devon, England; arrived Melbourne 1851, settled with mother and brother in Geelong after father died 1851, and moved with them to WA c.1874; at Israelite Bay 1877-98, ‘Balbinia’ sheep station 1898-28. Sister of John Paul Brooks [ Sunday T i mes (Perth, W. A.) 29 April 1828, p. 8; Archer & Maroske (1996)] Hakea brookeana, Scaevola brookeana
BROOM, Robert (1866-1951). Palaeontologist, physician. Born Paisley, Scotland; graduated Glasgow BSc 1887, MB, ChM 1889, DSc 1905. To Australia 1892, practised in NSW, Qld; worked on marsupial anatomy. To South Africa, in practice Port Nolloth, working on mammals, 1897; Pearston, 1898 working on Karoo fossils. Professor of Zoology and Geology, Stellenbosch 1903-09. After war service, in practice Transvaal. Curator of fossil vertebrates and anthropology, Transvaal Museum 1934. CMZSL; FRS 1920, Royal medal 1928; Geological Society of London Wollaston Medal, 1949. [ Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society , vol. 8, no. 21, pp. 36-70 (1952)]
BROOME, Christopher Edmund (1812-1886). Landowner, mycologist. Born Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England; graduated Cambridge 1832; lived in Somerset, friend of George Henry Kendrick Thwaites; owned land in Essex. Worked on fungi, chiefly with Miles Joseph Berkeley, including on those of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Qld. FLS 1866. [ Journal of Botany, British and Foreign , vol. 25, pp. 148-50 (1887)]
BROOME, Frederick Napier (1842-1896). Colonial administrator. Born in Montréal, Canada; educated in Shropshire, England. Farmed sheep NZ 1857-68; writer and journalist based in England 1869-75; Colonial Secretary Natal 1875-78, Mauritius 1878-80; Lieutenant Governor Mauritius 1880-83; Governor WA, 1883-89; acting governor Barbados, 1890; Governor, Trinidad, 1891-96. CMG 1878, KCMG 1884. [ ADB ]
BROOMFIELD, John (1820-1903). Merchant navy captain, horticulturalist. Born Hampshire, England; went to sea 1835; Master Mariner certificate 1845. From c.1856 merchant and ships' chandler based in Sydney; company director. Maintained extensive gardens at Balmain, NSW; specialist in orchid culture. Vice President Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, President Horticultural Society of NSW. [ Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser , 26 August 1903, p. 548; various NSW newspapers]
BROTHERTON, Anna Mary Winfield (1874-1956). Botanical collector. Born in Melbourne; moved to Castlemaine, Vic with family on father’s retirement, 1887; honorary secretary Castlemaine Field Ramblers' Club. Daughter of Henry Brotherton. [ Marosk e &Vaughan (2014)]
BROTHERTON, Henry (1824-1899). Public servant. Born Whalley, Lancashire, England; to Vic after 1851; joined Public Works Department: clerk, 1853: accountant 1874-87; acting secretary for Public Works 1887; retired to Castlemaine, Vic. Father of Anna Mary Winfield Brotherton. [ Mount Ale x ander Mail , 30 October 1899, p. 2; Vic Blue Books, Non-conformist baptismal record TNA RG 4/1995]
BROTHERUS, Viktor Ferdinand (1849-1929). Botanist. Born Åland, Finland; University of Helsinki, graduated 1873, D.Phil 1884. Taught natural sciences at girls’ school in Helsinki, 1878-1917. Studied bryology, especially mosses, in own time. [ Annales de cryptogamie exotique , series 2, vol. 2, pp. 205-16 (1929)]
BROUN [born BROWN], Thomas (1838-1919). Soldier, farmer, teacher, entomologist. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; privately tutored. Served in Crimea, Burma and India, invalided out 1862. To NZ 1863, captain in Waikato Militia 1863-66; unsuccessfully farmed at Ōpōtiki 1866-76; teacher Auckland Board of Education 1876-88. Government entomologist 1894-1907. Long standing interest in coleoptera, collected for British Museum in Burma; began publishing NZ species 1875. Major (Militia?) 1906. Chevalier, Légion d’honneur, 1916. Fellow, Entomological Society. [ Dictionary of New Z ealand Biography ; various NZ newspapers]
BROWN, Clarence Dircksey Torva (1864-1924). Pastoralist. Born Glengarry, near Geraldton, WA; pearler? Held various properties in Murchison area of WA, retired to Geraldton c.1901. Investigated use of native plants for dyestuff. Son of Kenneth Brown, nephew of Maitland Brown. [Various Australian newspapers; WA birth registration index]
BROWN, David (1847-1911). Pastoralist. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; to Vic 1867; worked on sheep properties, manager ‘Mossgiel’ NSW 1875, later manager ‘Kallara’ and ‘Gooimpa’ on Darling River, acquired financial interest in both; to Melbourne 1896. Pioneered use of artesian water supply. [ Pastoralists’ Review , 15 November 1911, p. 940]
BROWN, George (1835-1917). Missionary. Born Barnard Castle, Durham, England; to NZ 1855. Local preacher Methodist Society; ordained in Sydney, missionary in Samoa 1860-74; in New Britain 1877-80. In Sydney from 1881, General Secretary for missions, retired 1908. Active linguist, zoological and anthropological collector, writer and newspaper correspondent. Active in Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science; FRGS 1877; CMZSL; Honorary DD McGill University 1892. [ ADB ]
BROWN, Gilbert Wilson (1832-1918). Educationist. Born London, England; educated Cambridge, BA 1855 (MA 1881). To Vic 1856; mathematics master Scotch College 1858; headmaster Flinders National Grammar School, Geelong 1858-59; Inspector National Board of Education 1862-72; Inspector General Victorian Education Department 1872-78; Secretary Education Department 1878-89; Clerk to Executive Council 1889-92. [ ADB ]
BROWN, Henry Yorke Lyell (1844-1928). Geologist. Born Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada; studied Royal School of Mines, London 1863-64. Geological Survey of Victoria 1865-69; Government Geologist WA 1870-72. Private mining work Vic and NZ 1872-74; Geological Survey Canada 1874-75; private mining work Vic, NSW 1875-81, NSW Geological Survey, 1881-82; Government Geologist SA 1882-1911. [ ADB ; Z eller & Brannagan (1893)]
BROWN, J. (fl. 1880s). Of Burkes Flat, Vic goldfields, c. 75 km west of Bendigo. Not further identified.
BROWN, James Newbury (c.1838-1915). Gardener. Born England. Arrived Vic c.1863; gardener for Edward Fanning, St Kilda, Vic. 1880s. [ Lea d er (Melbourne), 12 December 1891, p. 10; Vic death certificate 7947/1915]
BROWN, John (1804-1871). Master builder, spirit merchant. Born Marykirk, Kincardineshire, Scotland; to Van Diemen’s Land (now Tas) 1832, to Vic c.1838. Partner in building firm 1832-1843; spirit merchant 1843-c.1863. Lived at ‘Como’ house 1853-64. Strong horticultural interests. [ Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers (Melbourne), 15 June 1871, p. 139]
BROWN, John Croumbie (1808-1895). Clergyman, botanist. Born Haddington, Scotland. London Missionary Society: missionary St. Petersburg, Russia 1833-37; Cape Town, Cape Colony 1844-48. Pastor, Aberdeen, Scotland 1849-53. Botany lecturer, medical school, King’s College Aberdeen 1853-62; Colonial Botanist, Cape Colony 1863-66. Returned to Scotland, published on South African forestry and hydrology. LLD King’s College Aberdeen 1858. FLS, FRGS. [ S 2 A3 ]
BROWN, John Ednie (1847-1899). Silviculturist, forest conservator. Born Borthwick, Midlothian, Scotland; trained with father as forester; managed estates in Yorkshire and Sussex, England; study tour in USA and Canada, 1871-2. In Canada when appointed Conservator of Forests, SA 1878-90; Director General of Forests, NSW 1890, retrenched 1893. Reported on WA forests 1895-6; first Conservator of Forests WA 1896-9. FLS 1879, Member Royal Society of SA 1881; FRHS, 1890. Brother of William Brown. [ ADB ; various Australian newspapers; Scottish Parish records.]
BROWN, John William (1839-1912). Surveyor. Born Hobart, Tas; apprenticed as surveyor; numerous surveys as District Surveyor in north-east Tas; surveys in Bass Strait islands. Knowledgeable botanist and geologist. [ Mercury (Hobart), 4 December 1912, p. 5]
BROWN, Kenneth (1837-1876). Explorer, pastoralist. Born Dorchester, Dorset, England; migrated with family to WA, 1841. Partner in family property ‘Glengarry’, Champion Bay, from 1863, paid out by brothers 1872. Exploring party to Glenelg River, WA 1863, included James Martin. Executed for murder of second wife 1876. Father of Clarence Dircksey Torva Brown, brother of Maitland Brown. [Victoria Marriage certificate 1968/1873; various Australian newspapers, Age (Melbourne) 26 June 1876, p. 3.]
BROWN, Lee (1838-1911). Grazier. Born Bedford, England; arrived Vic 1863, described as ‘gold seeker’. Butcher, Talbot; sheep farmer, Donald; later at Cope Cope. Secretary, Farmers' Union, (St Arnaud branch?), 1879. [ Australasian (Melbourne), 30 December 1911, p. 1694; immigration record; various Victorian newspapers]
BROWN, Maitland (1843-1905). Explorer, squatter, public servant. Born near York, WA; worked on, later partner in, family property ‘Glengarry’, Champion Bay, until it and his adjoining ‘Newmarracarra’ sold in 1877. Member of Francis Gregory 's exploring party 1861. WA magistrate: Greenough 1865, Geraldton, combined with other duties as Government Resident, 1886. Member of Parliament: nominated MLC 1870, elected MLC 1874-86. Brother of Kenneth Brown; uncle of Clarence Dircksey Torva Brown. [ ADB ] Scaevola maitlandi
BROWN, Nicholas Edward (1849-1934). Botanist. Born Redhill, Surrey, England. Curator W.W. Saunders’ private museum, Reigate, Surrey. Kew Herbarium: Assistant 1873, assistant keeper 1909-14. Authority on succulents, asclepiads, and South African Cape plants; worked on Iridaceae and Mesembryanthema at Kew after retirement; microscopist, studied diatoms as hobby. ALS 1879, University of Witwatersrand Hon DSc 1932. [Journal of Botany, British and Foreign, vol. 73, pp. 19-21 (1935)]
BROWN, Nicholas John (1838-1903). Pastoralist, politician. Born Hobart, Tas; commenced farm work 1852, eventually owned property in Tas midlands. Member, House of Assembly 1875-93, Minister for lands and works, 1877-78, 1882-87; speaker of the Assembly 1891-93, 1897-1903. Federationist. Member, University of Tasmania Council, 1890. Trustee, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, 1890. [ ADB ]
BROWN, Robert (1842-1895). Botanist, geographer. Born Campster, Caithness, Scotland; Studied Edinburgh (BA 1860), Leiden, Copenhagen, Rostock (Hon PhD 1870). Travelled in North Atlantic, Pacific, North and South America, north-west Africa; botanist to British Columbia expedition 1863, leader Vancouver Island expedition 1864; studied glaciation Greenland 1867. Lecturer: Edinburgh School of Arts natural history from 1869; University of Edinburgh medicine, botany, geology; unsuccessful applicant Professor of Botany 1873. Journalist and writer of popular science; leader writer for London Standard 1879-95. FLS 1873, FRGS, c.1863. [ ODNB ]
BROWN, Robert [also occurs as RBr, R.Br.] (1773-1858). Botanist, microscopist. Born Montrose, Scotland; studied at Marischal College, Aberdeen and University of Edinburgh, but did not graduate. Ensign and assistant surgeon, Fifeshire regiment, 1795-1800; naturalist to Mathew Flinders’s maritime survey of Australia 1800-05; Librarian, Linnean Society of London 1805-22; Librarian to Sir Joseph Banks 1810-20. Inherited Banks’s house and life interest in Banks’s collection and library; transferred to British Museum 1827; Keeper Botany British Museum 1827-58. DCL Oxford 1832, Hon LLB Glasgow 1834; Banksian Medal, Royal Horticultural Society 1825; Honorary FRSE 1825. Foreign Associate, Académie des Sciences, Paris 1833. Royal Geographical Society, initial council member and FRGS 1830. Linnean Society: ALS 1798, FLS, 1822, President 1849-53; Royal Society of London: FRS 1811, Copley Medal 1839, Vice President 1843-44. Declined Civil List Pension £200 p.a. 1843-44. [ ODNB ] [Many eponyms, mostly by recombination as Mueller revised generic limits]
BROWN, T. (fl.1895). Of Adelaide, SA. Not further identified.
BROWN, Walterus le Brun (1843-1928). Pastoralist, auctioneer, journalist, police magistrate. Born Paterson, NSW; after schooling, worked on property of brother-in-law ‘Degilbo’, Burnett district, Qld; in Tumut NSW from c.1867, auctioneer Adelong NSW 1869; auctioneer and agent Wangaratta Vic c.1872-74; proprietor Wilcannia Times 1874, insolvent 1886. Clerk of Petty Sessions, Wilcannia 1880-?; Police Magistrate NSW towns 1888-1914. [ Brisbane Courier , 3 August 1928, p. 17; NSW Blue Books; various Australian newspapers]
BROWN, William (1835-1903). Agricultural educator. Born King Edward, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; trained with his father as forester and estate manager; worked on estates in Aberdeenshire. Land valuer and estate agent, Canada, 1872-c.1874; Professor of Agriculture, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, c.1874-88. Agricultural College Principal, Vic: Longeronong 1889-90, Dookie 1891 until retrenched 1894. Agricultural journalist, Weekly Times (Melbourne) ?-1896. Manager, Lord Brassey’s Broomhill Estate, WA, March-October 1896; Director of experimental farms, WA Bureau of Agriculture 1896-? Brother of John Ednie Brown. [Falvey & Bardsley (1997); various Australian newspapers, Scottish Parish records].
BROWN, William Henry Thomas (1840-1926). Mariner, parliamentarian, conservator of forests. Born Hobart; went to sea age 12, master age 19, engaged in inter-colonial and Mauritius trade; occasionally to Great Britain. Farmed at Campbell Town, Tas. Active in local politics: councillor 1875-84, Road Trust trustee 1876-88; Member Tas House of Assembly, 1882-89, 1893-1903. Conservator of Forests 1889-92. Elected FLS but cancelled at his request 1890. [ Mercury (Hobart) 22 July 1926, p. 7]
BROWN, William Isles (1834-1924). Contractor, farmer. Born Dundee, Angus, Scotland; to Vic 1854. Government contractor, Darraweit Guim and surrounding districts; to Echuca district c.1876. Active in civic affairs. [ Riverine Herald , 1 March 1924, p. 2; various Vic newspapers]
BROWNE, Arthur Henry Leighton (1854-1929). Accountant. Born Richmond, Vic; educated Melbourne Church of England Grammar School. Company Secretary Château Tahbilk winery and associated Australian Freehold Land and Produce Company; wine judge; active in Viticultural Society of Victoria, President 1916-19 [Various Victorian newspapers].
BROWNE, John Collis (1819-1884). Army surgeon, inventor. Born Maidstone, Kent, England; MRCS 1842, extra-licentiate Royal College of Physicians 1845; Army Medical Service 1845-56, served in China, India, Cape Colony; developed chlorodyne for treatment of cholera 1848; assigned right of manufacture and sale of ‘Dr. J. Collis Brownes Chlorodyne’ to partner J. T. Davenport c.1856; numerous maritime patents. [ ‘C. D . W’ . (1973)]
BROWNE, John Harris (1817-1904). Medical practitioner, pastoralist. Born Wiltshire, England; studied medicine École de Médecine Paris, MRCS Edinburgh 1839. Arrived Adelaide 1840; in 1845 SA medical register; medical officer with Charles Sturt’s expedition 1844-45; JP 1851. Ran sheep stations with older brother William James Browne 1842-70; returned to England 1870s but made extended later visits to South Australia. [ ADB ]
BROWNE, Jonathan Watts (1827-1908). Accountant and secretary. Born Harwich, Essex, England; in Beaufort, Vic c.1856-1906. Secretary to local and regional organizations, including Ararat Mining Board, Beaufort United Common, Beaufort Cemetery Trust; committee member and one-term President, Beaufort Mechanics' Institute. Auditor several Shire Councils. [ Ballarat Star , 25 August 1908, p. 2; various Victorian newspapers]
BROWNE, Justin McCarty (1830-1889). Businessman. Born Launceston, Tas. Joined Californian gold rush. In Hobart Tas established Justin Brown and Co., shipping agents and importers; director of other companies. Land title commissioner; Warden Hobart Marine Board; active committee member in public affairs; member of Council, Royal Society of Tasmania . Consul for France. Father-in-law of William Lambert Dobson. [ Mercury (Hobart), 22 July 1889, p. 3]
BROWNE, Thomas Gore (1807-1887). Soldier, colonial Governor. Born Aylesbury, England; enlisted Army age 16, Lieutenant colonel 1845; Governor: St Helena 1851; NZ 1851, recalled 1861; Tasmania 1861-68; temporary administrator Bermuda 1870-71. KCMG 1869. [ ADB ]
BROWNE, William James (1815-1894). Medical practitioner, pastoralist, politician. Born Wiltshire, England; studied medicine École de Médecine Paris, MRCS Edinburgh 1838. Arrived Adelaide 1839; in 1845 SA medical register. Took up land; ran sheep stations with younger brother John Harris Browne 1842-70. Member SA House of Assembly 1860-62. To England 1866, later visiting SA several times; settled in Devon from 1878. [ ADB ]
BROWNING, John (c.1831-1925). Scientific instrument maker. Born Kent (some sources give London); trained in medicine Guy’s Hospital, London. Apprenticed to his father, a maker of nautical instruments; developed business relating to ophthamological devices; produced precision lenses and spectroscopes. Fellow Royal Astronomical Society 1865; a founder of British Optical Association 1895. [Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 90, pp. 359-62 (1930)]
BROWNLEE, John (1791-1871). Missionary. Born Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland; to South Africa with London Missionary Society, 1817; left Society 1817; government agent to Xhosa 1818-25; rejoined LMS, founding mission station King William’s Town 1825. [ Dictionary of African Christian Biography , accessed 25 February 2022]
BROWNLESS, Anthony Colling (1817-1897). Medical practitioner, university administrator. Born Kent, England; apprenticed as physician; MRCS 1841, LSA 1841, MD St Andrews 1847; FRCS 1884. Arrived Melbourne 1852. Physician to Melbourne Benevolent Asylum 1853, Melbourne Hospital 1854-66, consulting physician 1866, extensive private practice. University of Melbourne: member of council 1855; active in initiating medical school opened 1862; Vice-chancellor 1858-87; Chancellor 1887-97. Active in Roman Catholic affairs, especially Catholic education committee; knighthood Order of St Gregory 1870, Knight Commander Order of Pius 1893. Honorary LLD, St Andrews and Melbourne, both 1888. CMG 1888, KCMG 1893. [ ADB ] Achras brownlessiana.
BRUCE, Henry Austin [1st Baron ABERDARE] (1815-1895). Politician. Born Dyffryn Aberdâr, Glamorgan, Wales; called to the Bar (Lincolns Inn) 1837, retired from practise 1843. Magistrate Merthyr Tydfil 1847-52. Elected MP 1852, Under-secretary Home Office 1862-64; lost Welsh seat 1868, elected for Renffrewshire, Scotland 1869, Home Secretary 1868-73. Raised to peerage as Lord Aberdare; Lord President of the Council, 1873-74. Remained active in public life: chair of various Royal Commissions, including Welsh educational reform; first Chancellor of University of Wales. FRS 1876; Royal Historical Society, president 1878-92; Royal Geographical Society, president 1880-85; Royal Horticultural Society, president 1876-1885. [ OD N B , various issues of Times (London)]
BRUCE, James (fl. 1860s). Farmer. Purchased land Cranbourne, Vic 1858; returned to UK c.1863, reported as living in Chislehurst, Kent c.1872, and in Scotland 1889. Cranbourne property advertised for long lease, 1862; advertised for sale through attorney, Bruce ‘now living in Europe’ 1876. Donated meteorite to British Museum. [ Lucas et al (1994); various Victorian Newspapers.]
BRUCE, James Donald (1830-1893). Tea planter. Born Suddeeah, Assam, India; son of C. A. Bruce who developed tea plantation in Assam. Joined Victorian Public Service, 1853, Gold receiver 1857-63. In Assam by 1864. [Vic Blue Books; various Australian newspapers]
BRUCE, John (1818-1870). Military officer. Born Athlone, Ireland; educated Military College, Sandhurst; ensign 1828, captain 1842; served in Bengal, China, staff officer Tilbury, UK. Staff officer to Pensioner Force, WA 1850; In charge WA volunteer force 1861, Colonel 1863. Member Executive Council WA 1854, Acting Governor 1862, 1868-69. [ ADB ] Eriostemon brucei.
BRUCE, John Monro (1840-1901). Businessman. Born Brooklawn, County Leitrim, Ireland; arrived Vic 1858. Joined warehouse firm 1860, partner by 1868 until 1878; joined softgoods firm, Paterson, Laing & Bruce, as resident partner 1879-97, bought out partners 1897, floating limited liability company; acquired Tas and NSW firms. Harbor Trust commissioner 1883-90; president: Young Men’s Christian Association, Melbourne Hospital, Warehousemen’s Association, Softgoods Association, Royal Melbourne Liedertafel. [ ADB ]
BRUCE, John Vans Agnew (1822-1863). Road and railway contractor. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; arrived Vic 1854. Road contractor Gisborne, Vic; rail contractor and foundry operator, Castlemaine; ruthless exploiter of labour. [ ADB ]
BRUNEL, André Adolphe (1810-1871). Naval surgeon. Born Hyères, France; studied medicine École navale de Médecine, Toulon, 1832, Montpellier 1838. Naval surgeon, River Plate Uruguay 1838-40; Charity Hospital Montevideo 1842-70 when returned to France. President Medical Junta of Montevideo; Chevalier Légion d’honneur; Brazilian Order of Christ; Gold medal Benevolent Society of Montevideo. [‘Notice sur le Dr Ad. Brunel’ in Brunel (18 7 0) ; Diccionario Uruguayo Biografias ]
BRUNNER VON WATTENWYL, Karl (1823-1914). Physicist, entomologist. Born Bern, Switzerland; studied physics and geology, Geneva; Berlin doctorate 1846. Introduced telegraphy to Switzerland 1851, Austria 1857, later Greece and Turkey. Minister in Austrian Ministry of Commerce, 1872. Studied Orthoptera. Appointed ‘Ritter’, 1880. [ Deutsche biographie ; ‘J. A. G . R. ‘ (1913)]
BRUNNING, George (1830-1893). Nurseryman. Born Lowestoft, Suffolk, England; trained as gardener Somerleyton Hall, Suffolk. Arrived Vic 1853; manager, John Rule nursery, Richmond Vic 1854. Designed gardens while establishing own nursery St Kilda 1856. [ ADB , Aitken & Looker (2002)]
BRUNTON, Donald Smith (1841-1899). Presbyterian clergyman. Born Campbelltown, Argyll, Scotland; arrived Melbourne 1863, licensed to preach by Presbytery of Melbourne 1866. Minister at Queenscliff, Vic 1869, then at Trentham, Blackwood and Ballan; to Tas as minister in Launceston. [ Launceston examiner (Tas), 28 September 1899, p. 3; various Victorian newspapers]
BRUWAERT, François Edmond (1847-1927). Consul and writer on art history. Born Paris; joined consular service 1873, until 1882 in Paris; served Chicago 1882, China 1886, Melbourne 1887, Chicago and New York 1887; other postings include Havana 1902, Uruguay 1904; retired 1911. Légion d’honneur: chevalier 1886, officer 1893. [ Archives nationales (France); various French and United States newspapers]
BRYSON, William Edward (1823-1903). Civil engineer. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; railways civil engineer Ireland; railway bridge engineer New York 1851-52: arrived Melbourne 1853. Victoria Railways department; private practice; later shire engineer for Boroondara, Goulbourn, Nunawading, Oakleigh. Member Philosophical Institute of Victoria/Royal Society of Victoria. [Various newspapers: USA, Victoria, journals of Philosophical Institute and Royal Society Vic; Argus (Melbourne) 26 June 1903. p. 1]
BUCHANAN, Isaac (c.1818-1869). Merchant, cattle grazier. Born Dunbartonshire, Scotland; junior in Glasgow shipping firm; arrived Port Phillip 1839, established partnership of Bells & Buchanan as general merchants and importers Melbourne with hinterland pastoralist interests c.1841; additionally formed partnership with Robert Turnbull, Port Albert; from c.1850 held ‘Roseneath’ near Lake Wellington, Gippsland; had interest with Angus Macmillan in ‘Sandy Creek’.[ Gippsland Times , 15 June 1869, p. 3; ‘Bells & Buchanan’, Australasian (Melbourne), 14 March 1936, p. 4; Vic death certificate 5532/1869]
BUCHANAN, John (1819-1898). Botanist, artist. Born Levenside, Dunbartonshire, Scotland; pattern designer in calico printworks. To NZ 1852, farmed near Dunedin. Assistant on surveys 1856-9. Recommended by Joseph Hooker to James Hector; employed as botanist and draughtsman on Otago survey 1863, Geological Survey and Colonial Museum, Wellington 1865-85. Foundation member New Zealand Institute, lithographed illustrations for its Transactions. FLS 1876. [ Dictionary of New Zealand Biog r aphy ; Adams (2002)]
BUCHANAN, John (1821-1903). Clergyman. Born Chryston, Lanarkshire, Scotland; MA Glasgow; ordained Free Church of Scotland 1844. To Natal 1861, organized Presbyterian Church in Durban and Pietermaritzburg; collected botanically in Natal. Resigned ministry 1874; collected in Orange Free State to 1877. Later ministry in Madeira. Retired to Largs, Scotland 1880. [ Glen & Germishuizen (2010), p. 114]
BUCHANAN, William (1823-1884). Sawmiller; farmer. Born Stirling, Scotland; arrived Vic c.1851 with sawmill equipment, establishing partnership with Turnbull brothers at Sealers Cove; from c.1854 operated independent mill at Muddy Creek near Port Albert. From c.1866 farmed at Lindenow, Vic. [ Bairnsdale Advertiser , 22 March 1884, p. 2]
BUCHANAN, William Frederick (1824-1911). Pastoralist and gold prospector. Born Dublin, Ireland; arrived Sydney 1837 with parents and siblings, settled near Scone, NSW. Managed family properties including runs near Gunnedah and ‘Rimbanda’ in New England district. Prospected for gold, Gippsland Vic 1849, later discovered goldfields near ‘Rimbanda’; consolidated property holdings on sheep and cattle runs near Coonamble, c.1860; later moved to near Narrabri, adding holdings in NT and Qld. Life member Royal Colonial Institute 1886; FRGS, Fellow Royal Historical Society, JP (NSW). [ ADB ]
BUCHENAU, Franz Georg Philipp (1831-1906). Teacher, botanist. Born Cassel, Hesse, Germany; attended technical school in Kassel, influenced by Rudolph Phillipi. Studied at University of Marburg 1848; Göttingen doctorate 1850 on floral development. Qualified as teacher and taught high school, Cassel, then Bremen from 1855. Botanical morphologist, systematist and phytogeographer. [ Focke, W. O. (1909)]
BUCKINGHAM AND CHANDOS, Duke of; see Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, Richard.
BUCKLAND, Stephen Vine (c.1831-1886). Solicitor. Born Newtown, Sydney, NSW; to Geelong, Vic as youth. Articled clerk, admitted attorney 1855; partner in law firm that became Taylor, Buckland and Gates. Active in civic affairs: member and several terms as mayor, Newton and Chilwell Borough Council; President Geelong Hospital; co-founder Chilwell Free Reading Room; steward Geelong Racing Club. [ Geelong Advertiser , 28 October 1886, p. 3]
BUCKLEY, George (c.1835-1897). Railway contractor. Born Newcastle under Lyme, England; agricultural labourer. Arrived Vic c.1856; contract mason at Camperdown, later railway contractor, based Melbourne from c.1883; sons joined business as George Buckley & Sons. [ Camperdown Chronicle , 6 April 1897; Vic death certificate 5377/1897; various Vic newspapers.]
BUCKLEY, W [Captain Buckley] fl. 1860s. New Zealand; contributor to Melbourne Botanic Gardens. Not unambiguously identified.
BUCKLEY, William (1780-1856). ‘Wild white man’. Born Marton, Cheshire, England; served in 4th regiment, Netherlands, 1799. Convicted of receiving stolen goods, 1802; transported for life, arrived Port Phillip 1803; absconded, treated as reincarnation of chief of Watourong tribe with whom he lived near Bream Creek, Vic, until surrendering 1835; pardoned, employed as interpreter. To Hobart 1837, gatekeeper at Female Factory 1841-50. [ ADB ]
BUCKNALL, Henry (1837-1922). Farmer. Born Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England; arrived Vic with family 1843, settled near Carisbrook. To Natal 1860s, returned to Vic c.1874; in Genoa, Gippsland by 1892, several government roles: election returning officer, mining registrar and Crown Lands licences fee collector. [Rodborough Parish baptisms; Victoria Government Gazettes].
BUFTON, John (1858?-1911) [nom de plume "Brynithon"]. Clergyman; botanical and paleontological collector. Born Labinster, Radnorshire, Wales; grocery manager, Wrexham. Lay preacher; entered Nottingham Institute for training as Congregational minister; served briefly in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. To Vic 1888, pastor Rutherglen 1888; author and student including botany University of Melbourne, 1889-90; appointed to Tas 1891, ministries Bream Creek, Dunnally, Carlton and Tasman Peninsula; ordained Nottingham 1897 on visit to England.To WA: Assistant pastor Fremantle 1897, Pastor Bunbury 1899-1901, President Congregational Union. Retired to farm and orchard Dunnally, Tas 1901. Hon. PhD Ewing University Illinois 1901 for contributions to literature of Wales. FRHS 1892, FLS 1893, FRGS 1895, FGS 1900, Fellow Royal Meteorological Society 1901. Wrote poetry, prose fiction, hymns, history. [ Daily Post (Hobart), 6 May 1911, p. 7; Southern T ime s (Bunbury, WA), 9 February 1899, p. 3; various Australian newspapers]
BUICK, John (1822-1914). Shipwright, farmer and orchardist. Born Montrose, Scotland; ships carpenter. Arrived Adelaide 1844, to Kangaroo Island c.1854, built Kangaroo to trade between Kangaroo Island and St Vincent’s Gulf ports; farmer at American River. [ Kangaroo Island Courier , 14 March 1914, p. 4]
BUIST, Robert (1805-1880). Nurseryman, seedsman. Born Cupar, Fyfe, Scotland; trained with William McNabb, Edinburgh; worked at Elveston Castle, Derbyshire. To Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA 1828; partner with Thomas Hibbert 1830-3. Established R. Buist’s exotic nursery, inter alia specializing in ‘New Holland’ plants; published garden guides. Son Robert Buist ran seeds business from c.1861. [ History of Early American Landscape Design , accessed 1 April 2022]
BUIST, Robert (1837-1910). Nurseryman, seedsman. Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA; worked with his father Robert Buist snr; in business on his own account 1855; when father retired purchased his business later creating Robert Buist & Co. [Beath (1910), pp. 60-1].
BULL, Henrik Johan (1844-1930). Businessman, whaler. Born Stokke, Norway; worked in trade and business Tønsberg. To Melbourne 1888 working in shipping and trading with Trapp, Blair & Co.; naturalized 1903. Led Antarctic exploration and whaling expedition to Ross Sea 1894-5, with landing at Cape Adare, Antarctica. From Norway led further expeditions to Antarctica: Catherine sealing expedition 1906, surviving shipwreck; Soglimt whaling expedition for own company 1907-8. [ Norsk Biografisk Leksikon , accessed 1 April 2022; National Archives of Australia, naturalization records A712, 1903/R3818; various Australian and British newspapers]
BULL, John Edward Newell (1806-1901). Military officer, public servant. Born Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland; commissioned Ensign 1825 after attending Sandhurst Military College, served in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1826-38; promoted Captain. To Hobart with 99th Regiment 1842, thence to Sydney; magistrate; assistant engineer in charge of convict road gangs to Bathurst. Commissioner for Crown lands, Vic: Bendigo 1852, Mt Alexander 1853; goldfields warden Castlemaine 1855-69, remaining there in retirement until 1897. Lieutenant Colonel Vic Volunteers 1863, retiring as Colonel. Active in civic affairs. Father of William McL Bull. [ ADB ]
BULL, William (1828-1902). Nurseryman. Born Winchester, Hampshire, England; trained with Henderson of St John’s Wood, London where supervised by William Allitt; acquired a nursery in Chelsea 1861; specialised in ornamental plants, warm-house flowering plants and orchids. Sent plant hunters to Colombia, South America. FRGS 1853; FLS 1866; FZSL 1874; FRHS (before 1874), Victoria Medal of Honour 1897. [ Gardeners’ Chronicle , 7 June 1902, p. 381]
BULL, William McLeod (1847-1921). Broker, surveyor?, farmer. Born Blackheath NSW; to Vic when father appointed Commissioner for Crown Lands, Bendigo 1852, then to Castlemaine 1853 until at least 1903; possibly a period in Qld c.1879. Later farmed near Rochester Vic c.1914-9 and then to Qld. Son of John E. N. Bull [‘The romance of the Great Western Road—Captain Bull, Commandant on the Blue Mountains in the Forties’, Truth (Sydney), 29 May 1921, p. 12; Freemason membership register; Australian electoral rolls, various issues of Mount Alexander Mail]
BULL, William Perkins (1819-1882). Tutor. Born Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England; date of arrival in Australia not found, but evidently in England census 1851 and not in 1861; in Tumbarumba, NSW from at least 1868, died there. [NSW Will Books 1800-1952, Grant of administration, No. 7478, 1882; Baptism register, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, no. 1363; England census]
BULMER, John (1833-1913). Anglican missionary. Born Monkwearmouth, Durham, England; apprenticed cabinet-maker 1849; to Vic 1852; despite Methodist background accepted for Anglican Aboriginal mission, Murray-Darling junction; established Lake Tyers mission, Gippsland, 1862. Ordained Anglican priest 1903; remained at Lake Tyers after secularization 1907 with religious duties only. [ Australian Dictionary of Evangelical Biography , accessed 5 April 2022; Baptism register, Monkwearmouth, Durham, 1833, no. 166]
BUNBURY, Diana Richardson (1811-1898). Settler of independent means. Born Ireland; to WA 1855, settled at Picton. Charitable giver; plant collector, amassing a large collection of WA specimens; supplier of seeds to Glasnevin Botanic Garden, Dublin. Collecting algae by at least 1872, commemorated by J. G. Agardh in Thamnoclonium bunburyens; dated herbarium specimens at MEL 1874-84, at K 1882-7. [ Bunbury Herald , 6 October 1898, p. 3; West Australian , 7 October 1898, p. 2; Maroske & Vaughan (2014); various Australian newspapers] Atriplex bunburyanum? (see Maroske & Vaughan)
BUNCE, Daniel (1813-1872). Explorer, botanist, newspaper columnist. Born Hertfordshire, England; trained as gardener. To Tas 1833, opening nursery in Launceston. To Port Phillip 1839, established nursery at St Kilda. Member second Ludwig Leichhardt expedition 1846. Unsuccessful applicant for directorship of Melbourne Botanic Garden 1849. Managed Bendigo mining company 1852-7. Director Geelong Botanic Gardens 1857. Wrote on Aboriginal language and contributed articles to newspapers. [ ADB , various Australian newspapers] Panicum buncei .
BUNNY, Maria Hedwig Dorothea [née WULSTEN] (1828-1902). Exploration organizer, fundraiser. Born Stargard, Pomerania, Germany (now Poland); arrived Vic c.1855, married Brice Frederick Bunny January 1856. Member Ladies’ Leichhardt Search Committee. [Stargard household registers; Vic death certificate 10376/1902; ADB ]
BURBIDGE, Frederick William (Thomas) (1847-1905). Botanist, author, explorer. Born Wymeswold, Leicestershire, England; gardener Royal Horticultural Society Chiswick, then Kew 1868-70; on staff of Garden, 1873-7. Collected for James Veitch & Sons in Borneo 1877-8; Curator Trinity College Garden, Dublin 1879-1905. FLS, FRHS, Victoria Medal of Honour 1897; Member Royal Irish Academy, 1887; Honorary MA Dublin 1889. [ Gardeners’ Chronicle , 6 January 1906, p. 10; Journal of Botany, British and Foreign , vol. 44, 1906, p. 80]
BURCHELL, William John (1781-1863). Explorer and naturalist. Born Fulham, London; worked at Kew Gardens. To St Helena 1805: superintendent Botanic Garden 1806, East India Company naturalist 1808. To Cape Town 1810, travelled through Cape Colony and Bechuanaland (now Botswana) 1811-5. Diplomatic mission to Brazil, collected natural history specimens 1825-30. DCL Oxford 1834. [ ODNB ]
BURDETT-COUTTS, Angela Georgina [suo jure Baroness BURDETT-COUTTS from 1871] (1814-1906). Philanthropist. Born London; inherited wealth of grandfather Thomas Coutts, banker. Major donor to Church of England, including endowing bishopric of Adelaide, SA; patron of elementary and technical education; supporter of Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institute (now Birkbeck College, University of London); patron of artists; promoted social reform in East End of London; supported relief work abroad, including Ireland and during Russo-Turkish and South African Wars. Part-funded David Livingstone and Henry Moton Stanley for African exploration. [ OD N B ]
BUREAU, Louis Édouard (1830-1918). Physician, botanist, palaeobotanist. Born Nantes, France; studied medicine at Nantes and Paris, MD 1852, DrPhil 1856, DrSciNat 1864. Muséum national d’histoire naturelle: Assistant 1872; Professor of botany and director of the phanerogamic and palaeobotanical collections 1874-1905; Director Jardin des Plantes 1883-1905. Founding member, Société botanique de France 1854, President 1875, 1883. 1902, 1905; Member, Académie de Medecine, 1901; Légion d’Honneur, chevalier 1894. [ Lecompte (1924)]
BURKE, Robert Bartlett (c.1818-1892). Settler, university administrator. Born Versailles, France; to Tas c.1836. To Vic c.1838; Chetwynd, Glenelg River, magistrate 1847; to Warrnambool ?-1850; held ‘Mt Shadwell’, Mortlake 1850-66; in Melbourne by c.1868. Secretary, then Librarian, Medical School, University of Melbourne, 1878-92. [various issues Victoria Government Gazette, Vic death certificate /19025607; probate administration records PROV, VPRS 28/P0002, 49/182; Vic Blue Books]
BURKE, Robert O’Hara (1821-1861). Policeman, explorer. Born St Clerans, County Galway, Ireland. Educated Woolwich Academy; Lieutenant, Austrian cavalry regiment to 1848, Irish Mounted Constabulary 1848-53. To Victoria 1853; acting Inspector, later Superintendent, Victoria Police. Appointed leader of Victorian Exploring Expedition (later renamed Burke and Wills Exploring Expedition) 1860: crossed Australia from south to north, died at abandoned depot at Coopers Creek on return journey. [ ADB ]
BURKILL, Isaac Henry (1870-1965). Botanist. Born Leeds, England. Educated Cambridge, BA 1891; Assistant curator Cambridge University herbarium, 1891-7; Assistant Kew Herbarium, 1897-1901. Indian Museum, Calcutta, India, 1901-12; Director, Singapore Botanic Garden, 1912-25. FLS 1894, botanical secretary 1937-44. [Desmond (1994); London Times, 9 March 1965, p. 14]
BURKITT, Edwin Sawtell (1837-1907). Banker. Born Cahore Point, Wrexford, Ireland; to NSW with family c.1849. To Vic c.1852; active in debating society, St Kilda late 1850s-early 1860s; in Otago NZ 1863. To SA by 1866; manager, later inspector, Bank of Adelaide; JP 1871. Interested in chemistry, SA patent applied for 1874. Son of John Burkitt (c.1804-1863), brother of John Birkitt (c.1834-1909) and William Christopher Burkitt. [ Advertiser (Adelaide), 24 October 1907, p. 6; various Australian and NZ newspapers; Vic death certificate for father]
BURKITT, Ellen Gaskin [née CARIGE] (1840-1916). Botanical collector. Born ‘Pandurra’ run, SA. Married William Christopher Burkitt 1872; collected plants on and near husband’s properties 1884-5. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
BURKITT, John (c.1804-1863). Squatter. Born Cahore Point, Wrexford, Ireland; to NSW c.1849, to Vic c.1852. Held ‘Golgolow’ run, western NSW; traded as John Burkitt & Sons. Father of John Birkitt (c.1834-1909), William Christopher Burkitt and Edwin Sawtell Burkitt. [Various Australian and NZ newspapers; Vic death certificate 8848/1863]
BURKITT, John (c.1834-1909). Pastoralist. Born Cahore Point, Wrexford, Ireland; probably to NSW with family c.1849 and Vic c.1852. JP Walgett district, NSW c.1876-8. JP Glencoe, near Yam Creek, NT, 1880-c.1882. JP and manager of ‘Maxwellton’, Queensland, c.1883-c1896. Son of John Burkitt (c.1804-1863), brother of Edwin Sawtell Burkitt and William Christopher Burkitt. [Various Australian newspapers, Vic death certificate for father] Acacia burkitii (his name has been given as S. Burkitt, see Bentham (1863-78), vol. 2, p. 400), Swainsona burkittii (?)
BURKITT, William Christopher (1839-1908). Grazier. Born Cahore Point, Wrexford, Ireland; probably to NSW with family c.1849 and Vic c.1852. To SA by1860s, held properties ‘Lincoln Gap’, ‘Tingatingarna’, ‘Ediacara’, and ‘Montpena’; SA and intercolonial patents applied for 1885, 1891. JP, SA. Gold mining interest, SA? Stock inspector, Walkerville, SA. Son of John Burkitt (c.1804-1863), brother of John Birkitt (c.1834-1909) and Edwin Sawtell Burkitt; husband of Ellen Gaskin Burkitt. [May sometimes be confused with son William Clarence Burkitt (1874-1937), who managed ‘Tingatingarna’, later ‘Innamincka’, SA and ‘Newcastle Waters’, NT] [ Express and Telegraph (Adelaide), 6 July 1908. p. 1; various Australian newspapers. Vic death certificate for father]
BURLEY, Joseph (1839-1896). Caretaker. Born England; seaman; caretaker and messenger Melbourne Observatory 1879-90; caretaker and messenger English and Scottish Bank, then Standard Bank, from which stole 1,200 cigars, sentenced to one month gaol 1895. [Various Australian newspapers; Vic Blue Books; Vic Police Gazette , 15 January 1896]
BURMEISTER, Karl Hermann Konrad (1807-1892). Naturalist, traveller. Born Stralsund, Germany. Studied Greifswald and Halle, doctorates in both medicine and natural sciences 1829; high school teacher Berlin 1831; Professor of Zoology Halle, 1837-61, with periods of leave travelling and collecting in South America. Extreme left member of Prussian House of Representatives 1848-50. From 1861 in Argentina, director of Natural History Museum, Buenos Aires; active in founding natural sciences faculty, University of Cordoba. Director of Academia de Ciencias. [ Deutsche Biographie ; Taschenberg (1893)]
BURNS, John (c.1825-1921). Grazier. Born Auchtergaven, Perthshire Scotland; arrived Australia c.1852. Held, initially with his brother, ‘Jerra Jerra’, Cookardinia, NSW, by1862; sold 1902. JP, c.1870.[Various Australian newspapers]
BURRELL, George (1813-1876). Ship's captain. Born Bocking, Essex, England; master of vessels trading in Australian and NZ waters by 1839, some longer voyages to UK and Asian ports by 1850. Pilot Board of Victoria: member 1854-61, secretary 1861-; municipal magistrate, Williamstown, Vic 1857, resigned 1858; proprietor of bonded warehouse 1858. [ Williamstown Chronicle , 16 December 1876, p. 2; various Australian newspapers, various issues Victoria Government Gazette]
BURROW, William (c.1816-1890). Cooper, businessman. Born Cornwall, worked as cooper; arrived Vic 1848, established cooperage in Geelong c.1849. Active in civic affairs, member Geelong City Council 1853-, Mayor 1858-60. JP 1869. [Various Victorian newspapers; Victoria Government Gazette; shipping records]
BURTON, Pritchard John (1824-1905). Market gardener, herbalist. Born Middlesex, England; newsagent in 1851 England Census. In Vic by 1852, established market garden; active in horticultural and agricultural societies. Herbalist. [Various Australian newspapers]
BURTON, Robert Charles (c.1836-1916). Telegraph line supervisor. Born Canada(?); in SA by 1870 when appointed Sub-Overseer for Overland Telegraph Line linking Adelaide and Darwin; in Qld Telegraph Department by 1881; in WA probably by 1893, certainly by 1912. Donor of plants and lepidoptera to Qld and WA museums. [Various Australian newspapers; George (2009)]
BUSK, George (1807-1886). Naturalist, surgeon. Born St Petersburg, Russia; educated Yorkshire; studied medicine St Thomas’s and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals, London; surgeon Royal Naval Hospital Greenwich 1830-55, consulting surgeon from 1866. Royal College of Surgeons: FRCS 1843; Hunterian Professor 1856-9; council member 1863-80, President 1871. Foundation Home Office Inspector (Cruelty to Animals (Vivisection) Act, 1876-85. Worked on bryozoa, cave fauna. Member and office bearer in numerous scientific societies including founder member Microscopical: 1839 President 1848-49; Linnean Society: FLS 1846, Zoological Secretary 1857-68, Vice-President 1869-82; Royal Society: FRS 1850, four periods as council member, Royal Medal 1871; Geological Society: FGS 1859, Lyell Medal 1878, Wollaston Medal 1885. [ ODNB , Plarr’s Lives of the Fellows ]
BUST, Robert Day (1812-1877). Butcher, farmer, auctioneer, public official. Born Winterton, Lincolnshire, England; farmed Saxby, Lincolnshire, bankrupt 1840. In NZ by 1844 until at least 1846, farmer and butcher Auckland. In England by 1847, practising as an auctioneer, Stamford, Lincolnshire, then Reading, Berkshire, bankrupt 1850. Arrived Vic 1854; pound keeper St Kilda 1858, Town Clerk, Brighton 1859-62, bankrupt 1862. In Otago NZ by 1863: licensed auctioneer 1863; Inspector of Cattle and Market Inspector 1864, bankrupt 1864, self-declared insolvent 1868; flax-dresser when bankrupt 1871. [Baptism register; Vic passenger lists; various UK, Australian and NZ newspapers]
BUTLER, Amy S. (f. 1889). Teacher. Taught at Holstein House Ladies College, Windsor, Vic. No other biographical details found. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
BUTLER, H. L. (f. 1862-1865). Lived in Calcutta, India; supplied and received animals in exchanges with Acclimatisation Society of Victoria. Not further identified. [Various Victorian newspapers]
BUTLER, J. H. (f. 1862-1869). Lived in Calcutta, India; supplied Mueller with living Indian plants and seeds; sent Ganges fish for Acclimatisation Society of Victoria. Not further identified. [M’s reports to government; various Victorian newspapers]
BUTLER, James Samuel (1855-1908). Civil engineer, local government official. Born Kettering, Northamptonshire, England; apprenticed to London and North-Western Railway Company; associate member Institute of Civil Engineers 1881; Assistant, then Draftsman, Roads, NSW Public Works, 1882-c.1885; briefly in private practice NSW and Daylesford Vic? Engineer Shire of Walhalla Vic 1887-90; Town Clerk and Surveyor, Borough of Hamilton Vic 1892-9; Town Clerk, Albany WA, 1899-1901; Secretary, engineer, Frankston and Hastings Shire Council Vic 1902-4; Secretary, engineer, Mornington Shire Council Vic 1905-8. [NSW Blue books; UK Civil Engineer lists 1885-86; Mornington Standard , 15 November 1902, p. 2; various WA and Vic newspapers]
BUTTERS, James Stewart (1832-1912). Businessman, politician. Born Blair Gowrie, Scotland; to Melbourne 1853, worked in stores in Melbourne and Warrnambool; stockbroker and gold buyer in partnership with W. G. Baillie. Established a stock exchange 1860; member Melbourne City Council, Mayor 1867. MLA 1868. In Fiji 1870-c.1876 when returned to Melbourne. MLC 1888-92. [ ADB ]
BUTTERWORTH, Archibald William (1866-1942). Policeman, military officer, colonial administrator. Born Tower of London, England; arrived Brisbane Qld 1885; Qld Police 1887-90; Armed Police, British New Guinea service 1890, Commander by 1892. Lieutenant, 4th Queensland Bushmen Boer War Contingent, promoted Captain in South Africa 1901, invalided to UK 1901; appointed to West African Frontier Force 1901, Nigeria, District Commissioner by 1912; war service as Captain, 3rd Nigeria Regiment; retired as Resident Magistrate by 1931. [various Australian and English newspapers; TNA WO 372/3/219616; England and Wales, 1939 Register]
BÜTTNER, Alexander Hieronymus (c.1837-1914). Medical practitioner. Born Minden, Germany; in SA c.1855 [1858?]; to Vic goldfields as partner with C. A. E. Gutheil in chemist and druggist business, also operating in Invercargill, NZ in 1863; partnership dissolved December 1864, with Büttner continuing the business. Naturalized 1861 while in Daylesford, Vic. Mueller provided letter of introduction to R. Virchow 1868. Berlin MD 1873, FRCS Edinburgh 1874, Licentiate Midwifery Glasgow 1874, Fellow Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow 1874. Returned to Melbourne 1877, established practice 1878. Brother of Hermann Büttner; nephew of H. W. Bernard Büttner. [ Punch (Melbourne), 14 May 1913, p. 642; Australische Zeitung (Adelaide), 9 December 1914, p. 6; Bruck (1886) , p. 112; Vic death certificate 14939/1914, Victoria Government Gazette lists of medical practioners, 1879-1914] Labichea buettneriana.
BÜTTNER, Heinrich Wilhelm Bernhard (c.1808-?). Pharmacist, innkeeper. Arrived SA September 1845; with partner Moritz Heüzenroeder established pharmacy in Adelaide; partnership dissolved 1849. Innkeeper Tanunda 1849. Uncle of Hermann and Alexander Büttner. [Various SA newspapers; no further record found after 1850]
BÜTTNER, Johann Hermann (c.1836 -1914). Merchant. Born Minden, Germany; to SA 1850; to Vic by 1854. Opened stores in Daylesford, prospering in gold-rush. Partner with Hallenstein brothers, storekeepers and wholesale traders Melbourne and NZ. Partnership dissolved 1871, thereafter of independent means; international travel 1870s, in Melbourne from 1877. Brother of Alexander Büttner; nephew of Heinrich Wilhelm Bernhard Büttner [ Australische Zeitung (Adelaide), 19 August 1914, p. 12; various Australian and NZ newspapers; Vic death certificate 10658/1914]
BUXTON, James Thomas (1856-1930). Businessman, alderman. Born Geelong, Vic; in business as stationer and artists’ colourman Melbourne by early 1880s, opened new premises for major business as artistic stationer, supplier of artists’ materials, engraver and printer, including galleries 1885. Auctioneer. Melbourne City Council: councillor, 1886-93. To South Africa as stationer and journalist c.1900-13. Stationer, Sydney, from 1914. [ Australasian (Melbourne), 13 June 1885, p. 7; Evening News (Sydney), 11 October 1930, p. 1; various Vic and NSW newspapers]
BYERLEY, Frederick John (1826-1897). Civil engineer, surveyor. Born France; to Vic 1841 with widowed mother; Assistant Surveyor Vic Survey Office 1852, dismissed 1858. To Rockhampton Qld 1860, private practice. Qld public service: Engineer of Roads for Northern District, 1864; Inspector General of Roads 1874-80. Private practice, including periods as consulting engineer and surveyor to Rockhampton Municipal Council. Active interest in environmental conservation. [ Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 16 March 1897, p. 5; Cossins (1999), vol 2, pp. 24-5]
BYNOE, Benjamin (1803-1865). Ship’s surgeon and naturalist. Born Barbados; Member Royal College of Surgeons 1825. Joined Beagle 1825 as assistant surgeon to South America; again 1831-6 to South America and circumnavigated the world, shipmate of Charles Darwin; surgeon on Beagle survey of Australian coast 1837-43; Fly survey, Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait 1843-6, shipmate of John MacGILLIVRAY; appointments on several other naval vessels; shore-based as staff surgeon 1860, retired list 1863. Extensive botanical and zoological collections. [ ODN B ]
BYRNE, Francis ["Frank"] Arthur (1837-1923). Coach agent; local and state politician. Born Singleton, NSW. Cobb and Co: drove coaches, Vic c.1853, then Riverina regions, NSW c.1870: road manager, then coach agent, Hay, NSW. Hay Municipal Council: Alderman from 1885, Mayor 1893, 1895; MLA (NSW) 1898-1904. [ Riverine Grazier (Hay), 4 July 1905, p. 2; Riverine Grazier , 10 July 1923, p. 2; NSW death certificate 1923/011121]
BYRNE, Robert (1822-1909). Land and estate agent; politician. Born Dublin, Ireland; to New York USA 1848, auctioneer. Arrived Melbourne 1852, auctioneer, house and land agent; member Melbourne City Council, 1856; MLA 1866-70, Treasurer September 1869-January 1870. Estate compulsorily sequestrated 1893, bankruptcy discharged 1895. [ Hum p hries (1882), pp. 251-2; Argus (Melbourne), 29 March 1909, p. 8; various Victorian newspapers]
CADELL, Francis, 1822-79, ship owner and entrepreneur. Born Cockenzie, Scotland. Settled SA 1852. Established steam navigation on the Murray River. Led SA government expedition to the Northern Territory to choose site for capital, 1867, recommendations ignored; 1870s whaling in NZ, trading in the South Pacific, pearling on the NW coast of Aust. [ ADB ]. Cadellia.
CAETANI, Onorato, Prince Teano (1842-1917). Politician. Born Rome; Graduated Law, La Sapienza, Rome; lived in England for a period. Member of Chamber of Deputies 1872-1911, briefly Foreign Minister 1896; Senator from 1911. Municipal Council, Rome: elected 1880, Mayor 1890-92. President Italian Geographical Society 1879-1887. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ]
CAIRNS, Adam, 1802-81, clergyman. Born in Scotland. Educated at St Andrews and Edinburgh Universities. Minister to various Scottish parishes, 1825-47. Led Free Church mission to Vic., 1853, establishing Chalmers Church, East Melbourne. First Principal of Presbyterian Church's Theological Hall, 1866 [ADB]. Caladenia cairnsiana.
CALDWELL, Robert (1843-1909). Agriculturalist; politician. Born Ayrshire, Scotland; arrived Adelaide SA 1849. Farmed Mt. Templeton Mid-North; Yorke Peninsula; finally Woodside, Adelaide Hills. Member, House of Assembly: for Yorke Peninsula 1884-1890, for Onkaparinga 1890-1902. Served on many public bodies, especially those concerned with agriculture. [ Advertiser (Adelaide) 3 November 1909, p. 10]
CALDWELL, William Hay, 1859-1941, Scottish zoologist. Educated at Cambridge. Became a demonstrator in comparative anatomy. Visited Australia in 1883-4. Established that Monotremes lay eggs. Paper manufacturer in Scotland from 1887 [Gibbney & Smith (1987)].
CALLAWAY, A. (fl. 1887). Not further identified.
CALLAWAY, Charles James (1860-1946). Farmer. Born Amherst, Vic; with parents to Heytesbury Forest selection, Vic.1875; farmed on own account Cowleys Creek (now Timboon), Vic; hop grower from c.1890. Active in civic affairs. [Various Victorian newspapers].
CALLAWAY, William Alfred (1857- 1937). Civil servant. Born South Yarra, Vic; appointed civil service clerk 1873, initially in Hospitals for the Insane, to Chief Secretary’s office 1879, rising to Under Secretary, 1908-1921 (also Inspector General of Prisons 1910-15); numerous civic and literary interests. [ Argus (Melbourne) 22 April 1937, p. 12; Vic Blue Books; various Victorian newspapers]
CALVERT, Albert Frederick (1872-1946). Traveller, author. Born Kentish Town, Middlesex, England; visited WA 1890, conducted expeditions Lake Gairdner, SA to Upper Murchison River, WA, 1890, 1891 and 1892, returned to London. Again in Australia 1895-96, in London by 1897. Offered to finance expedition for RGSA (SA Branch), conducted by L. A. Wells, but Calvert could not meet expenses incurred. Bankrupt 1898. Prolific author, including on Nigeria and German Africa. [ AD B ]
CALVERT, James Snowden (1825-1884). Explorer, pastoral manager, botanist. Born Otley, Yorkshire, England. Arrived Sydney NSW 1842, meeting Ludwig Leichhardt on voyage. Joined Leichhardt on overland journey from Moreton Bay Qld to Port Essington, NT 1844. Managed Cavan station, near Yass NSW. Developed botanical interests. Married Louisa Atkinson 1869. [ ADB ]
CALVERT, Louisa. See Louisa Atkinson.
CAMARA, Antonio [Anthony] de la (1829-1884). Botanical Collector. Born Priego de Córdoba, Spain. To Victoria c.1854; to Sydney area, mid 1860s, farming at Eastern Creek. In Melbourne by 1871. Collection trips to NSW and Qld 1875-84. Apparently contributed seeds and herbarium specimens to Museo de Historia Natural, Madrid museum. Chevalier, Order de Isabel la Cátolica, 1872. [ Meager (2014)]
CAMBON, Jules-Martin (1845-1935). Lawyer, senior civil servant, Diplomat. Born Paris, France. Advocate 1866; positions within law and advisor to Government bodies. Attached to the Directorate General of Civil Affairs of Algeria 1874-78; Secretary General of the Paris Prefecture of Police 1879-1882; other Prefectures 1882-91; Governor General of Algeria 1891-97; Ambassador of France: USA, 1897, Spain 1902, Germany 1907. Diplomatic advisor to Government 1914, Secretary General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1915, President, Conference of Ambassadors 1919-22. Member Académie Française 1918; Légion d’Honneur: Chevalier 1879, Officier 1883, Commandeur 1889, Grand Officier 1905, Grand-Croix 1908. [ Comité des travaux historiques et scientifique s , (accessed 23 August 2022); French National Archives, Légion d’Honneur Cambon dossier ]
CAMBRIDGE, George William Frederick Charles, 2ND Duke of, 1819-1904, British aristocrat. Cousin of Queen VICTORIA. Succeeded to dukedom, 1850. Commander-in-Chief of British Army, 1856-95 [DNB].
CAMERER, Maximilian Rudolf von (1838-1913). Pastoralist, dairy farmer. Born Rastatt, Baden, Germany. Studied Heidelberg University, then Wiesbaden agricultural college; managed property Gotha. Arrived Vic 1863; managed tobacco farm, Dandenong; purchased small holding Geelong, then property at Cope Cope, enlarged to about 2000 acres, established dairy farm and butter factory by 1894. Naturalised 1880; JP, Western Bailiwick 1881; Member St Arnaud Shire council. To WA 1906, established sheep property. [ Battye (1913-14), vol. 2, pp. 471-2; Victoria unassisted passenger lists; Victoria Index to Naturalisation Certificates, 1851-1928; Victoria Government Gazette, Australasian (Melbourne)15 September 1894, p. 7, various Vic and WA newspapers]
CAMPBELL, Colin, 1817-1903, pastoralist, politician. Born in Scotland. Went to VDL in 1839. Squatter in Vic. from 1840. Member, inaugural council of University of Melbourne. MLC, Vic., 1854; MLA, 1856-9, 1874-7. Took holy orders, 1878 [ADB]. Plant/seed donor to the Melbourne Botanic Garden [B58.11.02].
CAMPBELL, Daniel Stoddart (1812-1873). Wine and spirit merchant, politician. Born Camberwell, Southwark, England. Arrived Sydney 1838; overlanded to Port Phillip arriving Jan 1839; merchant Melbourne, partner Alfred Woolley till 1843; insolvent 1844; became wine merchant; held several pastoral runs 1843-1858, connected with many companies. Member first Melbourne Town Council 1842, MLA 1856-59; JP, Richmond, 1869. Melbourne Zoological Gardens Committee, 1858. [ Argus (Melbourne) 29 April 1875, p. 5; Victoria Parliament Re-Member (accessed 23 August, 2022)]
CAMPBELL, David (c.1806-1860). General smith, farrier. Born Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland; arrived Victoria 1853 from Waterford, Ireland, described as ‘smith’. Established business in Richmond. [Vic assisted passenger lists; Vic Death Certificate 10697/1860]
CAMPBELL, Donald (1814-1868). Grazier. Born Argyllshire, Scotland; arrived Vic c.1841; to Gippsland, to Bullock Creek; Bendigo goldfields by 1848; at Glengower c.1858, where also opened Glengower Hotel. Supporter of Ladies' Leichhardt Search Committee. Uncle of Duncan McIntyre. [ Mt Alexander mail , 30 January 1868, p 2; Vic death certificate 2066/1868]
CAMPBELL, Envidale Savage Norman (1806-1859). Soldier and public servant. Born Inverary, Scotland. Trained Sandhurst; Met Charles La Trobe during service in West Indies where he married. Retired as Major. To SA 1849; managed copper mine; briefly an appointed member of Legislative Council 1851; bankrupt. To Vic as Private Secretary to Charles La Trobe 1852, concurrently Registrar General from 1853; JP 1853; member many other commissions and boards. Private Secretary to Governor Hotham 1854. Member Philosophical Society of Victoria, 1854. [ ADB ; widow’s death certificate Vic 96/1897; various Australian newspapers, issues Victoria Government Gazette]
CAMPBELL, Flora Mary [Mrs MARTIN from 1888] (1845-1923). Mycologist. Born Dilston, Tasmania; in Vic from early childhood; in Gippsland from c.1870. Autodidact botany. Qld tour 1879, met Tenison-Woods and Frederick Manson Bailey and became interested in fungi. Major mycological collector; friend of David McAlpine. [ Maroske et al. (2018); Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
CAMPBELL, Frederick Alexander, 1849-1930, engineer and educationist. Born in Scotland. Educated at Geelong College, Vic. and University of Melbourne (MCE, 1898). Collected in the New Hebrides and Loyalty Islands, 1871, and contributed plants to the Melbourne Herbarium [B93.13.01]. Assistant Engineer, NSW, 1879-86. Director, Working Men’s College, Melbourne, 1887-1913 [ADB].
CAMPBELL, John Douglas Sutherland. See Marquis of Lorne.
CAMPBELL, Sir Alexander. See Alexander Cockburn-Campbell.
CAMPBELL, Walter Scott (1844-1935). Public servant. Born Maitland NSW; pupil of William Woolls at Parramatta, then Sydney Grammar School. Draftsman, NSW Department of Lands 1862; chief draftsman Department of Mines 1874; 1893 chief clerk, Agriculture branch Department of Mines and Agriculture, investing in Hawkesbury Agricultural College and a series of experimental farms. Chief inspector of agriculture and travelling instructor1900-1908. Collected for Woolls and Mueller, friend of R. D. Fitzgerald. FLS 1901; council member Australian Historical Society (President 1916). [ ADB ]
CANDOLLE, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus [sometimes Pyrame] de(1896-1893). Botanist, phytogeographer. Born Paris, France; son of Augustin de Candolle. Succeeded his father A. P. de Candolle as Professor of Botany at the Académie de Genève, 1829-35 and as Director of the Geneva Botanic Garden, 1835-50. Privately employed from 1850. Numerous honorary doctorates and decorations (see list in Christ (1893), pp. 303-305). Son of Augustin de Candolle; father of Casimir de Candolle. [Mueller B93.06.04 ; Ch r ist (1893)]
CANDOLLE, Anne Casimir Pyramus [sometimes Pyrame] de(1836-1918). Born Geneva, Switzerland; son Alphonse de Candolle; studied physical sciences and mathematics Paris from 1853, licencié ès-sciences 1856. Spent time with Miles Berkeley, meeting many British botanists. In Geneva, specialised in botany, especially anatomy and physiology; maintained the de Candolle herbarium. Member many societies, and recipient of other honours (see list in Briquet (1919), p. 151). Son of Alphonse de Candolle. [ Bri q u et (1919)]
CANDOLLE, Augustin Pyramus [sometimes Pyrame] de (1778-1841). Botanist, agronomist. Born Geneva, Switzerland. Studied medicine and worked in Paris with, among others, Lamarck, Desfontaines and A. L de Jussieu; Professor of Botany, Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier 1807, Faculty of Sciences 1810; Professor of Natural History at the Académie de Genève, from 1816. Reorganized the Geneva Botanic Garden and helped establish a Museum of Natural History and Herbarium. Father of Alphonse de Candolle. [ Proceedings of t h e Linnean Society of London , vol. 1, pp. 142-145 (1842); Mémoires de la Société de physique et d’histoire nature l le de Genève, vol. 10, pp. xxvi-xxx] Erigeron candollei, Hydrocotyle candollei.
CANNSTADT, Baron Pavel Lvovich Schilling von, 1786-1837. Attaché to Russian embassy in Munich, 1812. Councillor of State [Mottelay (1922)].
CANTERBURY, Viscount. See John Henry Thomas Manners-Sutton.
CARDWELL, Edward (1813-1886). Politician. Born Liverpool, UK; educated Winchester School and Oxford University, classics and mathematics, BA 1835. Member of Parliament: for Clitheroe 1842-1852, Secretary to the Treasury 1845, President of Board of Trade 1852; for Oxford 1853-74), Secretary for Ireland 1859-61, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1861-4, Secretary of State for the Colonies 1864-6, secretary for War, 1868-74. Elevated to peerage as Viscount Cardwell of Ellerbeck 1874. Hon DCL, Oxford 1863. [ ODNB ] Cardwellia
CAREY, George Jackson (1822-1872). Army officer, colonial administrator. Born Rozel, Jersey, Channel Islands; educated St Peter Port, Guernsey. Joined army 1845, as ensign Cape mounted rifles, serving in frontier wars of 1846-7, 1850-3, rising to Major 1835; acting Governor, Isle of Wight, 1862. Transferred to 18th Royal Irish regiment, to New Zealand, promoted Brigadier-general and second in command, New Zealand forces during Maori Wars. Commander of Australian force, based in Melbourne, Vic 1865; acting Governor and administrator of Victoria 1866. Returned to UK 1867, Major-general 1868. CB 1865. [ ADB ]
CAREY, Thomas Campbell, c1832-84, surveyor. Born in Ireland. Draftsman in Irish Ordnance Survey. Went to WA in 1862. Assistant surveyor in WA Lands Department, 1862-70. Contract surveyor from 1871. MLC, 1872-4, 1878-84 [Bicentennial dictionary of Western Australians].
CARL [Ludwig Eugen] XV (1826-1872). Sovereign. King of Sweden and Norway. Born Stockholm, Sweden. Viceroy of Norway 1856-7; Regent 1857; reigned from 1859. [ Nordisk familjebok 2nd edition 1910, vol. 13 cols. 1002-1008]
CARL ALEXANDER of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1818-1901). Sovereign. Born Weimar, Germany; reigned as Grand Duke from 1853; patron of the arts and science; supporter of East African exploration and colonisation. [ Deutsche Biographie ]
CARLOTTI, Antoine-Louis-Régulus (1805-1878) (Legion d’Honneur dossier has 1808-1878) Acclimatiser, farmer, author, physician. Born Poggio de Venaco, Corsica; studied medicine in Pisa, but not recognised by France, never in practice. Farmed in Corsica, acclimatised Eucalyptus and other plants; Director, then inspector, of prisons 1855. Wrote on acclimatisation, health and agriculture; published literary works in Italian. President, Agricultural Society of Corsica 1853; founder member and secretary Medico-scientific society of Corsica 1834; Chevalier, Légion d’honneur, 1861. [ Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques , (accessed 24 September 2022); Archives nationales de France.]
CARNARVON, 4th Earl, See HERBERT, Henry Howard Molyneux.
CARPENTER, William Benjamin, 1813-85, British botanist. Registrar, University of London, 1856-79. FLS, 1856. FRS, 1844 [Desmond].
CARR-BOYD, William Henry James (1852-1925). Explorer, prospector. Born at sea, lived in Hobart as child; jackaroo, Barcoo district Qld c.1861-73. At Palmer River goldfields, Qld. Explorer with William Hodgkinson west of Diamantina River, 1875; with W. J. O’Donnell around Cambridge Gulf, WA 1883. Gold prospector Halls Creek and other areas of WA, c.1885-1890s. Finally settled Vic. Published newspaper articles as ‘Potjostler’ from 1870s. [ ADB ]
CARRICK, Alexander (1837-1904). Businessman, Insurance company manager and inspector. Born Glasgow, Scotland; arrived Melbourne 1854, to Dunedin New Zealand 1859, moved to Christchurch 1871. Active in community affairs, including acclimatisation. [ Press (Canterbury), 12 August 1904, p. 3]
CARRUTHERS, William (1830-1922). Botanist. Born Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland; began teaching in Edinburgh New Veterinary College; to London as Assistant Keeper, Botany, British Museum 1859, Keeper 1871. Consulting botanist Royal Agricultural Society 1871-1910. Active in English Presbyterian Church. FLS 1861, President 1886-90; FRS 1871; FGS; Fellow Royal Microscopical Society, President 1901-2. [ Rendle (1925)] Brachychiton carruthersii
CARSON, Duncan (1860-1931). Pastoralist, woolbroker. Born Kew Victoria; studied horticulture and botany at Kew, England under Joseph Hooker c.1876-8. Botanist on Pacific voyage of Wolverine 1879 (specimens MEL from Fiji and Vanuatu, some dated ‘1880’, others undated). Studied wool trade in Europe 1881, worked in Australia as wool buyer and valuer, establishing woolbroking firm 1889; owned grazing properties NSW, Qld. Member Linnean Society NSW 1890; horticultural interests: hybridising fruit, growing orchids. Son of John Carson. [ ADB ]
CARSON, John (1816-1902). Businessman, horticulturalist. Born Port Glasgow, Scotland; arrived Port Philip 1842 described as labourer; leather merchant and bootmaker 1846, active in trade association; developed wide business interests. Horticulturalist, specialising in fruit; foundation member Horticultural Society of Victoria, president 1869-77. Active in civic affairs: long term committee member Immigrant Aid Society, Melbourne hospital; first Mayor of Kew 1863. Father of Duncan Carson. [ Argus (Melbourne), 20 October 1902, p. 6; Passenger lists, various issues Vic newspapers]
CARTER, Sarah Henriette (1841-1925). Grazier’s daughter. Born Wybong Creek, NSW. Family lived at ‘Woomelguy’, grazing property near Scone, and remained there after father’s death. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
CARUEL, Théodore (Teodoro) (1830-1898). Botanist. Born Chandernagor, Bengal. Educated in Florence, assistant to Filippo Parlatore 1858; assistant professor University of Pavia 1862, when chair abolished to Milan; professor Florence Medical college 1863-71, simultaneously assistant to Parlatore; chair of botany, Pisa 1871-80; Florence as Director Royal Institute of Botany and professor at Royal institute of Higher Studies, 1880-98. Editor Nuovo Giornale Botanico Italiano 1872-94. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ]
CARUS, Carl Gustav, 1789-1869, German physiologist. Professor at the Medico-Surgical Academy at Dresden from 1814. Personal physician to the King of Prussia. President of Leopoldina, 1862-8 [Debus].
CASEMENT, Brabazon Newcomen (1852-1910). Physician and Surgeon. Born Ballycastle, County Antrim, Ireland. Graduated in medicine, Trinity College Dublin, 1877, MRCS 1878; posts in Londonderry Infirmary, Fever Hospital Dublin, Royal Free Hospital, London. To Australia c.1882. Practised in Kempsey 1882-6, Medical Officer Macleay River district,1882; Medical officer and dispenser Trial Bay Prison (NSW) 1886-1887; returned to Kempsey practice 1887-1909. Extensive pastoral interests. Killed in coach accident. [ Macleay Chronicle, 2 March 1910, p. 5; UK & Ireland Medical directory 1880, p1039; various Australian newspapers. ]
CASEY, James Joseph (1831-1913). Politician and Judge. Born Tromra, County Clare, Ireland. To USA c.1849-54; arrived Vic 1855. Partner in Bendigo Advertiser. Councillor Sandhurst (now Bendigo) Municipal Council 1860, chairman 1861. MLA 1863-80, various ministerial posts: Justice, Commissioner of Crown Lands, President of Board of Land and Works, Agriculture. Barrister 1865; County Court Judge 1884. Federalist. CMG 1878, Chevalier Legion d’Honneur 1878,Cavalieri Dell'Ordine della Corona D'Italia, 1882. [ A DB , various Australian newspapers]
CASTELLA, Paul Frederic de, 1827-1903, landowner, vigneron. Born in Switzerland. Went to Melbourne in 1849. Bought Yering and Quamby properties. On the Board of Viticulture from 1889 [ADB]. Plant/seed donor to the Melbourne Botanic Garden [B58.11.02].
CASTELNAU, François Louis Nompar de Caumont Laporte, Comte de,1810-80, French naturalist and diplomat. Born in England. Travelled extensively in North and South America, 1837-47. French consul at Bahia, Brazil, 1848-56, and later in Siam. Arrived in Melbourne in 1862; French consul 1864-80 [ADB].
CATHCART, John Ferguson, 1802-51, civil servant. Born in Edinburgh. In the Bengal civil service. Went to Calcutta in 1822. Plant collector at Darjeeling, and at the Cape Colony in 1839. Engaged Indian artists to draw flowers, some of which drawings were used by Joseph Hooker [Desmond].
CAVANILLES, Antonio José, 1745-1804, Spanish priest and botanist. At Paris, 1777-81, later at Madrid. Director of Madrid Botanic Garden from 1801 [TL2].
CESATI, Vincenzo (1806-1883). Botanist. Born Milan, Italy; studied in Vienna, graduating in law. Worked in Milan as administrative officer; active in studying the natural history of Lombardy and Piedmont. Fled to Switzerland 1848, settled in Vercelli, Piedmont. From 1855 taught natural history, National College Vercelli. Professor of Botany University of Naples 1868-81, Director of Botanic Gardens, 1868-83. [ Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani ]
CHABRILLAN, Lionel, Comte de, 1818-1858, French Consul General, 1852-1858.. Went to France in 1857 but later returned to Melbourne [ADB 'Céleste de Chabrillan']. Plant/seed donor to the Melbourne Botanic Garden [B57.09.01].
CHALMERS, James (1841-1901). Missionary. Born Ardrishaig, Scotland; London Missionary Society candidate 1862, ordained 1865. Based in Cook Islands 1867-77; from 1878 worked with William Lawes establishing missions on south coast of what became British New Guinea (now Papua New Guinea); explored much of the coast and some inland areas. Killed 1901. [ ADB ] Appendicula chalmersiana, Dendrobium chalmersii, Dichrotrichum chalmersii, Nauclea chalmersii, Vandopsis chalmersiana
CHAMBERLIN, George Francis (1831-1919). Pharmacist. Born Nottingham, England; pharmacy assistant London 1851; arrived Melbourne 1852, practised first at Williamstown, then Ballarat, Rochester, finally Prahran. Experimented with treatment for rust in wheat. [Various Australian newspapers]
CHAMBERS, Hugh John, c.1821-1893, Solicitor. Born (Cashelhoe?) Ireland; to Sydney, 1838. Practiced as solicitor: NSW 1844-49, 1879-86; Vic 1849-66, 1869-79. In Victoria also variously solicitor to Railways Department, to Bank of Victoria of which he was a founder, chief examiner of titles 1866-9, appointed member Committee of Management of Zoological Gardens 1858; insolvent 1875. [ Table Talk (Melbourne), 25 August 1893, p. 3; Victoria Government Gazette; various Vic and NSW newspapers]
CHAMBERS, James, 1811-1862, horse dealer and pastoralist. Born in England. Went to SA in 1836. Established a successful coach and wagon business in Adelaide. In the 1850s, took up several large pastoral leases in northern SA. The principal promoter of John McDouall Stuart's exploring expeditions [ADB]. . Goodenia chambersii.
CHANTRE, Césare François Marie (1841-1909). Silk merchant. Born Lyon, France. In London as clerk by 1861, returned to France c.1883; active collector of economic botany material, donated specimens to Kew Gardens museum. FLS 1878-83. [England Census 1861, 1871; Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information , 1909, pp. 391-2]
CHARLES TROEDEL & CO. See Troedel, Johannes Theodore Charles.
CHARSLEY, Fanny Anne, 1828-1915, botanical artist. Born in England. Arrived in Melbourne in 1856. Made watercolour drawings of local wildflowers. Returned to England in 1866 [Gibbney & Smith (1987)]. Helipterum charsleyae.
CHÂTEAUVIEUX, Compte (1804-1885). See D’ARMAND DE CHÂTEAUVIEUX, Joseph Antoine Sosthènes.
CHEESEMAN, Richard (1855-1916). Nurseryman. Born Hobart, Tas; to Melbourne 1880, developed large nursery and trade in cut flowers. Active in local and national horticultural affairs; member Brighton Council; member many local clubs and associations. [Brighton Southern Cross (Vic), 10 June 1916, p. 4; Aitken & Looker (2002)]
CHEESEMAN, Thomas Frederick (1846-1923). Botanist. Born Hull, Yorkshire, England; arrived with parents Auckland NZ 1854. Autodidact botanist; secretary of Auckland Institute and curator of the museum, 1874; bequeathed large personal herbarium to Auckland War Memorial Museum. FLS 1873 (gold medal 1923), FZL, President of New Zealand Institute 1911. [ Dictionary of New Zealand Biography ]
CHEVALIER, Nicholas (1828-1902). Artist. Born Russia of Swiss descent; from 1845 studied painting in Lausanne and from 1848 architecture in Munich. To London 1851, exhibited lithographs and water colours; illustrated books. To Victoria 1855, illustrated for Melbourne Punch and Illustrated Australian News. Scenic paintings in oils and watercolours Vic and New Zealand; invited to return to England on Galatea by Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh 1869. Commissions for Queen Victoria. From 1882 London advisor to National Gallery of NSW. [ ADB ]
CHEVREUL, Michel-Eugène, 1786-1889, French chemist. Professor at the Natural History Museum (Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle), Paris. Member of the Academy of Sciences (Académie des Sciences), Paris, 1826 [DSB].
CHICHESTER, Charles Manners Sutton (1831-1887). Civil servant. Born London; educated Oxford; in War Office at 1861 Census. Private secretary to Governor of Tasmania 1869-74. Cousin of Viscount Canterbury, J. H. T. Manners-Sutton. [England Census records; Various Tasmanian newspapers]
CHICKERING, John White, 1831-1913, American educator. Educated at Bowdoin College, AB, 1852; AM, 1855; at Bangor Theological Seminary, 1860. Taught in various academies. Congregational minister at Springfield, Vermont, 1860; at Exeter, New Hampshire, 1865. From 1870 professor of natural science, Gaudelet College, Washington [WWA]. Plants received via Asa Gray are in the Melbourne Herbarium [B63.05.01].
CHILDERS, Hugh Culling Eardley, 1827-96, politician. Born in London. Went to Melbourne in 1850. Auditor General. First Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, and one of the first Trustees of the Melbourne Public Library. MLA. Returned to England in 1858. Member of the House of Commons, 1860-92. FRGS, 1858; FRS, 1873 [ADB].
CHRISTIAN IX, King of Denmark, 1818-1906 (reigned 1863-1906).
CHRISTIAN VIII, King of Denmark. Reigned 1839-48 [EB].
CHRISTOPHERSEN, Wilhelm Christopher, 1832-1913, Swedish diplomat.
CHRISTY, Mr F. C. At Government Railway Office, Geelong, Vic. FRS (Vic.) [Transactions of the Royal Society of Victoria (1861)]. FHS (Vic.).
CHUTE, Trevor, 1816-86, soldier. Born in Ireland. Served with the 70th Regiment in India and then in NZ. Major-general commanding the forces in Aust. and NZ, 1865-70. KCB, 1867. Supervised the withdrawal from Vic. of the last British garrison, 1870 [ADB].
CLARENDON, Fourth Earl of, 1800-70, British statesman. Born George William Frederick Villiers. Succeeded to the earldom in 1838.Foreign Secretary, 1853-8, 1865-6, 1868-70; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1864 [DNB].
CLARK, James (c.1818-1888). Baker. Born Stepney, Middlesex, England; arrived Melbourne with family 1857, described as baker. Established grocery and bakery at South Yarra, bakery only from 1859. [ Passenger lists ; Various Vic newspapers]
CLARKE, Andrew (1824-1902). Military engineer and public servant. Born Southsea, Hampshire, England; trained at Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; commissioned in the Royal Engineers, served in Ireland. Arrived Tasmania 1847, surveyed Hobart area and designed wharves; Private secretary to Governor Denison 1849, nominated member Legislative Council 1851-3. Surveyor-General, Vic 1853; nominated member Legislative Council 1853-6, Elected member Legislative Assembly 1856, resigned 1858, Surveyor-General and Commissioner of Lands. Active in colonial scientific affairs, president Philosophical Society. Returned to England 1858. Military roles in England and Gold Coast, retired as Lieutenant-General 1886. Governor Straits Settlements (Singapore) 1873-5, Council of Viceroy of India (Calcutta) 1875-80. Agent General for Victoria in London 1899-1902. CB 1869, KCMG 1873, CIE 1877, GCMG 1885. Cousin of Marcus Clarke. [ ADB , OD N B ] Decaspora clarkei
CLARKE, Charles Baron, 1832-1906, English botanist. Studied at Cambridge ( MA, 1859). Lecturer in mathematics there, 1857-65. Joined staff of Presidency College, Calcutta, 1865. FLS, 1867. Superintendent, Calcutta Botanic Garden, 1869-71. Inspector of Schools, East Bengal, 1883-7. At Kew, 1887, working on Indian botany. President, Linnean Society, 1894-6. FRS, 1882 [Desmond].
CLARKE, Marcus Andrew Hislop (1846-1881). Journalist and novelist. Born London, England; to Vic 1863, experience on a property Wimmera district. Journalist Melbourne from 1867, first with Argus, later with other newspapers and periodicals. Joined public service: secretary to trustees of Industrial and Technological Museum 1870; sub-librarian, Public Library 1873-81. Insolvent 1874, 1879. Cousin of Andrew Clarke. [ ADB , Victoria Government Gazette, Blue books]
CLARKE, Mordaunt William Shipley (1833-1918). Businessman. Born Longfleet, Dorset, England; arrived Sydney 1839. To England, then Ireland; graduated Trinity College Dublin 1856, returned to Sydney 1857, joined survey office. Joined Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co, retiring as Resident Secretary 1904; member Fire Insurance Board NSW. Director of other companies. Alderman North Sydney. Active in Volunteer Service, final promotion to major 1871. Son of William Branwhite Clarke. [ Sydney Mail , 6 November 1918, p. 16, various NSW newspapers]
CLARKE, Warwick John (1826-1864). Seedsman. Born London, England. Arrived Victoria 1852 described as ‘gentleman’; in business as ‘Seedsman Fruiterer and Herbalist’ Swanston Street Melbourne by 1856; active in Horticultural Society of Victoria: managing committee 1859, secretary 1860. Returned to England 1862. [Victoria inwards Passenger lists , Various Australian newspapers; England and Wales Probate Calendar, 1864, p. 456]
CLARKE, William (f.1870-1900). Banker. Active cricketer, Hotham Vic. JP by 1873. Not further identified. [Various Victorian newspapers]
CLARKE, William Branwhite (1798-1878). Anglican clergyman, geologist. Born East Bergholt, Suffolk, England; educated Cambridge BA 1821, MA 1824. Deacon 1821, priest 1823; curacies in Suffolk and Sussex; Vicar, Longfleet, Dorset 1832. To NSW 1839, headmaster King’s School Parramatta 1839-40, priest-in-charge Castle Hill and Dural 1839-44, parish priest North Sydney 1846-71. English geological interests leading to publications; correspondent of Adam Sedgwick, Roderick Murchison. In NSW collected geological specimens, published in British and Australian journals, discovered gold 1841 but not publicized. Government geological surveyor 1851-3. Prevailed in thirty-year controversy with Frederick McCoy on age of Australian coalfields. Active publicist for science, including journalism; secretary and curator Australian Museum (Sydney) 1841-3, trustee 1853-73. Founding member Royal Society NSW 1867, vice-president to 1876. FGS 1826 (Murchison Medal 1877), FRS 1876. [ ADB ] Eremophila clarkei, Penteune clarkei
CLARKE, William John (1831-1897). Landowner, philanthropist. Born ‘Lovely Banks’, Tas. Educated Hobart and Whitchurch Grammar School, Shropshire, England. From 1850 worked on father’s Vic properties, then managed estates in Tas, appointed JP. Returned to Vic 1860, managed family estates, then inherited most of them. Supported scientific farming and agricultural societies. MLC 1878-97. Baronet 1882; Hon. LLD Cambridge 1886. Major philanthropic donor. Son of William John Turner Clarke [ ADB ]
CLARKE, William John Turner (1805-1874). Pastoralist, landowner, businessman. Born Somerset, England, worked as drover, then invested in cattle. Arrived Tas 1829, partner in butcher business, received land grant, raised cattle and sheep. Stocked properties in Vic, bought large blocks of land 1850. Moved to Vic 1850, properties managed by sons; money lender, investor, company director. MLC 1856-61,1863-70. Father of William John Clarke. [ ADB ]
CLARKSON, Charles (1822-1896). Joiner, trades union official. Born Wakefield, Yorkshire; in Vic 1854, described as carpenter. Secretary Trades Hall Committee by 1863. [Vic death certificate 818/1896; assisted passenger lists , Baptism register Wakefield 1823]
CLARSON, William [Campbell(?)] (c.1831-1890). Horticulturalist, journalist. Born Tamworth, England; arrived Melbourne 1853, described as warehouseman. Printer and journalist, contributing to many newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne. In England managing Edward Wilson’s Hayes Place Farm 1872-7; In Sydney 1877; Bankrupt 1888. Keeper of the garden, Longerenong Agricultural College 1889; Mildura late 1889, experimental garden and editor Mildura Cultivator. Complex and troubled family life; suicide. Member: Victorian Institute for the Advancement of Science 1854, Victorian Gardeners' Mutual Improvement Society 1861, Horticultural Society of Victoria (Honorary Director of Society Garden 1868-c.1872), FLS 1873, FRHS before 1879. [Aitken & Looker (2002); various Australian newspapers; Victoria immigration list ; Inquest VPRS 24/P0000, 1890/1790 ]
CLAYTON, John (1855-1937). Town Clerk. Born Basingstoke, England; to Australia 1857. Worked in legal offices; Melbourne city council: clerk, then chief clerk c.1884, Town Clerk 1891-1915. [ Argus , 2 March 1915, p. 6; Argus , 16 August 1937, p. 11, Various Victorian newspapers]
CLEWETT, Felix Edward (1836-1913). Surveyor, pastoralist, businessman. Born Sydney; pastoral, mining and business pursuits Vic from 1851; to Qld c.1861. Qualified as surveyor; District Road Surveyor, Springsure; left government service 1872. Held pastoral properties Springsure then Blackall districts; storekeeper Blackall 1875; JP 1879; businessman Rockhampton before 1884, director gold mining and other companies. Elected Auditor, Borough of Blackall, 1880. Appointed MLC 1890. [ Telegraph (Brisbane), 13 February 1913, p. 7; Mornin g bulletin (Rockhampton), 11 July 1925, p. 11; various Qld newspapers]
CLIFTON, George, 1823-1913, prison officer. Born in England. Served in the Royal Navy. Emigrated to WA in 1851. Police officer at Fremantle. Returned to England in 1864, became governor of Portland prison and then of Dartmoor. Plant donor to the Melbourne Botanic Garden [Gibbney & Smith (1987)]. .
CLINTON, Henry. See Duke of Newcastle.
CLOW, Mary Elizabeth. Born in India. Went with her family to VDL in 1837 and soon afterwards to Melbourne. Married David Wilkie in 1842 [ADB]. Member of Ladies' Leichhardt Search Committee.
CLUSIUS, Carolus [Charles de L’escluse], 1526-1609, Dutch botanist [TL2].
COBBOLD, Thomas Spencer, 1828-1886, British helminthologist. MD, Edinburgh, 1851. Curator, Edinburgh Anatomical Museum, 1851-6. FLS, 1857; FRS, 1864. Professor of Botany, Royal Veterinary College, London, 1873 [Desmond].
COBHAM, Mrs Mary, née. McRae 1797-1875 Born Scotland, resident Darling Downs, NSW when plant and seed donor to Melbourne Botanic Garden; died Sydney [B57.09.01, B69.07.03].
COCKBURN-CAMPBELL, Alexander, c1805-1871, government official. Assumed baronetcy in 1825. Banker in Madras, India. Superintendent of Police, WA, 1858-60. Government Resident at King George Sound, 1860-71 [Burke (1970)].
COCKBURN, John Alexander (1850-1929). Medical practitioner, politician. Born Corsbie, Berwickshire, Scotland; studied medicine King’s College London: MRCS, MB 1871, gold medal 1874. Arrived SA 1875, established practice Jamestown. Politically active: Mayor Jamestown 1878-81, commissioner North Midland Road Board 1881; MLA 1884: minister of education 1885-7; Chief Secretary 1889-90, 1892, minister of education and agriculture, 1893-1898. Agent-general of South Australia in London, 1898-1901. Member of Council, King's College, University of London, 1900-1929. Numerous directorships, vice-president Royal Colonial Institute. KCMG, 1900. [ ADB ]
COCKER, Henry Dawson (1844-1932). Farmer. Born Sydney, NSW. Farmed ‘Brookfield’ near Cootamundra, NSW. Cemetery trustee, Wesleyan section, Cootamundra. Nephew of John Dawson. [Baptism record, electoral roll, NSW census 1891, NSW Government gazette, death notice Sydney morning herald, 20 August 1932, p. 12]
COGHILL, Donald James (1863-1931). Grazier. Born Elphinstone, Vic. Stock breeder and grazier, Berringama, Upper Murray region, Vic. Brother of George Coghill. [ Wodonga and Towong Sentinel , 17 July 1831, p. 2; Victorian Birth Registration index]
COGHILL, George (1864-1957). Real Estate agent, field naturalist. Born Elphinstone, Vic. Clerk, farmer; real estate business partnership 1895-1957. Member, Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria, 1882-1957: Librarian, 1884-1885; assistant secretary, 1884-1890; secretary, 1897-1901; treasurer, 1904-1919; vice-president, 1924-1925, 1929-1931, 1934-1942; president, 1925. Brother of Donald Coghill. [Victorian Naturalist vol. 75, 1858, pp. 90-95; Herald (Melbourne), 27 July 1954, p. 7]
COGNIAUX, Alfred Célestin (1841-1916). Teacher, botanist. Born Robechies, Belgium; trained Nivelles Normal School 1862, schoolmaster1862-72. Conservator, Brussels Botanic Garden, 1872-80. Professor of Natural History: Jodoigne, 1880-c.1884; Verviers c.1884-1901. Foreign Member Linnean Society of London 1900. [ Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London 1916/17, 1917, pp. 42-3]
COHN, Ferdinand Julius (1828-1898). Botanist, bacteriologist. Born Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland); educated Breslau University 1844-6, Berlin DPhil 1847, habilitation Wroclaw 1850, associate Professor 1859, Professor 1872. Microscopist, cryptogamic botanist and physiologist, fundamental bacteriological work. Member of numerous academies, including Leopoldina 1849, Linnean Society of London 1876 (Linnean Medal 1895). [ Deutsche Biographie ; Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London 50-51; Schumann (1898)]
COLE, Agnes Bruce (1845-1895). Socialite. Daughter of Thomas Anne and George Ward Cole. Friend of Annie Walker. In later life referred to as Miss Ward-Cole. Daughter of Thomas Ann Cole and George Ward Cole; sister of Margaret Morison Cole. [ Table Talk (Melbourne) 25 October 1895, p. 2; various Australian newspapers]
COLE, George Ward (1793-1879). Naval officer, merchant. Born Durham, England. Joined Royal Navy 1807, retired half pay 1817; captained merchant vessels sometimes part owned, in Pacific trade and whaling. Settled Melbourne 1840, general merchant and shipowner, banking and pastoral properties; company director. Keen horticulturalist. MLC 1853-55, 1857-79. Husband of Thomas Ann Cole; father of Margaret Morison and Agnes Bruce Cole. [ ADB ]
COLE, John Charles (1838-1891). Nurseryman. Born Harrow, Middlesex, England; arrived Australia 1842 with father Thomas Cornelius Cole (1810-1889). Leased Richmond nursery from his father 1862; purchased additional property Fern Tree Gully. Specialist in fruit trees and vines. Active member of Horticultural Society pf Victoria. Brother of Thomas Cornelius Cole. [Aitken & Looker (2002); various Victorian newspapers]
COLE, Margaret Morison (1844-1926). Socialite. Daughter of Thomas Anne and George Ward Cole. Attempted to carry on inherited family businesses, insolvent 1902. Friend of Annie Walker. In later life referred to as Miss Ward-Cole. [ Herald (Melbourne) 14 August 1903, p.6; Argus , 16 November 1926, p. 16; various Australian newspapers]
COLE, Stephen (c.1815-1888). Public servant. Arrived Sydney from Cape of Good Hope 1837; NSW public service: Clerk, later chief clerk, audit office 1837-51; Commissioner for Crown Lands and JP Lower Darling (Euston) 1851-1868; retired to Port Elliott SA. [NSW Blue Books, various Australian newspapers]
COLE, Thomas Anne [née McRae] (1810-1898) Socialite. Born Edinburgh, Scotland; to Melbourne 1839; married merchant George Ward Cole 1842, in later life known as Mrs Ward-Cole. Lived and entertained at 'St Ninians' Brighton. Supported Orphan Asylum. Member of Ladies' Leichhardt Search Committee. Mother of Margaret Morison Cole and Agnes Bruce Cole [ Brighton Southern Cross (Vic) 2 July 1898, p. 2]
COLE, Thomas Cornelius (1810-1889). Horticulturalist and nurseryman. Born Sudbury. Middlesex, England. Arrived Melbourne 1842. Leased land for nursery Coburg; purchased land and established nursery Richmond 1847, additional land for orchard and nursery, Upper Hawthorn 1860. Leased Richmond nursery to son John Charles Cole 1862. Active in horticultural societies, and driving force in establishing Burnley experimental garden of Horticultural Society of Victoria. Father of Thomas Cornelius Cole (1836-1879), John Charles Cole. [ ADB , Aitken & Looker (2002)]
COLE, Thomas Cornelius (1836-1879). Clergyman, floriculturist. Born Harrow, Middlesex, England; arrived Melbourne 1842 with father Thomas Cornelius Cole (1810-1889). Brother of John Charles Cole. Educated University of Melbourne, ordained Anglican deacon 1860, priest 1861; after other parishes finally at Malvern and Oakleigh from 1865. Active member and committeeman Horticultural Society of Victoria; member of Senate University of Melbourne, secretary, Council of Trinity College University of Melbourne, Prisoners' Aid Society. Suicide. [ Mercury and Weekly Courier ( Fitzroy, Vic), 5 April 1879, p. 3]
COLLER, David (c.1830-1898). Nurseryman. Born Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, England; arrived Adelaide February 1856; in Melbourne by c.1857 when employed at Botanic Gardens. Member Victorian Horticultural Improvement Society (in arrears and struck off 1870); Horticultural Society of Victoria 1871. [Sutton Benger parish records; South Australia Incoming Passenger lists; Vic death certificate 9537/1998]
COLLIE, Alexander(1793-1835). Surgeon. Born Wantonwells, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; royal naval surgeon 1813- 31. Arrived WA 1829: resident at King George Sound 1831-32, Colonial surgeon Perth 1832-35; explored and collected plants South Western WA. [George (2009)]
COLLIE, Robert (1839-1892). Presbyterian minister. Born Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Ministries in Scotland c.1866-76, arrived Sydney 1876, brief ministry in Grafton NSW, then Newtown; elected moderator of the General Assembly 1891. active botanical collector. FLS 1882. [ Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney), 4 April 1891, p. 19; Sydney Morning Herald , 21 April 1892, p. 6]
COLLYER, Caleb (c.1845-1916).Teacher. Born Portsmouth. Arrived with father Adelaide SA 1848; rural contract work Western District of Vic in 1850s-60s. Teacher by 1872, at Warrnambool, Kilmore, Smythesdale, Colac, Walhalla, Port Melbourne; retired 1905. [ Brunswick and Coburg Leader (Vic), 21 July 1916, p. 1]
COLMAN, Norman Jay (1827-1911). Newspaper proprietor, politician. Born Richfield Springs, New York, USA; studied law, Louisville Kentucky, graduated 1849; settled St Louis, Missouri 1852: founded newspaper 1853. Member state legislature 1866-8, Lieut. Governor 1874-6, United States Commissioner of Agriculture 1885-9, first Secretary of State for Agriculture 1889. [ Sprague families in America , 1913, p. 532]
COLMEIRO Y PENIDO, Miguel (1816-1901). Botanist. Born Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Studied medicine and science Madrid; Professor of Botany and Agriculture, Botanic Gardens Barcelona c.1842, Professor of Botany University of Barcelona 1845; Professor of Botany Seville 1847; Professor of Organography and Physiology, Central University, Madrid 1857, Dean of Faculty of Sciences, Rector of University; in charge Madrid Botanical Garden 1868-1900. [ Diccionario Biográfico electrónico ] Colmeiroa
COMMERSON, Philibert, 1727-73, French naturalist. Studied at Montpellier (MD, 1755). Naturalist on Bougainville’s voyage of circumnavigation in La Boudeuse and L’Étoile, 1766-8. Left the expedition at Île-de-France (Mauritius) to investigate the botany of Madagascar. Died at Île-de-France, his collections being returned to France [DBF].
CONACHER, Robert Lawrence [sometimes Laurence] (1840-1899). Bank manager, merchant. Born Forgan, Fife, Scotland; arrived Melbourne 1860. Joined Colonial Bank of Australasia c. 1861, manager Terang Branch 1867-82; Manager Mortgage Agency Ltd, Levuka, Fiji, 1882. In business Melbourne by 1888 to 1892 as partner in a merchant and commission agency. In UK by 1893, merchant and commission agent in Glasgow by1896. [Various Australian and British newspapers; Vic Immigration records ]
CONN, William George (c.1819-1875). Explorer, settler. Born Aberdeenshire Scotland (?). In NSW by 1843 (marriage, Monaro); in Victoria by 1852 (children born 1852, 1855, wife died 1856 ); with Ernest Giles seeking grazing land NSW, Qld 1861, found supposed white men's graves; held grazing runs NSW. To Cardwell Qld unknown date; killed 1875. [Various Australian newspapers; Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victori a , vol 6, lxi-lxx]
CONSTABLE, David (1827-1904). Miner, farmer. Born Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland; arrived Melbourne 1852, described as miner. Developed reef mine at Pleasant Creek, Stawell, Vic. [ Horsham Times , 26 January 1904, p. 3; various Victorian newspapers]
CONWENTZ, Hugo Wilhelm (1855-1922). Palaeobotanist. Born Danzig Germany (now Gdańsk, Poland); educated Breslau, Göttingen; assistant to H. R. Goeppert in Breslau 1876; director of West Prussian Provincial Museum, Danzig 1879-c.1909, worked on amber flora; Commissioner, Prussian nature conservation office c.1906-1922. [ Deutsche Biographie ]
COOK, James, 1728-79, British navigator. Commanded three famous voyages of exploration in the Pacific and Southern Oceans, 1768-79 [DNB].
COOKE, Josiah Parsons (1827-1894). Chemist. Born Boston Massachusetts USA; Harvard College: graduated 1848, tutor in mathematics 1849, although essentially an autodidact chemist professor of chemistry and mineralogy 1850-1894. Reformed Harvard curriculum to include chemistry, introduced laboratory instruction. Analytic chemist, determination of atomic weights. Member National Academy of Sciences 1872; Hon DLL: (Cambridge, UK), 1882, Harvard University 1889. [ C. Jackson (1902)]
COOKE, Mordecai Cubitt (1825-1914). Naturalist, mycologist. Born Horning, Norfolk, England; apprentice draper c.1839-1844; clerk, London 1844-51; school master Lambeth 1851-1859, at India Museum1862-1880, cryptogamic botanist Kew herbarium 1880-1892. Author of popular natural history texts; mycological taxonomic works, founding editor Grevillea 1875. Honorary MA: St Lawrence (Canton, New York) 1870, Yale 1873, Honorary LL.D New York 1874, RHS Victoria medal of honour 1902; Linnean Society: Associate 1877, gold medal 1903.[ ODNB ; Journal of Botany vol. 53, (1915), pp. 58-66; English (1987)]
COOKE, William August (1839-1924). Miner, shire clerk. Born Adelaide, SA; evidently spent time mining in Vic, NSW; in Qld as mine manager by 1883; Shire clerk Etheridge Shire by 1895. [Georgetown (Qld) Cemetery records, Etheridge Shire, various Australian Newspapers].
COOP, Joshua (1828-1892). Publican and butcher. Born Tamworth, Staffordshire, England; in Vic by 1856, when at National Hotel Gisborne; Commercial hotel Woodend from 1874-90. Member Woodend Borough Council from 1868; active in many local organizations. [ Kyneton Observer , 15 October 1892, p. 2; various Victorian newspapers]
COOPER, Arthur Bevan (1840-74). Surveyor. Born Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, England. Arrived Adelaide SA via Melbourne, 1859, appointed to SA survey office 1861, Deputy Surveyor-General 1865. [ South Australian Register , 30 January 1875, p. 6].
COOPER, Daniel (1821-1902). Merchant, philanthropist, politician. Born Bolton-le Moors, Lancashire, England; to Sydney as a child; to England c.1835 to be educated. Began legal training 1839, in business Le Havre, France, 1841; returned to NSW 1843; accumulated property and extensive business interests. JP 1851. Elected MLC 1849-51, 1855-6; MLA 1856, Speaker 1856-60. Senate University of Sydney 1857 and generous benefactor. To England 1861, acting in various roles for NSW. Knight 1857, created baronet of Woollahra 1863, KCMG 1880, GCMG 1888. [ ADB ] Alsophila cooperi
COOPER, Ellwood (1829-1918). Merchant and horticulturalist. Born Chester Pennsylvania, USA; merchant in Philadelphia, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, New York. To California 1870 to establish agricultural enterprise especially olive oil production; instrumental in building elementary and high school known as Santa Barbara College; established Eucalyptus plantations. Member horticultural advisory committee 1881, California Board of Horticulture 1883, president from 1883-1903; Commissioner California Horticultural Commission 1903-7. [Various Californian newspapers; autobiographical notes, ( Noticias , vol. 39, pp 25-44, 1993)]
COOPER, George Sisson (1825-1898). Civil servant. Born Kildare, Ireland; arrived New Zealand 1839, via NSW; appointed to civil service as clerk 1841; private secretary to Governor George Grey 1845-53; held various posts, culminating in Under Secretary 1870-1892. [ Waipawa Mail , 20 August 1898, p. 2; various NZ newspapers]
COPE, Edward Drinker (1840-1897). Palaeontologist. Born Philadelphia; classes in comparative anatomy, University of Philadelphia; studied herpetological collections Philadelphia, Washington, European centres; professor of natural science Haverford College Pennsylvania 1864-7. Field work with US Geological Survey; professor of geology and mineralogy, University of Pennsylvania 1889-95, then comparative anatomy. Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia: Curator 1865-73, Corresponding Secretary 1863-76, resigned 1883. Competed with O. C Marsh to obtain fossils in 'bone wars' from c.1877. Member US National Academy of Sciences 1872, Societie Geologique de France 1878, Gold medal Geological Society of London 1879, Honorary PhD University of Heidelberg 1886. [ Osborn (1929); Bone wars : the Cope-Marsh rivalry, Academy of Natural Sciences (accessed 5 November 2022)]
COPE, Thomas Edward, (f.1860). Not positively identified.
COPPIN, George Selth (1819-1906). Comic actor, entrepreneur, politician. Born Steyning, Sussex, England; arrived Sydney 1843. Acted Sydney, Tasmania, took own troupe to Vic 1845, Adelaide 1846; insolvent 1851. Entertained gold diggers, Geelong. Acquired several Melbourne theatres, hotels, the Cremorne Gardens. Elected Richmond Municipal Council 1858, MLC 1858-63, 1889-95; MLA 1874-7, 1883-8. Philanthropically active. [ ADB ]
CORDIER, Adolphe (1816-1882). Horticulturalist and Arboriculturist. Born Brillon, France; to Algeria 1852, civic official La Rassuata commune. Collaborated with Prospero Ramel in establishing Eucalyptus plantations. [Faucon (1889), p. 164 ; Planchon (1875a).
CORNISH, George (c.1828-1895). Congregational minister, educator, librarian. Born Wotton-under Edge, England; educated University of London; ordained 1855, sent to Nova Scotia. Chair of classical literature, McGill College, Montreal 1857-1895, member oversight committee, university library 1873, honorary librarian 1883-92; Professor and secretary Congregational College of North America, affiliated with McGill 1864. Active in church and educational organisations.[ Dictionary of Canadian Biography ]
CORNISH, William Henry (1850-1888) Surveyor. Born Adelaide SA; cadet survey department 1865, surveyor 1874, trigonometrical surveyor 1877, chief surveyor 1882, position abolished 1885, trigonometrical surveyor 1885-1888. [ South Australian Register , 28 May 1888, p. 2; various SA newspapers] Bassia cornishiana
CORNU, Marie Maxime (1843-1901).Botanist, agricultural scientist. Born Orléans, France; École Normale Supèrieure, Paris; Faculté des sciences de Paris DSc 1872. Assistant Musèum d'Histoire Naturelle, 1874; professor of cultivation, 1881-1901. Secretary Phylloxera Commission 1875-8; Inspector-general of agriculture, 1881. Member: Academie d'agriculture 1882; Société botanique de France: secretary 1872-6, vice-president 1879, president 1897. [ Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques , (accessed 6 November 2022); Kew Bulletin , 1901, pp.111-113; Cornu (1879)]
CORRENTI, Cesare, 1815-88, Italian patriot and politician. Educated at Pavia. Member of the Italian Parliament, 1860-86. Chancellor of the Order of St Maurizio from 1876 [DBI].
CORTEZ, Fernando, 1485-1547, Spanish adventurer. A leader of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
COSSON, Ernest Saint-Charles (1819-1889). Botanist. Born Paris, 1819; studied medicine Paris, MD 1847; botany and botanical exploration: organised French Association for botanical exploration; member scientific exploration commission of Algeria, ten trips 1852-61. President scientific commission of Tunisia 1882; Founding member Botanical Society of France, president 1863; Academy of sciences 1873-89; Légion d'honneur: chevalier (?); officier 1880. [ Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques , accessed 6 November 2022; Bureau (1890)] Plagianthus berthae (named for daughter)
COSTE, Jean Jacques Marie Cyprien Victor (1807-1873). Embryologist, pisciculturist. Born Castries, France; Professor of comparative embryology, College de France 1844-73; Inspector General of River and Maritime Fisheries 1862. Member L’Académie des Sciences, anatomy section, 1851; Associate, l'Académie nationale de médecine, 1869. [ Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques , (accessed 23 November 2022)]
COTTER, Jessie Annie [née Kennedy] (1864-1941). Collector. Born Wannamurra, NSW; married A. J. Cotter 1883; lived at 'Caiwarro' Station, Paroo River, Qld. Collected Qld, NSW. [ Maroske & Vaughan (2014)]
COUCHMAN, Thomas (1831-1915) Public servant, soldier. Born Southampton, England; arrived Victoria 1852, joined Survey department 1853, chief mining surveyor 1867, Secretary for Mines 1877, secretary for Water Supply 1880. Public Service Board: member 1884, chairman 1889 until its reformation 1893. Member of volunteer militia 1860-83, retiring as Lieutenant-Colonel. [ Argus (Melbourne) 25 September 1916, p. 16; various Vic newspapers.] Pleioclinus couchmanii,
COULTER, John Merle, 1851-1928. American botanist. Professor of natural science, Hannover College, 1874-9. Professor of biology, Wabash College, 1879-91. PhD, Indiana University, 1882. President and professor of botany, Indiana University, 1891-3. President, Lake Forest University, Illinois, 1893-6. Foundation professor of botany, University of Chicago, 1896-1925 [TL2].
COURDEROT DE MELANGE, Adrien Henri (1830-1894). Public Servant. Born Dole, Jura, France; in Australia by 1870, when witness in court case concerning his pocket book stolen in Fremantle WA in October; Government store keeper and manager Salt-works Rottnest Island, WA from c.1871; in addition described as postmaster, heliographist and medical dispenser when retired 1893. Exhibited: Sydney Exhibition 1873 salt, starch derived from Zamia; Paris Exhibition 1878 'jelly powder' containing extract of sea weed. Reported as corresponding member, Royal Society of Victoria by 1891. [Various Australian newspapers; A. Campbell (1891), pp. 4-5 ]
COUTTS, Angela Georgina Burdett See BURDETT-COUTTS
COUTTS, George Condie (1865-1946). Farmer. Born Rapanyup, Vic, Australia. Farmed Rapanyup, then Batchica (near Warracknabeal); breeder of stud Merino and New Zealand Corriedale sheep. [Various Victorian newspapers]
COVENTRY, George William, Viscount DEERHURST (1865-1927). Politician. Educated Eton, Cambridge, Dresden. In Vic, 'Extra ADC' to Governor Loch 1886-7, involved in betting scandal. London stockbroker 1888, bankrupt 1890. Later magistrate for Worcestershire. Lieutenant-colonel Worcester Regiment, county councillor. [ Times (London), 9 August 1927, p. 12; various Australian newspapers]
COVILLE, Frederick Vernon (1867-1937). Botanist. Born Preston, New York, USA; graduated Cornell University 1887; United States Department of Agriculture: assistant botanist 1888, botanist 1893, head of Bureau of Plant Industry from 1901. Botanist Death Valley expedition 1891; promoter of blueberry culture from 1910. [ Scie n ce , vol. 85, pp. 280-81 (1937)]
COWPER, Charles (1807-1875). Politician. Born Dryford, Lancashire England; arrived in New South Wales 1809; educated privately. Commissariat Department c.1825, Secretary Church and Schools Land Corporation 1826-1833. Accumulated property by grant or purchase, bred sheep. Elected Legislative Council 1843-50, 1851-1856, 1860; MLA 1856-59, 1860-1867, 1869-70; Premier and Colonial secretary for short periods, then 1857-59, 1861-63, 1865-66, 1870. Agent General for NSW in London 1871-1875. CMG 1869, KCMG 1871. [ A D B ]
COX, Charles (1810-1892). Civil Servant. Educated Eton; served in Colonial Office 1829-79: private secretary to Under Secretary of State for the Colonies 1841-51, senior clerk 1860, chief clerk 1872, Secretary and Registrar Order of St. Michael and St George 1872-77, Chancellor 1877, KCMG 1887 [ Ti m es (London) 14 July 1892, p. 9]
COX, Christopher Christian (1816-1882). Physician, surgeon. Born Baltimore, Maryland, USA; educated Yale, Washington Medical College, Baltimore; Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, Philadelphia College of Medicine 1848; Surgeon of the Army 1861, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence Georgetown Medical College 1869. United States Commissioner of Pensions 1868, District of Columbia Board of Health, 1871. [ Evening star (Washington, D.C.), 27 November 1882, p. 8.
COX, George Henry (1824-1901). Pastoralist, politician. Born Mulgoa, NSW; managed fathers property Burrundulla, near Mudgee 1845, acquired property NSW, Qld; breeder of fine wool Merino sheep, exhibiting at international exhibitions. JP 1852. Active in local government, Mudgee district. Member of Church of England diocesan synods: Sydney from 1866, Bathhurst from 1873. Member of many organizations, including Royal Geographical Society of Australia, NSW Branch, sometime Vice-President. Elected MLA 1858, appointed by James Cowper MLC 1863-1901. Cousin of James Charles Cox. [ ADB ]
COX, George Reilly (c.1821-1888). Architect and surveyor. Born Lancashire, England. Arrived Vic c.1844; in practice in Melbourne by 1854. [Various Australian newspapers; Vic Probate VPRS 28/ P 0000, 38/197 ; Vic death certificate 12825/1888]
COX, James (1790-1866). Landowner. Born Devizes, Wiltshire, England; joined parents in NSW 1806; moved to Tasmania 1814 and received large land grants, including the property he named “Clarendon” where he later established a deer park. Stock breeder. Magistrate 1817. MLC 1829-34, 1851-4. [ A D B ]
COX, James Charles (1834-1912). Medical practitioner, naturalist. Born Mulgoa, NSW; apprenticed as physician in Sydney; completed training Edinburgh: MD 1857, FRCS 1858; registered in NSW 1859. Extensive private practice Sydney; Sydney infirmary: honorary physician 1862-72, honorary surgeon 1877-9, honorary consulting physician 1873-6, 1880-1911; Prince Alfred Hospital: honorary physician 1889-1901; University of Sydney: lectured on medical principles and practice 1883-1901. Active naturalist, especially conchology. Fellow Philosophical Society NSW (became Royal Society of NSW) 1859; Secretary Entomological Society (became Linnean Society of NSW) 1862, president 1881-2. FLS 1868, a founder NSW Historical Society, 1901. Cousin of George Henry Cox [ A D B ]
CRAMER [KRAMER], Carl Eduard, 1831-1901, Swiss algologist. Professor of botany at Zürich [TL2].
CRAMER, Charles Augustus (c.1833-1885). Draper, Town Clerk. Born Belfast, Ireland; arrived Warrnambool, Vic 1855. Actively involved in civic affairs, member of borough council, several terms as Mayor; Town Clerk 1877-85. JP 1867. Rose to Major, Volunteer force (later Victorian Militia), 1880. [ Ha m ilton S pectator (Vic), 30 July 1885, p. 4; various Vic newspapers]
CRAWFORD, Alexander (c.1857-1935). Multiple employments. Born Belfast, Ireland. Unknown period in Vic, arrived WA 1881. Worked on pastoral stations at Esperance, Eucla. Later chief inspector of rabbits, Director of Agriculture. Active in Royal Agricultural Society of WA, including President. [ Daily n ews (Perth, WA), 13 November 1935, p. 6; George (2009); various Australian newspapers]
CRAWFORD, Alexander Robert (1840-1912). Grazier. Born Ireland, arrived NSW 1841; lived at family property Moona Plains, Walcha, NSW from c.1845. Worked property with brothers. Strong interest in botany of New England region. [ Sydney S t ock and Station Journal , 12 April 1912, p. 6; Walcha News , 22 June 1934, p. 6]
CRAWFORD, Archibald (1815-1890). Clergyman. Born Belfast, Ireland; educated Trinity College Dublin, BA 1842, MA 1856, ordained Priest 1843. Served in parishes in Ireland. Arrived Vic 1856; minister Kensington, Melbourne 1856-8; incumbent Christ Church Castlemaine 1859-83. Archdeacon: Castlemaine 1859-83; Castlemaine and Sandhurst 1869-83. Lived in Castlemaine in retirement. [ Mount Al e xander Mail , 2 July 1890, p. 2; u s/cci/index.pdf]
CRAWFORD, Hiram Allan (1832-1916). Coach operator, hotel keeper, orchardist. Born Oakham, Massachusetts, USA; to Vic goldfields 1852, briefly Bendigo, then Ovens Valley, settling at Beechworth; some time at Chiltern where kept hotel. Established Crawford & Co coaching company. Mayor of Beechworth Borough Council, Mayor Chiltern Borough Council; active in broader civic affairs. JP 1880-94. [ Ovens & Murray Advertiser 17 March 1900, p. 1; Federa l Standard (Chiltern, Vic), 21 January 1916, p. 2]
CRAWFORD, James Coutts (1817-1889). Naval officer, farmer, scientist. Born Strathaven, Lanarkshire, Scotland; educated Royal Naval College, Portsmouth; served 1831-7. To Sydney 1838, overlanded cattle to Adelaide. Arrived New Zealand 1839, established farm near Wellington. Active in public affairs, member of Legislative Council 1859-67. Interested in science, member of the Geological Society of London, a corresponding member of the Geological Society of Edinburgh and the Imperial and Royal Geological Society of Vienna, president of Wellington Philosophical Society and a governor of the New Zealand Institute; briefly Provincial Geologist 1860s. Captain Wellington Militia. [ Dictionary of N e w Zealand Biography ]
CREED, John Mildred (1842-1930). Physician, politician. Born Ashbrook, Gloucestershire, England; apprenticed London surgeon 1858. To Melbourne 1861 with family; worked on sheep stations 1861-2. Returned to UK for medical studies at University College London and Edinburgh: MRCS 1866, LRCP Edinburgh 1866. Registered: Vic 1866, NSW 1867; Resident Medical Officer, Sydney Infirmary 1867. Medical Officer, Cadell Northern Territory Expedition 1867-8. Practice at Scone NSW 1868-82; Woollahra NSW from 1882; Honorary Surgeon, Sydney Hospital 1884. Editor Australasian Medical Gazette 1882-93. Elected MLA 1872-4, nominated MLC 1885-1930. [ A D B ; AM P I ]
CRÉPIN, François (1830-1903). Botanist. Born Rochefort, Belgium. Schooled by tutor; postal clerk, registrar's clerk to 1852. Private field studies of Belgian flora 1852-60. Published manual on Belgian flora from 1860. Professor State School of Horticulture, Ghent 1861-70. Botanic Garden Brussels: Herbarium curator 1871-7, from 1872 curator of plant palaeontology; Director 1876- 1901. Specialist in Rose classification. Académie Royal de Belgique: correspondent 1872, member 1878, director scientific division 1888. Secretary Royal Botanical Society of Belgium 1866-c.93. Member many scientific organizations. Chevalier de l'Ordre de Léopold, 1876, Officier 1891. [ Annuaire de l'Académie royal e de Belgique , vol. 62, pp. 85-190, (1906)]
CRESWELL, Charles Frederick (1826-1895). Seedsman, nurseryman. Born Gloucester, England; arrived Tasmania 1843. Took over father-in-law's nursery Hobart; developed seed import and export business; established branches in Melbourne and Sydney. Father of Charles Frederick Creswell (1858-1916). [Aitken & Looker (2002)]
CRESWELL, Charles Frederick (1855 (1858?)-1916). Seedsman. Born Hobart, Tas. Entered family business, managing Melbourne branch 1872, Sydney branch 1880, Tasmanian headquarters from 1895. Son of Charles Frederick Creswell (1826-1895). [Aitken & Looker (2002), various Australian newspapers]
CRISP, Frank (1843-1919). Lawyer, microscopist. Born London, articled to law firm and studied privately for London University examinations: BA 1864, LLB 1865. Admitted solicitor 1869. Specialist in company law. Active horticulturalist, RHS Victoria Medal of Honour 1919; Royal Microscopical Society 1870, secretary 1878-90, treasurer 1890, Vice President 1883-97; FLS 1870, Treasurer 1881-1905. Knight bachelor 1907, created Baronet 1913. [ OD N B ]
CRUMMER, Henry Samuel Walker (1839-1921). Surveyor and anthropologist. Born Newcastle, NSW. An officer of the Survey Department, NSW, 1868-1914. Authority on early pastoral holdings. Founding member of the NSW Branch, RGSA, honorary secretary and librarian for 20 years. Active in Sydney musical affairs. Expert in Australian and Pacific ethnology [ Sydney Morning Herald, 20 August 1921, p. 14]
CUMING, Hugh, 1791-1865, English natural history collector. Went to South America in 1819. Dealer in natural history objects, Valparaiso, Chile, 1822-30; collected in eastern Polynesia, 1827-8; along the west coast of South America, 1828-30. In England, 1831-5. FLS, 1832. Collected in the Philippines, 1836-40 [Desmond]. Specimens are in the Melbourne Herbarium.
CUMMING, William (1841-1895). Pastoralist. Born New Cumnock, Scotland. Arrived Vic 1871, occupation millwright. Held Marlbed Station near Birchip Vic, in partnership with brothers by 1882, sold 1890. Manager, Lake Corrong station, Hopetoun c.1893-5. JP 1888. [Vic Inquest files VPRS 2 4 /P0000, 1895/1464 ; A r gus (Melbourne), 7 December 1895, p. 10; Vic Passen g er lists ; various Vic newspapers]
CUNNINGHAM, Allan, 1791-1839, botanist, explorer. Born in England. Collected plants for the Kew Botanic Garden, England in Brazil, Australia, NZ and Norfolk Island. FLS, 1832. Declined the appointment of Colonial Botanist, NSW in 1832 in favour of his brother Richard, but on Richard’s death accepted the appointment. Resigned after a few months [ADB]. Corchorus cunninghamii, Eriostemon cunninghamii, Trachycaryon cunninghami, Zehneria cunninghami.
CUNNINGHAM, Richard, 1793-1835, botanist. Catalogued specimens at the Kew Botanic Garden, England which brother Allan Cunningham sent home from his travels. Colonial Botanist and Superintendent of the Sydney Botanic Garden from 1832. Member of Thomas Mitchell's expedition to ascertain the course of the Darling River in 1835. Apparently killed by Aborigines [ADB].
CURDIE, Daniel, 1810-84, medical practitioner and pastoralist. Born in Scotland. Arrived in Aust. in 1839. Established Tandarook sheep station near Camperdown, Vic. [Gibbney & Smith (1987)]. Limosella curdieana.
CURGENVEN, John Brendon (1831-1903). Born Tretawn, Cornwall, England. Student St Bartholomew's Hospital, MRCS, LSA 1852; Resident Medical Officer Royal Free Hospital 1853-4; in Crimea 1855; practice Bayswater 1856-90; active in medical societies, and in political lobbying for medical and related social legislation. [ British Medical J o urnal , 24 October 1903, pp. 1104-5]
CURR, Edward Micklethwaite (1820-1889). Squatter, stock inspector, author. Born Hobart, Tas, educated in Lancashire, 1829-37, and France 1838. Returned to Tas. 1839; to Vic managing sheep properties for his father, 1841-50. Pastoral activities in New Zealand, Qld and NSW until 1862. Inspector of sheep, Vic 1862, chief inspector 1864; chief inspector of stock, 1871. Wrote C u r r (1886-7), an ethnological work based on submitted observations. [AD B ]
CURTIS, Robert (c.1829-1894). Public servant. Born London, England. Arrived Vic 1857; joined Vic public service 1860 as Library assistant, secretary to Trustees 1873. [Vic Probate rec o rds VPRS 7591/P0002, 56, 990; Australasian (Melbourne), 29 December 1894, p. 1193; Vic Blue Books; Vic Death certificate 12841/1894 (NB: death certificate 'years in the colony' is not consistent with Blue Books and passenger lists)]
CURTIS, Samuel, 1779-1860, nurseryman. Born in England. FLS 1810. Proprietor of Curtis's botanical magazine, 1801-46 [Desmond].
CURTIS, William (1746-1799). Botanist, entomologist, publisher. Born Alton, Hampshire, England. Apprenticed apothecary, in practice London. Demonstrator of plants Chelsea Physic Garden 1772-7; established botanical garden 1773, moving to Brompton 1789. Published on insects; established Flora Londinensis 1775, Botanical Magazine from 1781, the latter owned by son-in-law Samuel Curtis 1801-46 but edited by others, now by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. FLS 1788. [ OD N B ; Desmond]
CUTHBERTSON, Walter Robert (1855-1905). Civil engineer, surveyor, gold investor. Born Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire, England. Employed as clerk, Great Western Railway 1870. Much travelled, including Borneo, Hong Kong, United States, Canada. Survey Department SA 1876, Land Office clerk, Northern Territory 1878; described as draftsman on arrival New York en route to Australia 1880. Secretary to Government Resident, Northern Territory 1882; with David Lindsay in Arnhem Land survey and exploration 1883; Leader RGSA Victorian Branch New Guinea exploration 887; with Ernest Favenc explored Gascoyne, Murchison and Ashburton watersheds WA 1888; surveying in Oregon, USA 1892; in WA to invest in Murchison gold fields for London interests 1894, 1897; to Klondike (Yukon, Canada) 1899 for Sydney mining syndicate. Died Vancouver. FRGS 1891. [ South Au s tralian Register 25 July 1890, p. 3; various Australian, Californian and British Columbia newspapers USA, Australian passenger lists] Cassia cuthbertsoni, Dendrobium cuthbertsoni
CUTTS, Jane (née Thorpe) (1837-1891). Fund-raiser. Born Holmfirth, Yorkshire, England; to Melbourne as infant 1840. Married William Henry Cutts 1857. Member Ladies' Leichhardt Search Committee. [Various Vic newspapers; National Archives (England) RG4 3065, p .87 (Baptism)] Cuttsia
CUTTS, William Henry (1828-1897). Physician. Born Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. Studied medicine, Edinburgh MD 1851, LSA 1851, Melbourne MD (ad eund.) 1859. Arrived Melbourne 1852, practised Beechworth 1852, Bendigo 1853, Melbourne from 1853. Member University of Melbourne Council 1858-90. A founder Medical Society of Victoria, president 1866; Vic branch British Medical Association president 1880-1. Active in Wesleyan affairs. JP 1868; Member Board of Education 1871; Member, Education Commission 1880. Husband of Jane Cutts. [ ADB , AMPI ]
CUVIER, Georges Léopold Chrétien Frédéric Dagobert, Baron,1769-1832, French naturalist. Professor of comparative anatomy at the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris. Permanent secretary of the First Class, Institut de France, Paris, from 1803 [DSB].
D’ALBERTIS, Luigi Maria, 1841-1901, Italian zoologist and ethnographer. Made several expeditions in New Guinea 1871-78, the first in company with O. BECCARI [ADB, J. Willis et al. (1986)]. Specimens from the 1875-6 exploration of the Fly River are in the Melbourne Herbarium. Dendrobium undulatum var. albertisiana, Faredaya albertisii, Hibiscus d’albertisii, Mucuna albertisi, Quercus dalbertisii.
D’ALTON, Johann Samuel Eduard, 1803-54, German medical professor Studied at Bonn (DrMed, 1824) and in Holland. Extraordinary professor of anatomy, Berlin, 1833-4; professor of anatomy and physiology and director of the anatomical institute at Halle, 1834-54 [Univ. Halle archives].
D’ALTON, John (c.1829-1904). Civil engineer. Born Kilkenny, Ireland; arrived Victoria c.1855. Mining Registrar and Surveyor, Pleasant Creek 1863-70; Borough, then Shire Engineer Stawell 1870-1882, instigating major water supply scheme; Engineer and secretary Swan-Hill, Korong & St Arnaud Waterworks Trust, 1882-6; Shire Engineer Portland 1886-90; Engineer Brighton Town Council, 1890-c.1896. Member Victorian Institute of Surveyors 1883. Brother of St Eloy D’Alton. [ Ballarat star , 3 October 1904, p. 6; various Australian newspapers, Vic death certificate 7749/1904]
D’ALTON, St Eloy (1850 (sometimes 1847)-1930). Civil engineer. Born Claremont, Tipperary, Ireland; to Vic c.1871 (1875?), resident Stawell by 1875 (letter 22 October 1875). Certificate of competence as surveyor, 1879; local government engineer and surveyor Stawell and Lowan Shire , retiring as engineer and secretary Dimboola Shire 1920. Brother of John D’Alton. [Vic death certificate 14309/1930, Hor s ham times , 2 Jan 1931, p. 1, George (2000)] Trymalium daltonii
D’ARMAND DE CHÂTEAUVIEUX, Joseph Antoine Sosthènes, Comte (1804-1885). Engineer. Born Auxerre, Burgundy, France. Worked in sugar mill, Choisy; recruited 1830 as an engineer by sugar grower in Réunion; became landowner. Involved in civic affairs: secretary to the Colonial Council, secretary to the General Council, vice-president of the General Council, mayor of Saint-Leu 1858-70, President of the Réunion Chamber of Agriculture. Introduced Eucalyptus and other genera. [ Joseph Antoine Sosthènes d’Armand de Chateauvieux, personnage célèbre de la Réunion (accessed 22 January 2023)].
D’ASPREMONT LYNDEN, Guillaume Bernard Ferdinand Charles, Comte (1815-1889). Politician. Born Haltinne, Namur, Belgium. Burgomaster Barvaux-Condroz, Namur 1842-1875; Senator, 1864-84: Minister of foreign affairs 1871-8; Senate Foreign Affairs Committee 1880-4 (President 1881-4); Senate Agricultural Committee President 1883-4. Officer Leopold Order; Grand Cordon Order of the Red Eagle, Prussia; Commander Order of the Saxe-Ernestine House, Gotha; Knight Grand Cross Order of the Netherlands Lion. [ Wikipédia, accessed 23 January 2023; Wallonia Birth index 1559-1991]
D’EPRÉMESNIL, Compte (1827-1891). See DUVAL D’EPRÉMESNIL, Jacques-Louis-Raoul.
D’HOGHTON, Pierre Gresley [Sometimes Pierre de Gresley HOGHTON] (c.1856-1893). Policeman, farmer, teamster. Born Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Arrived WA 1877; policeman Greenough 1878, farmer Williams c.1880. Accidental death, Fremantle. [UK census 1861, 1877; George (2009); inquest report, West Australian (Perth WA), 6 April 1893, p. 6.]
D’OUNOUS, Léo (?-1895). Horticulturist. Had orchards at Saverdun, Ariege, France. Memberships included: Société d’acclimatation, Société nationale d’horticulture de France 1857, later honorary. [ Journal de la Société nationale d’horticulture de France 3rd series, vol. 18 (1896), p. 13; various issues of French agricultural, horticultural and acclimatisation journals]
DAINTREY, Edwin (1814-1887). Lawyer and botanist. Born Petworth, Sussex, England. In NSW by August 1841 when appointed ‘Clerk of the Arraigns’ for Circuit Courts; in private law practice as partner 1847. Founder member Linnean Society of NSW. [ Australian to w n and country journal , 8 October 1887, p. 772; various NSW newspapers; Gibney and Smith (1987); George (2009)] Pterostylis daintreeana? [Some sources attribute the collection to Richard Daintree; some, including the record for MEL 1540857, attribute collector to Edwin Daintrey; Mueller’s label on the type specimen says "Daintree", collected at "Sydney". Richard Daintree specimens recorded in AVH do not include any from near Sydney.]
DALE, William Charles (1836-1897). Public servant. Born Knockholt, Kent, England. Arrived WA 1859; policeman 1859-73, attained rank of Sergeant by 1866. Superintendent of Poor Relief and Inspector of Charitable Institutions, 1873-97. [ Daily news (Perth WA), 15 March, 1897, p. 3; various WA newspapers]
DALEY, Charles (1859-1947). Teacher, naturalist. Born Bendigo, Vic; teacher in numerous localities throughout Victoria 1878-1924. Active in public bodies and societies, including Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria (President 1922-4), Historical Society of Victoria (President 1935-6), Secretary Historic Memorials Committee, Secretary Melbourne Shakespeare Society. FLS 1913. Prolific author on history of natural history, exploration and local community histories; biographer of Mueller (unpublished, MS at National Library of Australia) [ Canberra times , 20 December 1947, p. 4; Victorian naturalist , vol. 64, pp. 202-3, various Australian newspapers]
DALLACHI, John (1804-1871). see DALLACHY, John.
DALLACHY, John (1804-1871). Gardener, curator, collector. Born Keith, Banfshire, Scotland; trained at Royal Horticultural Society Experimental Garden Chiswick, England 1826-9; gardener for Earl of Aberdeen, Haddo House, Tarves, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) 1847, to Melbourne 1848. Melbourne Botanic Gardens: overseer 1849, superintendent 1852, curator 1857-62; extensive collecting journeys Vic and Darling River NSW 1849-60; Qld botanical collector 1862-71: Rockhampton, Bowen, settled at Cardwell, Rockingham Bay, Qld 1864. Inaugural member Management Committee, Horticultural Society of Victoria 1850; inaugural member Victorian Gardeners’ Mutual Improvement Society, 1859. [Dowe & Maroske, 20 2 0a , 202 0 b (2020a, p. 89 reproduces Dallachy autobiographical statement, 1826)]
DALTON, Stephen Michael (1852-1926). Pharmacist. Born Adelaide SA; attended Sandhurst (now Bendigo) grammar school and School of Mines. Apprenticed, then employed as pharmacist Sandhurst. Pharmacist in Prahran from c.1885; insolvent 1898. Managing dispenser Bendigo United Friendly Societies Medical Institute 1900-5. Ran pharmacies in various parts of rural Vic, finally at Lang Lang. [ Bendigo advertiser , 10 July 1905, p. 4; various Vic newspapers, Victoria Government Gazette; Victoria intestate Administration files; electoral rolls]
DALY, Dominick (1798-1868). Civil servant and colonial administrator. Born Ardfry, Galway, Ireland. Educated Oscott, near Birmingham, England. Private secretary to Lieutenant-Governor, Lower Canada, 1823-7, provincial Secretary 1827-44; provincial Secretary, United Canadas 1844-8. Lieutenant-Governor: Tobago 1851-4; Prince Edward Island 1854-9. Governor South Australia 1861 (arrived 1862), died in office. Knight 1856. [ ADB , ODNB ] Eremophila dalyana
DAMM, Karl, 1812-86. Born in Germany. Schoolmaster in Baden, then in Melbourne after going to Australia as a ‘forty-eighter’. Returned to Germany in 1862. Member of the German Club of Victoria (Deutscher Verein).
DAMPIER, William, 1652-1715, pirate, naval commander. Sailed round world with many adventures, 1681-92. Surveyed parts of Australian and New Guinea coasts for Royal Navy, 1699-1701 [DNB].
DANA, William Augustus Pulteney, 1825-66, police officer. Born in England. Went to the Port Phillip district in 1843. Superintendent, Vic. police [ADB 'Dana, H. E. P.'].
DARBY, George Leonard (1850-1926). Public servant. Born Morphet Vale, SA; chief clerk Woods and Forests Department SA, 1884 until retrenched 1902; Secretary, SA Agricultural Bureau 1888-9. [Various SA newspapers]
DARLING, Charles Henry (1809-1870). Army officer, colonial governor. Born Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (now part of Canada). Educated Royal Military College, Sandhurst, England; ensign, 1825. Assistant private secretary to his uncle Ralph Darling, governor NSW 1827, military secretary 1830-1. Sandhurst Military College, 1831; Military secretary West Indies 1833-9; unattached company 1839-41, retired from army, settled in Jamaica 1841. Appointed to Jamaica Legislative Council and other executive boards, Governor's Secretary, c.1845-47. Lieutenant-Governor, St Lucia 1847-51, Lieutenant-Governor and sometimes administrator, Cape Colony 1852-54; Governor: Newfoundland (now part of Canada) 1855-7; Jamaica, Honduras and Bay Islands 1857-63; Victoria 1863, recalled 1866 accused of partisanship in disputes between the two Houses of the Victorian Parliament. KCB 1862. [ A D B , O D NB , various issues, London Times] Darlingia, Helicia darlingiana.
DARVALL, William Henry Charles (1830-1906). Solicitor. Born Reading, Berkshire, England; articled clerk by 1851; arrived Melbourne 1853 as Acting-purser Asia. Town clerk, Beechworth Borough Council 1856-71, active in local affairs. Admitted attorney to practice in Victoria, 1864; in practice in Melbourne by 1879. Honorary secretary: Victorian Seamen’s Mission, Victorian Manufacturers and Exhibitors Association. [Various Vic newspapers; 1851 England census]
DARWIN, Charles Robert (1809-1882). Naturalist, geologist. Born Shrewsbury, England; educated Edinburgh, Cambridge. Independent means. Companion to Captain Robert FitzRoy in Beagle 1831-6; theorist in geology and natural history; published Origin of Species…. 1859; worked on botanical issues 1861-80. Maintained world-wide correspondence. Fellow: Geological Society; Entomological Society, Linnean Society of London, Zoological Society of London, Royal Society 1839 (Royal Medal 1853) and numerous honorary memberships. Father of Leonard Darwin. [ OD N B ]
DARWIN, Leonard (1850-1943). Scientist, eugenicist, politician. Born Down, Kent, England. Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, 1868; commissioned Royal Engineers, 1871; Intelligence division, Ministry of War 1885-90; resigned commission as Major 1890. Observer Transit of Venus expeditions NZ 1874, Australia 1882; total eclipse of the sun, West Indies (Granada) 1886. FRGS, 1897, member of council 1890, an Honorary Secretary 1892-1908, President 1908-11. MP, 1892-5. President, Eugenics Education Society 1911-28. Son of Charles Darwin. [ OD N B ]
DATTARI, Paolo (c.1850-????). Draughtsman, architect, field naturalist. Born Tuscany, Italy. In Melbourne by July 1878, when appointed draughtsman, Department of Lands and Survey; transferred to Railways Department 1881-7. Left Melbourne December 1887, returned 1891-4, when sailed for Europe. Probable death between 1894 and 1902 when widow(?) and youngest children emigrated from Italy to USA. Designed silverware; designed timber trophies Victorian Court, Imperial Institute, London. Juror Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880. Member: Royal Italian Geographical Society; Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria 1880-7, 1891-4, special interest in beetles. [Victorian inwards and outwards passenger lists; Victorian Blue Books; various Victorian newspapers, issues Victorian Naturalist, Dwyer (1996a).
DAUBENY, Charles Giles Bridle, chemist, botanist. Born in England. MA (Oxon) 1817. MD, 1821. FRS, 1822; FLS, 1830. Professor of Chemistry at Oxford University, 1822-55, also Professor of Botany, 1834 [Desmond].
DAVENPORT, Samuel (1818-1906). Landowner and politician. Born Shirburn, Oxfordshire. England; to South Australia 1843, managing land previously selected by a brother at Macclesfield for his father in 1840; ran mixed farming on own account, purchased land elsewhere in SA raising sheep, horses and cattle. Nominated MLC 1846-8, 1855-7, elected 1857-66; Commissioner of Public Works 1857. Promoter of agriculture and new industries; sometime President: Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society SA, Chamber of Manufacturers; savings bank trustee. President SA Branch, Royal Geographical Society of Australasia. Knight 1884, KCMG 1886. [ ADB ] Helichrysum davenportii
DAVIDSON, Alexander, fl. 1880s. Collected plants with W. A. SAYER in north Qld, 1886-7 [Desmond]. Plant contributor to the Melbourne Herbarium [B87.13.06, p.1106]. Davidsonia, Spiraenthemum davidsonii.
DAVIDSON, Thomas, 1817-85. Scottish palaeontologist. Educated in Edinburgh, France, Italy and Switzerland. Published monograph of British fossil Brachiopoda, 1850-86. FRS, 1857. Awarded Wollaston Medal by the Geological Society of London, 1865; Royal Medal by the Royal Society, 1870 [DNB].
DAVIDSON, Walker Rannie (1808-1876). Surveyor. Born Perth, Scotland. Trained in Scotland, arrived Sydney 1829. Draftsman NSW Survey Department 1830, surveyor Bathurst, 1838; district surveyor 1844; Surveyor-General 1864; retired 1868. Informed amateur geologist. [Gibbney & Smith]
DAVIES, Charles, 1814-88, medical practitioner and pastoralist. Born in Wales and in France. Went to Adelaide in the 1840s where he became a prominent member of the local medical community, on the Board of Adelaide Hospital and a trustee of the Adelaide Botanic Garden. MLA, 1857-64. Took up sheep farming in the early 1860s [Warburton (1981)]. Velleya daviesii.
DAVIS, George S., c1845-1930, American businessman; partner in Parke Davis pharmaceutical company, 1867-1896; medical publisher, editor, Therapeutic Gazette, Detroit [Hoefle (2000)]
DAVIS, George Waters (1842-1887). Businessman. Born Chelsea, London, England. Trading in Adelaide 1863-5, apparent business associate of Samuel Davenport. Foundation secretary, Acclimatisation Society of South Australia 1864; to England May 1864, trading in Fenchurch Street, London, returning to Sydney via Panama 1868, insolvent 1876, resumed trading 1877, died Noumea, New Caledonia 1887. [Various Australian newspapers; marriage register Bath 1867]
DAVIS, Joseph (1807-1884). Gunsmith, municipal official. Born Aldgate, London, England. Gun and lock maker by 1841, master gunmaker 1842, member Gunmakers Company 1845, gun and lock maker 1851; arrived with two sons Melbourne 1852, described as grocer(!); settled Castlemaine 1853, described as gunsmith when elected to first municipal council 1855, resigned; appointed to a variety of municipal posts, finally Town Clerk 1860-73 when resigned due to failing eyesight. Active in development of the town, including the Botanic Gardens. Suicide. [ Mount Alexander mail , 2 February 1884, p. 2; England census 1841, 1851; various Victorian newspapers; Victorian inwards passenger lists; Victorian inquest files VPRS 24/P0000, 1884/101]
DAWSON, George Mercer (1849-1901). Geologist, anthropologist, palaeontologist. Born Pictou, Nova Scotia; studied McGill College, Montreal 1868-9, Royal School of Mines, London, 1869-72, student of Thomas Henry Huxley and Robert Etheridge (1819-1903). Naturalist and geologist, boundary survey 1872-5; Geological Survey of Canada: major field work in British Columbia and Yukon Territory, including ethnology and anthropology, 1875-83, Assistant Director 1883-95 under Alfred R. C. Selwyn, Director 1895-1901. FRS 1891, CMG 1892. Royal Society of Canada: Fellow 1882, President 1893. Gold medallist Royal Geographical Society 1897; several honorary doctorates. Son of J. William